WorkTime Corporate – Releases History

Major Updates 2018-2020

New Major Release – WorkTime 10:
– New Administrator Dashboard.
– System status at-a-glance.
– Knowledge Base added: How-To videos and visual posts about new WorkTime interface.
– News about WorkTime release on the Administrator Dashboard.
– 80+ Reports – Sample
New Productivity & Behavioral Analysis Reports:
– Employee Productivity in %
– Top/Bottom 10 productive employees
– Productivity per Hour/per Day
– Employee Success Rate
– Attendance Issues/Overtimes/False Overtimes
– Employee Web Surfing Habits
– Personal/Work Internet Use Habits
– Software Use Habits
– Active/Idle Time/Wasted Time Habits
– Department Productivity
– Facebook and Other Social Media Use – Summary, per Hour/per Day
Other Major Features
– New Administrator Dashboard interface (WorkTime 10);
– Mac OS support;
– URL Monitoring for Chrome (version 50+)
– URL Monitoring for Microsoft Edge (Windows 10, Server 2016)
– URL Monitoring for Opera (latest version)
– Full Unicode Support
– Determining Productive / Non-productive time (e.g. browsing online help versus social media)
– Client Watcher Server to ensure WorkTime Client is always running.
– New database design, reports run at least 2x faster

WorkTime 10.14 Release [May 2020]

New Features/Improvements:
Improved logs to better describe the work process (milliseconds added) [Client][Cloud]
Improved processing speed [Cloud]
Option to monitor only selected users has been enabled [Administrator]


“Employee Active Idle” report has been corrected [Administrator]
Scheduled reports limited to 10K lines [Cloud]
“Attendance Issues/Overtimes/False Overtimes” report correction added [Administrator][Cloud]
Encrypted data files received from Mac computers are now recognized [Server]
Watcher service CPU usage and access violation issue resolved [Client]
Datafiles processing has been optimised to avoid rare situations of duplications [Server]
Exporting reports to CSV has been addressed [Administrator]
The ini-file updating process has been corrected [Administrator]
Datafiles processing error resolved [Server]
Reports can now display Unicode symbols correctly [Administrator][Professional][Personal]
Proper encoding detection has been added [All]
Client-server communication issues due to poor network connection have been improved[Client]
All servers are now displayed in the Citrix reports widgets [Client]
The operating system forced shutdown event can now be recorded [Client]

WorkTime 10.13 Release [March 2020]

New Features/Improvements:
Protection against computer active time imitation (continuous key pressing) [Client][Cloud][Administrator]
Improved logs to better describe the work process [Administrator] [Client] [Professional] [Personal] [Cloud]

Monitoring agent duplication error has been fixed [Client][Cloud]
Duplicated records in the dashboard has been fixed [Client][Cloud]
Windows System users have been excluded from the monitoring process (‘SYSTEM’, ‘LOCAL SERVICE’, ‘NETWORK SERVICE’) [Client][Cloud]

WorkTime 10.12 Release [January 2020]

Windows System users have been excluded from the monitoring process (‘SYSTEM’, ‘LOCAL SERVICE’, ‘NETWORK SERVICE’). [Monitoring agent], [Cloud]

Reports (filtering, duplication, occasional critical error). [Administrator]
Duplication during data processing. [Server], [Professional], [Personal], [Cloud]
Slow down in the WorkTime Administrator booting process when there is no connection to the server. [Administrator]
Monitoring agent installation wizard. [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.11 Release [December 2019]

New Features:
Tracking document names in Autodesk and other Chromium apps. [Monitoring Agent]
The broken link to download SQL Server Express Edition. [Administrator]
Reports (filtering). [Administrator]
License reactivation on network settings change. [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.10 Release [September 2019]

Fixed MS SQL reports [Administrator]
Fixed excess Off Work record during the day [Server]

WorkTime 10.9 Release [August 2019]

Fixed empty reports from Scheduled service [Administrator]
Fixed update client [Client]
Fixed reports [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.8 Release [July 2019]

