Custom tags for apps and websites

Tag apps and websites to monitor the usage more effectively.

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Custom and in-built tags for more effective monitoring

Is this expensive software really used?


School board



Money put to better use

WorkTime's customers, a U.S. school board, applies tags to monitor the use of paid educational software. In their case, the money was not used effectively at all. “To our surprise, we found out that this very expensive software is almost not being used.” Julie K., accounting manager

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Money saved

Success stories

Active time in each tag

Track the time spent in each custom tag

WorkTime offers numerous reports to monitor the time employees spend using each tag.

WorkTime custom tags per employee

Start monitoring easily

How much time employees use each tag?

With WorkTime you can monitor how much time employees spends using different tags.
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Custom tags examples

Each app and website can be tagged using numerous custom tags. Custom tags could be: Security software, Healthcare, Licensed software, Very expensive software, Customer support websites, Match software, English software.

Track unproductive employee activities

This employee has been reading news

Dimitry was engaged in an unproductive activity, reading website:

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Predefined tags

What predefined tags are for? Predefined tags are used to make your WorkTime experience better! We automatically tag apps and websites for you. For example: Internet, Online meetings, Social media, Browsers, Adobe, MSOffice, & more!

Tags to monitor employee productivity

Each app and website can be tagged as Productive or Unproductive.
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