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Track and minimize internet distractions at the workplace

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Internet monitoring

  • Internet use monitoring
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Monitor how employees use the internet

Websites visited: productive or unproductive

WorkTime monitors how employees use the internet: which websites employees visit and track whether they are productive or unproductive.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Monitor internet usage for individual employees, departments, or the entire company

Track time in online meetings

Track and minimize time in online meetings

Online meetings can take longer than expected, particularly for remote workers. Track time spent in online meetings to minimize the negative impact on employee productivity.

Monitor social media use: Facebook, Instagram, and others

WorkTime social media use monitoring

Success story


Health care



Decreased use of social network sites!

The U.S. healthcare organization implemented WorkTime to assess employee computer usage and discovered that approximately 5% of employee work hours were dedicated to social networking. By utilizing data from weekly reports, the organization successfully improved performance and achieved cost savings.

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Decreased time in social!
WorkTime. Secure monitoring software for healthcare companies

Do employees search for a job online? Do they watch YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo etc.?

Green active time monitoring

WorkTime is Green socially responsible employee monitoring. It supports workplace health.

WorkTime Green employee monitoring is the only non-invasive monitoring on the market. All invasive functions are replaced by safe, non-invasive alternatives.

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

GDPR compatible

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More about internet usage monitoring from WorkTime

How internet usage monitoring works

How to monitor internet usage? WorkTime employee internet monitoring software is a great tool to monitor internet usage. 1. WorkTime provides insight into employees’ internet activities and how often they use social media during working hours. 2. Track visited websites/URLs. WorkTime highlights productive/unproductive internet-related computer activities. 3. In addition to monitoring visited websites/URLs, WorkTime records the employee’s system login name, the time and duration of internet use, and the history of visited websites/URLs. 4. WorkTime monitors internet activity regardless of location (in-office, remote, or work-from-home employees). 5. Monitor time spent on the internet (when and for how long employees use the internet). 6. Internet usage monitoring software provides insights that help evaluate employee performance. 7. Internet use monitoring statistics help a lot in creating effective internet usage policies. For example, you can implement quality company internet usage policies, or block certain websites to halt distractions. Monitor employee internet usage and significantly increase work productivity.

Why choose WorkTime to monitor internet usage?

Non-invasive technology

WorkTime internet monitoring software provides an alternative to every invasive function. With our non-invasive Internet monitoring technology, you can easily announce employee internet monitoring, as your employees’ privacy is 100% protected. WorkTime internet usage monitoring does not record any personal data or private content.

50+ comprehensive reports

Get comprehensive reports on internet usage.
  • What’s going on in the company? This report shows detailed statistics on who is working right now, who is productive, and who is not;
  • Screen productivity analysis in numbers and statistics instead of invasive screenshot recording;
  • Internet use per employee. WorkTime internet usage monitoring software monitors the internet activity of each employee, records the duration of each activity, and labels its productivity.
  • All internet use reports are lightweight, secure, and reliable.
  • Instant increase in internet use productivity

    Use WorkTime internet monitoring software to motivate your employees to improve their performance. WorkTime categorizes all websites as either productive or unproductive based on Internet usage, visited websites, and used apps.

    Remote vs. in-office internet monitoring

    Monitor internet usage and increase employee productivity. In addition to monitoring visited websites/URLs, WorkTime records the employee’s system login name, the time and duration of internet use, and the history of visited websites/URLs. Monitor internet activity regardless of location (in-office, remote, or work-from-home employees) with WorkTime. WorkTime helps reduce unproductive internet time and boost productivity. It is a non-invasive internet monitoring software that lets you do it efficiently without violating employee privacy. Monitor employee internet usage without capturing their personal data or using continuous video surveillance.

    Benefits of WorkTime internet usage monitoring

    WorkTime monitors internet activities

    WorkTime internet monitoring software automatically records all internet activities on the company’s computers. Keeping the internet monitoring process open and transparent to the employees helps improve internet usage quality. When employees are informed about internet usage monitoring, they spend less time on non-work-related websites, like social media, shopping, news, or gaming. Monitor employee internet usage to take your workplace efficiency to the next level.

    WorkTime helps improve employee productivity

    Employee productivity will be at least 20 percent better with WorkTime internet monitoring software. Knowing about the tracking measures makes employees more motivated and disciplined. Set internet use productivity goals for your employees and observe their progress. Moreover, you can motivate them with leaderboards displaying their achievements in productivity, active time, and attendance.

    Internet monitoring saves the company’s money

    With WorkTime internet monitoring software, your company reduces the wage costs spent on unproductive employees. Facebook alone consumes 30 percent of working time. In some cases (companies with 20-100 employees), browsing time takes about 50 percent of the overall working time. WorkTime helps save money by reducing unproductive time to zero.

    WorkTime provides in-depth internet usage analysis

    WorkTime monitors employee internet usage and shows the real picture of internet use activity. This information can be applied to your company in many ways. Aside from improving productivity, generated reports can be useful for:
  • Creating policies and improving work discipline;
  • Engaging employees and discovering sites that are useful for work;
  • Pointing out traits that negatively affect productivity, showing employees how much time they are actually wasting;
  • Reducing employee distraction.
  • Online job search and video-watching monitoring

    According to IDC research, it makes up 30-40% of time spent by employees surfing the internet. With so many internet distractions, an employee can get carried away surfing irrelevant or inappropriate websites instead of performing their work duties. Monitor employee internet usage to be sure everyone stays productive. The problem is that employees do not even realize how much time they actually spend every working day on personal internet activities. When employers monitor internet use, the evidence makes it clear. WorkTime internet monitoring software tracks whether employees visit job search sites or watch online videos instead of working and provides comprehensive reports, showing unproductive/productive websites and time spent on them per employee.

    WorkTime internet tracking maintains a loyal work environment

    WorkTime is designed to be non-invasive. Our internet usage monitoring software provides an alternative to invasive internet usage monitoring based on recording screenshots. WorkTime analyzes your screen in numbers and provides you with useful data and visualized statistics. No content capture is necessary to monitor employee internet usage effectively. You can easily announce internet monitoring to your team and share what’s recorded without harming a positive work environment. Invasive screenshots are replaced by numerical internet usage reports. Discuss and improve monitoring results with your employees and reach your business goals together!


    How to monitor employee internet usage?

    Implement WorkTime monitoring internet activity software to track the employees' internet use, including what URLs and websites are visited during the work day.

    Can company monitor internet use at home?

    If you work from home on company devices, then your employer can monitor internet usage. Still, can your employer monitor your internet use at home after work? No, it is forbidden to monitor internet activity outside working hours.

    Can employers see your search history?

    Employers can use internet site monitoring software to track what websites and URLs are visited, as well as get insights into the timing and duration of each internet activity.

    How to track employee internet usage productivity?

    Use WorkTime software to monitor employee internet usage and productivity. WorkTime categorizes all URLs and websites as either productive or unproductive. Besides, internet use monitoring software records the duration of each activity and labels its productivity.

    Is it legal to monitor how employees use the internet?

    It depends on the legislation of the country. In most countries, including the US and the UK, it is legal to monitor how employees use the internet.