Added additional logs in WTCWatch [Client]
Default reports screen limit 20K records – to improve performance [Administrator][Professional]

Restoration tracking after changing local and remote sessions [Client-WTCWatch]
Multiple copies no longer start after Lock\Unlock session [Client-WTCWatch]
Fixed default installation path for portable MSI installation [Cloud]
Fixed time calculation in reports: Active/Idle, Wasted Time, Attendance Issues/Overtimes/False Overtimes [Administrator][Professional]
Fixed duplicated records [Client]

WorkTime 10.7 Release [May 2019]

New Features:
-URL detection for Opera 58+ [Client][Professional][Personal]
– Added warning when connecting to non-Latin server name [Server][Administrator]
– Added additional logs in WTCWatch [Client]
– Client Installation/autostart
– Idle detection in RDS
-Fixed Scheduled Reports Service [Administrator]
-Fixed Autostart WorkTime Client [Client]
-Fixed tracking stays Idle after switching between local and RDP sessions [Client][Professional][Personal]

WorkTime 10.6 Release [March 2019]

New Features Added:
– WTCWatch enabled by default [Client][Cloud]

– Disabled redundant tracking activity while in idle [Professional][Client][Personal]
– Improved online activation and license verification process (based on Machine GUID rather than MAC address) [Professional]
– Reduced log for a full verbose log level [Professional]

– Fixed WTCWatch service 100% CPU loading after exiting from a sleeping mode [Client]
– Fixed WTCWatch service multiple clients launching after exiting from a sleeping mode [Client]
– Fixed WTCWatch service log files initialization at midnight [Client]

WorkTime 10.5 Release [December 2018]

New Features Added:
– URL detection for Google Chrome 71+ [Client][Professional][Personal] 
– URL detection for Firefox 64+ [Client 10.5.2][Professional][Personal]
– Added “WorkTimeReportsScheduler” service to automate scheduled reports [Administrator]
– Added new report “Behavioral Analysis – Idle Time” [Administrator]
– Added possibility to get WTCWatch logs via the file request from the client workstation [Client][Server]

– Stability fixes related to Administrator closing during report is generating [Administrator][Professional]
– Renamed columns in some reports [Administrator]
– Greatly improved speed of URL detection for all browsers [Client][Professional][Personal]

– Fixed Access Violation error on SQL panel show [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed client infinite closure by file request [Client]
– Fixed scheduled reports start on Administrator start [Administrator]
– Fixed scheduled report start from the command line [Administrator]
– Fixed time field formatting procedure for MS SQL [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.4 Release [October 2018]

New Features Added:
– Updated URL detection for Chrome 69+ [Client][Professional][Personal] 
– Added RDP session connect/disconnect events support [Administrator][Client][Professional]
– Added Download/Renew links in About and Check For New Version windows [Administrator][Professional]

– Improved grid stability while working with MS SQL servers [Administrator]
– More descriptive event message on WTC start from Watcher service [Administrator][Client]

– Fixed SQL generic macro syntax for MS SQL servers [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed attendance day length editing [Administrator]
– Fixed new content downloading while news panel is closed [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.3 Release [June-July 2018]

New Features Added:
– Added auto-restart WTCWatch service on critical errors [Corporate] 
– Added new reports [Corporate]
– New flat design for Windows (including win 10) [Professional]

– New functionality for platform agnostic data files encryption with AES-256 [Professional]
– Possibility to add attendance groups with day length more than 12 hours [Administrator]
– News downloading only when startup page is active [Administrator]
– Improved logs [Client]

– Fixed registry search path procedure for a new versions of WiX [Administrator]
– Fixed wrong calculation functions in active/idle widget charts [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed date navigator values when administrator works long time [Administrator]
– Fixed client installation options saving in dialog box [Administrator]
– Fixed URL tracking for MS Edge 40+ versions [Personal] [Professional]
– Fixed tracking of URL for Firefox version 53+ [Personal] [Professional]

