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Set the maximum distraction score for employees per day. Distractions include:

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The "Star" will appear on the "Leaderboard" report when goals are achieved!

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

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What is a WorkTime goal tracker?

WorkTime is a non-invasive employee monitoring software and goal tracker designed to enhance productivity while respecting employee privacy. It allows you to set and track goals for your employees. With our goal tracking feature, you can effectively boost productivity in your workplace. Our goal tracker enables you to set achievable goals for an employee evaluation. This includes goals for attendance, active time, productivity, and distraction scores, allowing you to monitor your employees' progress effortlessly. Attendance, active time, and productivity serve as vital indicators of employee performance, making it essential to track them effectively. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that expecting perfect attendance and productivity, or 100% active time throughout the day is unrealistic and can create unnecessary stress for employees. Instead, setting realistic goals, such as aiming for 80% active time, enables a healthier approach to performance tracking. With the WorkTime performance tracker, you can set realistic goals for your team and track their progress toward achieving them.

What can be an employee goal?

As an employer, you can set various goals for employees depending on their roles and responsibilities and track the process with a goal tracker. Employee goals example: improving job performance, acquiring new skills or certifications, increasing productivity, or enhancing teamwork and collaboration. Setting clear and achievable goals can help employees stay motivated, focused, and aligned with organizational objectives.

What can you track with the WorkTime goal tracker?

With WorkTime's goal tracker, you can track various aspects of employee performance, ensuring a balanced and productive work environment. Here's what you can track with progress tracker:

1. Attendance goals for employees.

Monitor employee attendance to ensure punctuality and reliability. See the percentage of timely attendance in the report and improve employee punctuality. Attendance goals for work will help you and your team be always on time.

2. Active time.

Track the amount of time employees spend actively engaged in work-related tasks. Set goals for the percentage of work hours spent actively working and monitor employees' productivity levels throughout the day with a goal tracker.

3. Productivity goals.

Measure employee productivity by tracking active time spent on productive work. Set a productivity goal and monitor employees' progress towards meeting this goal with a goal tracker. Productivity goals for performance review are another way to effectively use the results of monitoring.

4. Distraction score.

Assess employee focus and minimize distractions in the workplace by tracking distraction scores. Set daily goals for discretion score for a day and monitor employees' activities. Using WorkTime's goal tracker, you can effectively monitor and manage employee goals across various key metrics, ultimately driving productivity and success in your organization. The best goal setting app or software provides a convenient platform for you to set, track, and achieve personal and professional objectives. With a free goal setting app or software like task management, progress tracking, and reminders, it helps users stay focused and motivated on their goals.

How to set up goals?

Setting up goals with a WorkTime goals tracker is a straightforward process that can help drive performance and success within your organization. Here's a general guide to setting up an employee goal:

1. Identify key areas.

Determine the specific areas of employee performance that you want to track and improve. This could include attendance, productivity, active time, or distraction scores. Use the monitoring software or goal tracking app to set these goals.

2. Define goal parameters.

For each chosen area, define the parameters of your goals. This might involve setting target goal in percentages, specifying productivity targets, or establishing limits for distraction scores. This will simplify the process of tracking goals.

3. Set targets and realistic goals.

Ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable for your team. Consider factors such as workload, resources, and individual capabilities when setting goals to avoid setting unrealistic expectations.

4. Communicate expectations.

Communicate the goals and expectations to your team members. Make sure they understand the importance of the goals and how their performance will be measured against them with a goal tracker.

5. Monitor progress.

Regularly monitor and track goal progression toward your goals using the goal tracking software feature. Keep an eye on how employees perform relative to the established goals and make adjustments as needed.

6. Provide feedback.

Use the goal tracking data to provide feedback to your team members. Recognize and celebrate achievements, address areas for improvement, and offer support and guidance as necessary with a goal progress tracker.

How to track goals?

You can track your goals with the goals app or any employee goal setting software. There are several goal setting apps available to help individuals track their progress and achieve their objectives. Tracking goals with WorkTime software is incredibly easy. With the "What's Now" report, you can effortlessly monitor current progress towards achieving your goals in percentage format. Additionally, our "Leaderboard" report visually represents goal achievements, with a "Star" indicating when goals are successfully reached. With these features, tracking and monitoring goal progress has never been simpler. It’s that simple and you don’t need any special progress tracker app. Employee performance tracking is an easy task with employee goal setting software and it does not require you to find other goal setting apps. Use employee monitoring software to never worry about how to track goals.

How to achieve goals?

What gets measured, gets managed. To help your team achieve work goals consider monitoring the process with an employee monitoring or a goal tracking app and stop worrying about how to track goals and achieve them. To achieve goals for you and your team use this simple and basic advice. For successful goals tracking, start by setting clear and achievable objectives. Break these larger goals down into smaller, manageable tasks and create a detailed plan with deadlines. Stay focused and motivated, reminding yourself of the reasons behind your goals. Regularly track your progress using tools like WorkTime's goal tracking feature, and be prepared to adapt your approach if necessary. Celebrate your achievements along the way. To achieve the goal quicker track the process with a goal tracker app or employee goal setting software like WorkTime.

How to focus on your goals and avoid distractions?

To focus on your goals and avoid distractions, prioritize tasks, create a distraction-free environment, and practice mindfulness techniques. Track your work with a goal tracker app or an employee monitoring software. With WorkTime goal tracker you can track distractions in your team work. You can see which unproductive apps and websites your employees spend time on and address the issues.