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Monitor employee distraction score

  • Unproductive screen time
  • App/website usage sessions
  • Too many tabs in browsers
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Example: too many apps on the screen

Having too many apps on the screen is a significant time-waster and can speak volumes about employee working habits and workload.

Psychologists highlight that a cluttered computer desktop causes delays in work progress (it increases time spent attempting to find a necessary app) and leads to increased anxiety and frustration, ultimately impacting employee mood and efficiency.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

To calculate employee distraction score, WorkTime uses those metrics:

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Employee distraction score was too high & this helped!

One of the remote software developers started missing project deadlines, leading the manager to believe that the employee had lost interest in the job due to being distracted by irrelevant activities. However, after implementing WorkTime, it was discovered that this employee was actually working overtime and was overwhelmed with too many diverse tasks. Additionally, online meetings were taking up too much time regularly. After optimizing the work process, the employee returned to normal and is now meeting deadlines on time.



Success stories

Help your employees regain focus

Over 50% of digital distractions in modern workplaces are related to internet browsing, and 39% are related to social media use. What's worse, employees who are distracted can take up to 25 minutes to regain focus!

Track employee distraction score progress

See how your team's distraction scores change over weeks or months. Determine what needs to be improved or decreased to maximize efficiency.

Non-invasive monitoring

WorkTime is Green socially responsible employee monitoring. It supports workplace health.

WorkTime Green employee monitoring is the only non-invasive monitoring on the market. All invasive functions are replaced by safe, non-invasive alternatives.

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GDPR compatible

Reduce workplace distractions with non-invasive WorkTime monitoring!

More tracking features to reduce workplace distraction

WorkTime advanced employee distraction monitoring

Efficiently manage your team's productivity with WorkTime advanced employee distraction monitoring. Our employee monitoring software allows you to track and analyze potential workplace distractions, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance focus and efficiency. Identify employees’ work patterns and distractions from work, provide targeted support, and foster a more productive work environment without distractions in the workplace. Elevate your team's performance with WorkTime's powerful workplace distractions monitoring tools. Distracting technology is all over right now. Technological distractions, like constant notifications from emails or social media, can disrupt workflow and decrease productivity if not managed effectively. Research indicates that over 50% of digital workplace distractions in modern workplaces stem from internet browsing, while 39% are attributed to social media use and media distraction. Technology distracting, such as smartphone notifications or the allure of browsing the internet, can detract from focus and hinder productivity in the workplace. Moreover, the detrimental effects of workplace distractions in the workplace extend beyond mere time lost; employees may require up to 25 minutes to fully regain focus after being distracted at work. These statistics underscore the importance of monitoring your team's distraction level closely. Social media is distracting and by gaining insights into how much time your employees spend on these activities, you can identify workplace distractions patterns and trends that hinder productivity. With this knowledge, you can then take proactive steps to address the root causes of distraction level and create a more conducive work environment. With WorkTime's monitoring capabilities, you can pinpoint exactly what stands in the way of your team's productivity and implement targeted solutions to improve their workflow and efficiency. When dealing with distractions, unlock the potential of your team with the WorkTime distraction score feature. By providing data on the employee focus and distraction level, you can take proactive measures to reduce workplace distractions and boost productivity. Our algorithm evaluates various factors (such as several apps on the screen, browser tabs open, and use of unproductive widgets) and generates a distraction score, enabling you to identify trouble spots, and distractions in the workplace and implement targeted improvements. Elevate your team's efficiency and achieve your goals with a WorkTime data-driven approach to workplace distractions management. Minimize the most common employee distraction at workplace with WorkTime monitoring. Types of distractions:

Disorganized desktops

A cluttered desktop reduces focus and wastes time as employees struggle to locate necessary files and documents. Employee monitoring can provide insights into desktop organization habits, allowing you to identify individuals who may benefit from organization tools or training. An organized computer setup can reduce the distraction level and score of employees.

Excessive browser tabs

Having too many tabs open can overwhelm employees, leading to decreased productivity and employees being constantly distracted at work. With employee monitoring, you can track the number of tabs open and identify individuals who may need guidance on managing their browser usage more effectively and avoid such employee distraction.

Unproductive apps

Using apps unrelated to work tasks can derail productivity and waste valuable time creating workplace distractions. Employee monitoring enables you to monitor app usage and identify employees who may be spending excessive time on non-work-related applications. This data can inform discussions about app usage policies and encourage employees to prioritize work-related tasks during work hours, reducing distraction level.