WorkTime 10.2 Release [April 2018]

New Features Added:
– Support for Microsoft Edge latest versions (40+) 
– Improved WorkTime Client Watcher Service
– New flat design for Windows (including win 10) [Professional]
– Added 2 more fast reports in Custom reports [Corporate]

– New functionality for platform agnostic data files encryption with AES-256 [Corporate][Professional]
– WTCLoader utility was merged with WTCWatcher and removed from installation [Corporate]
– More detailed Server Status description on main window [Administrator]

– Fixed URL tracking for MS Edge 40+ versions [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed atomic operations while working with Attendance Groups and Notes [Corporate]
– Fixed ask clients installation dialog triggering on Administrator start [Administrator]

WorkTime 10.1 Release [February 2018]

New Features Added:
– Work hours shifts support added [Corporate]
– Productivity reports updated [Corporate]
– Tracking Firefox v.53+ [Corporate]
– Pin/unpin report button on reports form [Administrator]
– “Ignored” status in a clients dashboard [Administrator]
– Saving WorkTime settings to autobackups [Professional]

– Installation removes not actual WTC binary during server upgrade [Corporate]
– Updated productivity reports statistics calculation [Corporate]
– Updated license information displaying in About window [Corporate][Professional]
– Renamed some options in options window [Administrator][Professional]

– Fixed tracking of URL for Firefox version 53+ [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed corrupted data files sending after client forced/immediate close [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed AV while accessing Reports tab before DB was connected [Administrator]
– Fixed URL web category calculation for localhost and inner browser pages [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed export to HTML for strings containing special characters [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed export of huge reports to CSV while clicking popup menu item [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed logic of “Record as idle when screensaver runs” option [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed license status displaying in main window caption [Administrator]
– Fixed client installation prompt on application start [Administrator]
– Fixed compatibility with MS SQL for some reports [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed detailed filter applying for some reports [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed reports refreshing after switching to archive database [Administrator]

WorkTime Major Version 10 Release [November 2017]

New Features Added:
– Brand new Dashboard for Administrator [Corporate]

– Fixed tray icon error [Client]

WorkTime Release 7.28 [October 2017]

New Features Added:
– Client data files encryption AES-256 (FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant) [Corporate][Professional]

– Breadcumps in reports window were replaced with closable tabs [Administrator][Professional]
– Checking for a new version is now using SSL connection [Professional][Corporate]

– Fixed long filters loading in report window for big databases [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed QuickTask classifier display options savinf [Professional]
– Fixed AV on Add Time Manually menu opening [Professional]

WorkTime Release 7.27 [August 2017]

New Features Added:
– NEW computer summary report [Administrator]
– Individual custom reports feature[Cloud]
– New WorkTime Reports version [Reports]
– Custom hint message displaying on chart series click [Administrator][Professional]

– Ability to change interface captions to custom [Client]
– Controlling axis visibility in gantt charts depend on series count [Administrator][Professional]

– Fixed roboform browser plugin tracking [Client][Professional]
– Fixed export to HTML for autosizable gantt charts[Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed “Wasted Time per Hour” wrong report content [Administrator]
– Fixed chart axis formatting bug [Administrator][Professional]

WorkTime Release 7.26 [June 2017]

New Features Added:
– New multi-series multiline scrollable charts [Corporate][Professional]

– Client project reminder [Client]
– Updated report header and chart colors [Corporate][Professional]
– Provided more detailed information on Licenses Used form [Administrator]
– Updated color scheme for some report charts [Corporate][Professional]

– Fixed sessions, events, details duplication in database [Corporate][Professional]
– AV in Update Client Settings menu option [Administrator]
– Fixed loading login name from ini file [DatabaseTool]
– Fixed warning in update to 710 script [DatabaseTool]
– Small fixes in installation script [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed CSV and HTML export bug for very large reports [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed license checking for mixed license type [Corporate]
– Fixed wrong SQL code for some reports, added missing reports [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed AV error on Menu->Update Client Settings click [Administrator]
– Fixed firebird password loading from ini file [DatabaseTool]
– Fixed MS SQL convertion script generating warnings [DatabaseTool]

