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Remote employee monitoring with WorkTime

Active time before & after WorkTime

This WorkTime customer got 62% increase in active time with remote employee monitoring

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Active time monitoring

  • WorkTime monitors employee active time of your remote team.
  • With WorkTime, you know if your remote employees use their computers during the designated working hours.
  • If employees do not use their computers, this time is recorded as idle.

Non-invasive remote work monitoring

WorkTime is non-invasive remote employee monitoring software. Effective, socially responsible, safe & ethical technology to keep your business going!

WorkTime Green remote work monitoring does not record any content, video, and audio (what is recorded, what is NOT recorded). Effective, socially responsible, safe and ethical technology to keep your business going!

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

Using computers, but being productive?

Working hours can be spent on unproductive activities. Ensure that you pay for productive time.

WorkTime labels time as productive or unproductive based on the apps and websites used.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Remote/from home vs. in-office

WorkTime offers you the actual numbers on employee attendance, active time, and productivity, whether the employees work remotely or in-office. You can skip the guesswork and simply compare where employees perform better.

Monitor time in online meetings

Online meetings can be a significant productivity distractor, especially in remote work. Monitor and minimize time spent in online meetings with WorkTime!

What are your remote workers doing right now?

With the WorkTime What's now report, see if your remote workers are currently working.

  • List of active employees
  • Time of last activity
  • Attendance, active time, productivity goals
  • Active/idle time details (timeline, time per hour, and %)

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WorkTime features to track remote work

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The сhallenge of supervising remote employees

In 2022, AT&T research found that executives overseeing remote workers faced challenges in employee supervision. Managing teams was difficult due to dispersed work locations and different time zones. This situation requires extra measures and remote employee monitoring software technology to effectively manage team members, support collaboration, and ensure smooth task coordination.

What is remote employee monitoring software?

Remote employee monitoring software simplifies remote workforce management. It’s one of the most effective remote work tools. Monitoring remote and hybrid employees can be challenging compared to in-office monitoring without remote employee monitoring software. However, the best remote employee monitoring software offers an excellent solution to ensure tasks are completed efficiently by remote workers, even when employees are in different locations. Remote monitoring software enables tracking of key performance indicators such as login/logout time, active/idle time, and overall productivity.

What is non-invasive remote employee monitoring software?

Non-invasive remote employee monitoring software refers to tools and methods that respect employees' privacy while still providing valuable insights into their work performance from remote work monitoring. Unlike invasive approaches to work from home monitoring such as audio/video tracking or taking screenshots, non-invasive solutions focus on collecting data through less intrusive means, such as tracking application usage, website visits, or keyboard activity. These alternative methods to remote work monitoring prioritize employee privacy and dignity while still enabling employers to monitor productivity and ensure compliance.

How to know if remote employees are working?

For seamless remote work and better productivity among remote teams, consider using remote work monitoring software. Software to monitor remote employees helps improve organization and employee awareness of their work hours. It can pinpoint factors causing reduced productivity, boost overall performance, and encourage greater engagement. Choosing a non-invasive remote employee monitoring software and maintaining transparency is crucial to avoid privacy or legal concerns. When individuals understand that remote employee monitoring software is used moderately to create a positive employee experience, their enthusiasm for work often increases. How to monitor work from home employees efficiently requires implementing remote monitoring solutions and work from home monitoring software tailored to remote work dynamics.

How to monitor employees working from home?

How to monitor employees working from home depends on using a combination of productivity tracking software, regular communication channels, and trust-building strategies. Monitoring employees working from home and every remote worker can be achieved through various methods and remote workforce tools such as software to monitor remote employees.

Productivity monitoring software

Utilize remote workforce management software tools specifically designed for remote employee monitoring. Remote employee monitoring tools track activities such as active/idle time, websites visited, and application usage. Easily monitor remote employee productivity with simple tools like WorkTime remote employee productivity monitoring software.

Time tracking software for remote employees

Implement remote work tracking software to monitor when employees start and end their workday, as well as their break times. Time tracking for remote employees helps ensure that employees are adhering to their schedules and putting in the required hours.

Communication platforms

Stay connected with employees through messaging apps, video conferencing tools, and email. Regular communication helps maintain transparency, collaboration, and accountability in addition to remote employee monitoring software.

