Non-invasive employee monitoring software

Increase employee engagement, improve productivity, active time, and attendance.

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  • For 1-20,000+ computers
  • 25+ years on the market

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Perfect for in-office or remote employee monitoring

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Go green with WorkTime!

Keep an eye on your remote & in-office teams. Stay safe, non-invasive & effective with Green employee monitoring software.

No private employee information collected!

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

Safe employee monitoring for any country & industry

What employees are doing right now?

The What's Now report shows who is active or idle right now, who is at work, off work, or on vacation, who is productive or unproductive, and much more.
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WorkTime employee monitoring software increases active time

Active time timeline, active time per hour and more

Monitor active and idle time for every employee, department, or the entire team.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring
WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Active time before & after WorkTime

Just another success by a WorkTime customer

UK bank, 170 employees, remote team monitoring

Active time before WorkTime
Active time after WorkTime

Monitor employee attendance including overtime

  • Sign up

  • Run monitoring agent

  • View reports

Monitor employee productivity

Even if employees use company's computers, it does not mean they are productive.

WorkTime tracks employee productivity based on applications and websites used.

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Monitor if employees work remotely or in-office

Not only monitor, but find out where employees work better!

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What's on the screens? Find out in a non-invasive way

WorkTime offers a Screen productivity report, which analyzes the employee screen without recording screenshots.

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Improve employee productivity, attendance, and active time instantly

Why choose WorkTime monitoring software for employees?

Productivity monitoring solutions, not spying

WorkTime is a green employee monitoring software with a primary focus on monitoring employees' productivity. It is a non-invasive, transparent, safe, and socially responsible technology. WorkTime offers a safe replacement for every invasive function:
  • Non-invasive screen analysis instead of recording and saving screenshots;
  • Counting keystroke speed instead of recording them;
  • Monitoring time spent on social media and chats instead of monitoring content;
  • Monitoring apps and website usage instead of monitoring its content.

Analyze your employees’ productivity with 50+ comprehensive reports in numbers, statistics, and data visualizations instead of wasting your time on huge amounts of useless screenshots. 50+ non-invasive reports

Reports are one of the most important features of employee monitoring software. It is essential to have comprehensive reports, showing clear and concise data. WorkTime offers 50+ non-invasive reports for both in-office and remote work monitoring, including such categories:
  1. What’s going on?” report;
  2. Active/idle time tracking;
  3. Employee attendance;
  4. Employee overtime;
  5. At work, but productive?;
  6. Remote/in-office;
  7. Screen analysis;
  8. Internet use;
  9. Online meetings;
  10. Employee progress;
  11. Distraction level;
  12. Leaderboards.

WorkTime saves money

With WorkTime, you will not waste your money and time on invasive functions that cannot even be effectively used. Instead, you pay for secure and reliable reports in numbers and comprehensible statistical data analysis. WorkTime employee monitoring software helps your company be budget-conscious, both directly and indirectly. You can save money on unnecessary software licensing and computer purchases. Plan future purchases with in-office and remote employee monitoring software reports or decide whether additional staff are needed. The money spent on salaries can be reduced by boosting employee productivity.

Data safety

WorkTime software monitoring tools comply with the highest data security standards:
  • WorkTime uses AES-256 encryption, the most secure protocol;
  • The database is encrypted and password-protected;
  • Local data is encrypted;
  • Data transmission is performed via a secure connection;
  • The software allows different levels of access (administrators, regular users, etc.);
  • The database is automatically archived;
  • Only the necessary data is collected.
WorkTime serves the healthcare, finance, government, defense, and security industries, successfully protecting sensitive data.

It’s easy to use and customize

Save your precious time with WorkTime’s monitoring software tools. Installation and customization processes have never been so smooth and easy! You do not need extensive technical knowledge to implement it successfully. Starting monitoring is easy as 1-2-3: 1. Sign up; 2. Run a monitoring agent; 3. View reports.

Light on system resources

Constant screenshots and keystroke recording require a lot of storage space. WorkTime in-office and remote employee monitoring software operates only with numerical data. So, it saves your space from useless screenshots and video content.

Take advantage of WorkTime!

Boost employee productivity and attendance

WorkTime employee monitoring system is a great tool to improve your team’s productivity. It provides useful statistics that help you see a real picture of
  • How productive your employees are;
  • Whether they are active or idle;
  • When they log in/out of computers;
  • Whether employees are actively using computers;
  • When computers are on but not in use.
This data comes in handy to get insights into employee punctuality and arrival time.

Improve employee engagement

One of the most common reasons employees lose sight of their engagement level is the lack of feedback to keep them on track. WorkTime employee monitoring shows how engaged employees are during the working day. Through workforce productivity software reports, employers can see how involved their workforce is in the work process, spot the top performers and slackers, and see areas that need improvement. Employees can also see where they fall short and make the required adjustments.

Get instant reports

With WorkTime software to monitor employees, you do not need to spend hours analyzing hundreds of screenshots and recorded videos for every employee to understand whether he/she is productive or not. WorkTime employee monitoring software replaces tiresome administrative work such as attendance manual fill-ins and activity logs with accurate automated clock-in/clock-out and real-time activity features. Get instant reports with little or no manual effort.

Monitor employees in real time

Get a vivid picture of how work gets done and understand how employees utilize their time. The information gathered from real-time monitoring employees in the workplace allows you to analyze your employees’ activities during working hours and improve their productivity and efficiency. The “What’s going on?” employee monitoring report includes:
  1. Current employee status: active/idle; productive/unproductive; at work/off work;
  2. The duration since the last activity;
  3. Attendance, active time, productivity goals;
  4. Active time per hour;
  5. Active time timeline;
  6. Whether the employee is In-office or remote;
  7. Employee’s arrival time.