WorkTime Release 7.25 [April 2017]

New Features Added:
– Client project reminder [Client]

– Subsequent activation if there is no network [Corporate][Professional]

– Handle leak in URL detection for Microsoft Edge [Corporate][Professional][Personal]
– Activation in Hidden mode [Professional]
– MS SQL DB version – correct version 714 [Corporate]
– MS SQL doesn’t support aliases in UPDATE [Corporate]

WorkTime Release 7.24 [February 2017]

New Features Added:
– Monitoring of workstation idle time (Off work) feature [Corporate][Professional][Personal]
– New reports with active/idle/off time [Administrator]
– Used license count menu [Administrator]
– Employee reports with with employee idle time only [Corporate][Professional][Personal]

– Improved generating speed of reports with group filters [Administrator][Professional]
– Employee active timelines ignore session interval decreased from 10 to 5 minutes [Administrator]
– Widgets recalculation on first active session of the day [Personal]
– Removed Close button from report widgets [Personal]
– Changed message for trial license violation [Corporate]

– Fixed AV when accessing ini from multiple processes [Corporate][Professional][Personal]
– Fixed AV in Delete old user data functions [DatabaseTool]
– Fixed HTML export bug for reports with big amount of records [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed error message popup when navigate menu Edit-Employees [Administrator]
– Fixed server multi-line status display in Current status report [Administrator]

WorkTime Release 7.23 [November 2016]

New Features Added:
– Added native Mac OS client app [Corporate]
– Added tracking with server time option [Corporate]
– Added new timeline reports [Administrator]

– Idle time calculation only between active sessions for Employee Performance reports [Administrator][Professional]
– Editable report names instead of exact names in reports, filters, menus [Cloud][Administrator][Professional]
– Dialogs and hints on the first run after install [Administrator]

– Fixed client settings updating from Administrator [Corporate]
– Fixed URL decoding error for some URLs [Client][Personal][Professional]
– Fixed hint showing for clients with actual version [Administrator]
– Fixed Server service stopping on reinstall [Corporate]
– Fixed DB update script for 713 version [Server][Professional]
– Fixed Date field filling when updating from old DB versions [Server][Professional]
– Fixed multiple client .exe receiving from parallel threads [Client]
– Fixed .exe version setter [Server]
– Fixed AV in WTCWatch service [Corporate]
– Fixed WorkTime Cloud Monitoring App data folder detection [WorkTime Client Tool]

WorkTime Release 7.22 [October 2016]

New Features Added:
– Added scheduled reports/presets function [Cloud]
– Added Help|Notes item in main menu with useful advices [Server]
– New option – Track active time even when beyond working time [Corporate][Professional]
– Added build info in about menu [Corporate][Professional][Personal]

– Advanced URL tracking for Firefox browser with plugins [Corporate][Professional][Personal]
– New download links for MS SQL 2008-2012 and new hints in database options menu [Server]
– Description panels for some reports [Cloud]
– More correct program re-initialization(logs, paths) after PC suspension/awakening [Corporate][Professional][Personal]

– Fixed client settings updating from Administrator [Corporate]
– Fixed reports running error when not allowed filters enabled [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed filters availability for some specific reports [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed option – Rollback working time to match last user activity [Corporate][Professional]
– Fixed sсheduled reports export for MS SQL [Administrator]
– Fixed program closing before ending user session [Corporate][Professional][Personal]
– Fixed session splitting when add time manually [Professional]
– Fixed AV when adding note manually [Professional]

WorkTime Release 7.21 [September 2016]

New Features Added:
– Productive / Non-productive time (create, edit, delete, recalc) [Corporate]
– New Summary Report

– New database version – 712 [Corporate][Professional]
– Options set renamed to Settings set [Administrator]