Periodic check-ins

Schedule regular check-ins with employees to discuss their workload, progress, and any challenges they may be facing. These meetings provide opportunities for feedback, support, and alignment on goals. Use data from work from home monitoring software to track work progress and patterns.

Performance reviews

Conduct performance evaluations to assess employee productivity, performance, and contributions. Provide constructive feedback and set clear expectations for improvement if necessary. Base your feedback on real data from remote employee monitoring software. Implement a combination of these strategies using monitoring of remote employees and effectively monitor employees working from home while promoting productivity, collaboration, and trust within your remote team.

What can you monitor with the best remote employee monitoring software?

Check your remote employees' performance effortlessly with WorkTime software to monitor remote employees. The best remote employee monitoring software provides a comprehensive suite of 50+ detailed reports on your remote team's activities. Easily monitor these objectives with work from home monitoring software:


Keep track of your team's attendance patterns, ensuring that everyone is logging in and working their scheduled hours consistently. Identify any trends in absenteeism and address them promptly to maintain productivity levels with remote employee monitoring software.

Login/logout time

Monitor the times when your employees log in and out of their workstations, allowing you to verify their availability and adherence to their work schedules. This data from work from home monitoring software helps in understanding peak work hours and optimizing team workflows accordingly.

Active/idle time

Gain insights into how actively your employees are engaging with their tasks by tracking their active and idle periods. This information enables you to identify potential distractions or inefficiencies and implement strategies to improve focus and productivity.

Internet and software use

Understand how your team members utilize the internet and various software applications during their work hours. Identify any excessive use of non-work-related websites or applications that may impact productivity, and encourage more focused usage with remote employee monitoring software.


Evaluate your team's overall productivity levels based on their work output and activity levels. Track active time, project milestones, and other key performance indicators with work from home monitoring software. Assess performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Keep tabs on any overtime hours logged by your remote employees, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and preventing burnout. Address any excessive overtime patterns and take proactive measures to promote a healthy work-life balance while monitoring work from home employees with work from home monitoring software.

Benefits of employee monitoring

Productivity tracking software and remote work monitoring when used correctly help not only to find out how efficiently employees use working time but also to improve their performance. Discover powerful remote pc monitoring software solutions designed to track employee activity, optimize productivity, and ensure data security across distributed work environments. The beneficial influence of remote employee monitoring software is straightforward to grasp. When employees are aware of their work being monitored by work from home monitoring software, they tend to show heightened responsibility in managing their time effectively. However, this extends beyond mere supervision. By establishing objectives and communicating the outcomes of monitoring to employees, you can furnish them with a distinct comprehension of your expectations, thereby fostering increased engagement, concentration, and motivation. This approach with work from home monitoring software also cultivates accountability among workers, as you can consistently reference productivity reports generated individually for each employee through monitoring software. By using software to monitor remote worker in your team you can identify employee productivity trends and detect problems behind poor performance and areas that need improvement. Remote employee monitoring software also helps keep remote employees’ workloads balanced making sure that they are working to their fullest potential and at the same time aren’t overworking.

How to start remote monitoring?

Even when you know how to monitor remote workers, you need to plan how to implement a remote employee monitoring system and remote employee monitoring software. To effectively oversee remote employees, thorough preparation and additional steps are essential.
  • Determine frequency and communication channels for interactions among remote team members.
  • Choose platforms for collaborative work and project management useful to interact with a remote worker.
  • Plan logistical aspects such as work hours and breaks in advance.
  • Ensure employees have the necessary resources for remote work and offer technical assistance as needed.
  • Utilize non-invasive methods and remote monitoring tools to monitor and enhance employee productivity.
Remote desktop monitoring software allows employers to track employees' computer activities and productivity levels from a distance, ensuring accountability and efficiency in remote work environments. By providing real-time insights into remote desktop usage, remote desktop monitoring software enables organizations to optimize workflows and maintain security protocols effectively. Discover efficient remote work systems designed to streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and facilitate seamless communication for every remote worker. Try WorkTime remote work monitoring with our 2-week free trial. Monitor your remote team's activities with 50+ detailed reports and optimize productivity from a free remote monitoring software.