It’s easy to announce

WorkTime is a transparent and socially responsible employee monitoring software. So, you can announce it and not worry about the employee’s reaction. It is non-invasive and does not break the employee’s privacy. Here are free announcement samples to help you announce monitoring to your employees. If you’re planning to monitor employees working from home, a free eBook to kick-start work-from-home employee monitoring will be handy. This eBook also offers announcement samples, workplace monitoring policies, employee monitoring laws, and an employee monitoring handbook to help you manage employee monitoring smoothly.

Set goals and grow your business

With WorkTime software for employees, you can set employee attendance, active time, and productivity goals and observe their progress. Grow your business goals together with your team’s productivity. Engage your employees with WorkTime! Leaderboards are helpful to motivate your team to improve attendance, productivity, active time, and other rates.


What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring definition. It is a process of observing employees’ performance to track their productivity, address security issues, or protect corporate resources. There are various types of employee monitoring depending on the methods used by the company.

What is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software is computer software or a web service that monitors employee computer activities automatically. This technology is beneficial if you need to automatically assess or be up-to-date about employee productivity, attendance, computer, and software use.

What do I get from employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring softwares help you see the real picture of how your workers perform. Also, you get insights into employee productivity. Employee monitoring software provides reports on employee productivity. Monitoring reports show a real picture of how employees use the computer. The employee productivity level is calculated based on different metrics recorded by the software.

How does employee monitoring help?

1. Improves productivity and attendance

Employee monitoring software is a great tool to improve your team’s productivity. It generates useful statistics that help you see a real picture of how productive your employees are, how active or idle they are, and when they actually log in/out of computers. This data is helpful if you’re looking to improve employee attendance.

2. Saves money and time

Employee monitoring software helps your company be budget-conscious, both directly and indirectly. You can save money on unnecessary software licensing and computer purchases. Furthermore, plan future purchases with employee monitoring reports or decide whether additional staff are needed. The money spent on salaries can be reduced by boosting employee productivity.

Does employee monitoring increases productivity?

Boosting employees’ productivity is one of the main companies-monitoring-employees reasons. WorkTime's 20-year experience proves that our non-invasive employee monitoring instantly increases employee engagement and improves their productivity, active time, and attendance.

How to choose proper employee monitoring software?

1. Set clear monitoring goals

Setting clear monitoring goals is essential because this helps you shape and oversee employee monitoring processes in the company. Being clear about your monitoring goals enables you to choose appropriate monitoring software because it helps to pinpoint what monitoring features are required.

2. Choose the right software vendor

There are several employee monitoring software lists on the market today. That is why it is necessary to choose the ONE that satisfies your criteria. With careful selection, you should be able to find the top employee monitoring software that fits all your requirements.

3. Pay attention to data safety

Data safety is a crucial aspect of the employee monitoring process. Make sure your software provider has the proper functionality to ensure the safety of your monitoring results.

4. Refer to respected sources

Ready to monitor employees in your company? It’s always a good idea to get help from employee monitoring experts. They are in a better position to suggest the best steps to be taken to ensure that the employee monitoring process is seamless.

How do WorkTime employee monitoring systems help your company?

1. Improve employee productivity and attendance with WorkTime.

WorkTime boosts productivity by up to 20% by improving employees’ attendance and reducing idle and personal time.

2. Boost employee engagement with WorkTime.

WorkTime employee monitoring software shows how engaged employees are during the working day.

3. Save money on licensed software with WorkTime.

WorkTime serves as a cost-effective solution. It identifies rarely used licensed software that is wasting company money. Companies can learn how licensed software is being used.

4. Save company money with WorkTime.

With WorkTime employee monitoring, your company saves a minimum of 30 salaries out of 1,000. WorkTime reduces unproductive time to zero. Additionally, WorkTime helps with payroll management by recording actual hours of productive work to reduce overtime claims.

5. Make the best business decisions with WorkTime.

Are you looking for more structure in your business? For the employer, monitoring software provides the tools to implement these changes: powerful features to boost the quality of work and well-detailed reports to give a clearer picture of how the work process can be improved.

6. Less administrative work with WorkTime.

The employee monitoring app replaces tiresome administrative work such as attendance manual fill-ins and activity logs with accurate automated clock-in/clock-out and real-time activity features. Get instant reports with little or no manual effort.

7. Monitor in real-time with WorkTime.

The information gathered from real-time analysis allows you to analyze your employees’ activities during working hours and improve productivity and efficiency. You can also implement software to monitor remote workers.

Can an employee spy on another employee?

Some companies tend to use micromanagement practices like asking employees to spy on their colleagues. Still, such an approach has a lot of negative effects. The same also applies to spyware employee monitoring. WorkTime non-invasive employee monitoring and productivity tracking will be a perfect alternative. This software complies with the employee monitoring policy, protects workers' privacy, and maintains a positive work environment.

How to detect employee monitoring software?

If you monitor your workers without their knowledge, they can search for different ways of detecting the software. For example, they can download anti-spyware software, search the app in the task manager, or run the command line. Still, we recommend announcing employee monitor software if you want to build a transparent and loyal relationship with your team.

What are the signs you are being monitored at work?

Unexplained network activity, notifications, and unexpected pop-ups are possible signs that the employer uses worker monitoring software.

What are the pros and cons of employee monitoring? Among the negative effects of employee monitoring:

  • Employee privacy concerns;
  • Legal issues when the employer breaks employee monitoring ethics;
  • The feeling of distrust or fear among the employees that they can be penalized.

Benefits of employee monitoring:

  • Increased employee productivity;
  • Better attendance;
  • Motivation for the employees to perform better;
  • Lower distraction rate;
  • Improved security;
  • Growing revenues.