– Fixed dynamic SQL error when loading some reports with multiple filters [Administrator][Professional]
– Fixed resize columns in web reports [Cloud]
– Fixed rename function for Settings set [Administrator]
– Fixed duplicate names for Settings set [Administrator]
– Fixed AV after adding/removing new Settings set [Administrator]

WorkTime Release 7.20 [July 2016]

New Features Added:
– Client Settings Sets caching and user/computer name normalization [Administrator] [Server] [Cloud Web Reports]
– Report columns resizing [Cloud Web Reports]
– Dashboard columns sorting [Cloud Web Reports]
– Server Service license activation [Server]
– Simplified Watcher options [Administrator] [Client Watcher]

– Client Update via Watcher Service [Client] [Client Watcher]
– Fixed AV bug when receiving several Status commands [Server]
– Save network settings for option sets before installation creating [Administrator]
– Replacing ‘?’ characters in file names before network receiving and saving [Server] [Cloud Receiver]
– Overriden classifier values in events [Client]
– Fixed DB update from old versions [Professional]
– Fixed creation event with overrided user and workstation [Client]
– Fixed wtcma filename for download exe from server [Cloud Client]

WorkTime Release 7.19 [June 2016]

New Features Added:
Department Productivity Report [WorkTime Administrator]
Department Active/Idle Report [WorkTime Administrator]
FaceBook Use – Summary [WorkTime Administrator]
New Client Settings Options [WorkTime Administrator]
Record Computer Sleep Time as Idle Time Setting [WorkTime Administrator]
Reports List [WorkTime Administrator]
Expired trial bug with MS SQL installation set [WorkTime Server]
Database and network status refreshing in Server Interface Mode [WorkTime Server]
Override param saving after editing report param [WorkTime Administrator]
Client termination after system suspending [WorkTime Client]

WorkTime Release 7.18 [May 2016]

New Features Added:
Opera URL Monitoring (Latest Versions) [WorkTime Client]
Windows 10 Scripted Application Monitoring [WorkTime Client]

Closing browser tab with restricted site instead of whole browser [WorkTime Client]

Hosted applications tracking on Windows 10 (downloaded from Win Store apps, Netflix, Widgets etc) [WorkTime Client]
Restricted apps termination on Windows 10 [WorkTime Client]

WorkTime Release 7.17 [Apr 2016]

New Features Added:
New Employee Success Rate report [WorkTime Administrator]
Google Chrome version checking on midnight [WorkTime Client]
Google Chrome address bar paths for every version in client settings file [WorkTime Client]
Option to ignore data files check-sums [WorkTime Server]

Some design improvements [WorkTime Client]

URL tracking for Google Chrome ver. 50 [WorkTime Client]
Repeated Filter for scheduled reports [WorkTime Administrator]

WorkTime Release 7.16 [Mar 2016]

New Features Added:
Productivity reports [WorkTime Administrator]
Browsers usage habits, Facebook per Hour/Day Behavioral reports [WorkTime Administrator]
Standard reports with charts [WorkTime Administrator]
Client log and files requests from server folder using client user name [WorkTime Server]
Database info in options in interface mode [WorkTime Server]
Text report exporting [WorkTime Administrator]

New widget header color scheme [WorkTime Administrator]
Behavioral Analysis reports now are non-widget reports [WorkTime Administrator]
Reports override parameters will not be wiped on new WorkTime installations [WorkTime Administrator]

Data files network loss while 2 equal files receiving [WorkTime Server]
Multiple application running for same user at same time [WorkTime Client]
Sending reports through email with SSL [WorkTime Administrator]
Adding/editing/removing user groups in classifier window [WorkTime Administrator]
AV while switching between All – Most Used lists in classifier window [WorkTime Administrator]
Double quotes display in client status table [WorkTime Administrator]
Table report columns “word clipping” [WorkTime Administrator]
Export to Excel/HTML after some column sorting [WorkTime Administrator]
Some false warning messages in log and additional log info for some functions [WorkTime Client] [WorkTime Server]

WorkTime Release 7.15 [Feb 2016]

New Features Added:
Active/Idle Time Habits report [WorkTime Administrator]
Personal/Work Internet Use Habits report [WorkTime Administrator]
Wasted Time Habits report [WorkTime Administrator]
Software Use Habits report [WorkTime Administrator]
Attendance Issues/Overtimes/Flase Overtimes report [WorkTime Administrator]
Custom reports for analysing duplicates [WorkTime Administrator]
Records limit option for exporting reports to HTML/CSV [WorkTime Administrator]

Copying from temp tables to main tables now without freezes [WorkTime Server]

Override classifiers input message [WorkTime Client]
Lookup classifiers (Ctrl + click) after column sorting [WorkTime Administrator]

WorkTime Release 7.14 [Jan 2016]

New Features Added:
Employee Web Surfing Habits – new report [WorkTime Administrator]
Interface for editing predefined website, software and document groups [WorkTime Administrator]
Monitoring agent automatic termination when an employee/computer is excluded from monitoring [WorkTime Client]
WorkTime Corporate installation
Exception handling for file processing [WorkTime Server]
ErrorParsing folder for invalid data files [WorkTime Server]
Network files received / Processed files count [WorkTime Server]
Saving log files more than 2GB [WorkTime Server, WorkTime Administrator, WorkTime Client]
Query timeout for MS SQL [WorkTime Server]
Empty stream error in PIPE-channel [WorkTime Server]
SQL panel bug when several query was opened [WorkTime Server]

WorkTime Release 7.13 [Dec 2015]

New Features Added:
Money Wasted – Salary report [WorkTime Administrator]

Full WorkTime Server Service control from WorkTime Server menu. [WorkTime Server]
Automatic switching to interface/server mode when service started/stopped [WorkTime Server]
Combine pending files on service side [WorkTime Server]
MS SQL Transaction Log shringing function [WorkTime Server]
Grid lines color and header lines color for Win 10 [WorkTime Administrator]
Data file processing speed [WorkTime Server]
Database converting speed from 703 to 710 version [WorkTime Server]
Multithread processing speed for Firebird [WorkTime Server]
Client log archiving and saving [WorkTime Client Tool]
Invisible axis in report charts [WorkTime Administrator]
Division by zero error while opening reports [WorkTime Administrator]
Attendance report [WorkTime Administrator]
Column max size for widgets columns [WorkTime Administrator]
Time field format for some reports [WorkTime Administrator]
AV error when switching between generating reports or closing program [WorkTime Administrator]
Client status duplicating when client was re-installed [WorkTime Administrator][WorkTime Server]
Saving unicode names in options [WorkTime Administrator] [WorkTime Server]
Database updating from versions 5.xx to latest [WorkTime Server]
AV error while creating empty MS SQL database [WorkTime Server]
WorkTime Server Service display name [WorkTime Server]
Default recovery model when creating empty MS SQL database [WorkTime Server]
New directory for WorkTime Server Service log [WorkTime Server]
Some installation issues [WorkTime Corporate]

WorkTime Release 7.12 [Nov 2015]

New Feature Added: Complete support of Unicode Format
New Feature Added: Microsoft Edge(Windows 10) monitoring is now supported
Improvement: Processing speed is improved
Note: New reporting system was implemented in WorkTime version 7.7

WorkTime Release 7.11 [Oct 2015]

Data processing speed improved [WorkTime Server].
Application speed improved [WorkTime Server].
Full executable path is being recorded.
Client workstation name is being recorded [Citrix Terminal].
Resources usage improved [WorkTime Client].
Alternate database option added [WorkTime Administrator].
New Social Network reports added.
Do not track documents option added.
Note: New reporting system was implemented in WorkTime version 7.7

WorkTime Releases before 7.11

For more information about all previous WorkTime Corporate releases please refer to the history.txt file included in the installation.