Internet browsing

Aimless browsing can lead to time wasted on non-work-related activities, reducing overall productivity and leading to employees being distracted at work. By monitoring internet usage, you can identify employees who may be spending too much time on non-work-related websites and guide them on maintaining focus during work hours and avoiding distractions in the workplace.

Social media distracting use

Excessive scrolling on social media platforms can disrupt workflow and reduce efficiency as employees getting distracted by social media and unrelated content. Employee monitoring allows you to track social media usage and distraction level and identify individuals who may need reminders or guidelines regarding appropriate social media usage during work hours. This data can help promote a more focused work environment, decrease workplace distractions, and improve overall productivity. Improve employee engagement through WorkTime's innovative distraction score monitoring. By quantifying and addressing potential workplace distractions, you can create a more engaging work environment. Use the distraction score to pinpoint areas that require attention, tailor training programs, and implement strategies that bolster engagement. As distractions decrease, watch your team's motivation and focus soar, leading to improved collaboration and overall performance. Elevate your workplace with a WorkTime distraction score feature and witness a more engaged and productive workforce avoiding distractions in the workplace. Employee workplace distractions can significantly impact productivity and hinder overall workplace performance, and they aren't solely limited to computer-related distractions; some also stem from the office environment:


Loud conversations, ringing phones, or construction noise can create workplace distractions. Provide noise-canceling headphones or establish designated quiet zones where employees can focus without interruption and being distracted at work.


Excessive or unnecessary meetings can disrupt workflow and create distractions in the workplace. Schedule meetings only when essential and ensure they have a clear agenda and time limit to keep them focused and efficient and minimize distraction level.

Email overload

Constantly checking and responding to emails can interrupt work and create employee distraction. Encourage employees to batch process emails at specific times during the day and utilize email management tools to prioritize important messages, removing distractions in the workplace.


Trying to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously can lead to decreased productivity, quality of work, and being distracted at work. Encourage employees to focus on one task at a time and prioritize their workload to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Putting off important tasks can lead to increased stress and decreased productivity. There are countless websites designed to distract you and your team from work and consume time. Encourage employees to break large tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and utilize time management techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique to stay focused and motivated.

Uncomfortable work environment

Poor lighting, uncomfortable furniture, or inadequate temperature control can affect employee concentration. Ensure that the workspace is ergonomically designed and comfortable to minimize workplace distractions.

Personal issues

Personal problems or stress can distract employees from their work. Encourage open communication and provide support services to help employees address personal issues, and distraction level and maintain focus at work.

Lack of clear goals

Uncertainty about tasks or expectations can lead to confusion and workplace distractions. Provide clear goals and objectives for employees, along with regular feedback and support to help them stay on track and avoid employee distraction.

Workplace politics

Office gossip or conflicts can create a negative work environment and distract employees from their tasks, increasing distraction level. Encourage a culture of respect and professionalism, and address any interpersonal issues promptly to maintain a positive workplace, avoiding distractions in the workplace. By addressing these common workplace distractions and implementing strategies to minimize them, you can create a more focused and productive work environment for your employees and lower distraction level. Good distractions, such as brief breaks for physical activity or engaging in creative tasks, can enhance employee well-being and boost productivity when appropriately integrated into the workday. Elevate your team's productivity with a WorkTime distraction score. This employee distraction tool empowers you to identify and mitigate potential distractions in the workplace that hinder performance. By using real-time data and insights, you can tailor strategies to enhance focus and productivity. Whether it's optimizing task allocation or refining work processes, the work distractions score serves as a guiding metric. Watch as your team's efficiency improves, achieving higher output and reaching goals faster. Transform your workplace with a WorkTime distraction score and unlock a new level of employee productivity. Distractions are hurting you and your team more than you realize, impacting both your productivity and mental well-being. Optimize your workflow and enhance overall efficiency with WorkTime comprehensive employee distraction solutions. Our platform offers a range of features designed to streamline processes, from time tracking and task management to performance analysis. By identifying distractions in the workplace, bottlenecks, and automating repetitive tasks, you can allocate resources more effectively and ensure smoother operations. With WorkTime, you'll witness a significant boost in productivity and resource utilization, ultimately driving your business toward greater success. Experience the transformation firsthand and start improving your efficiency with WorkTime today. Work from home distractions can range from household chores and family interruptions to temptations like television or social media, all of which can disrupt productivity. In the era of remote work, the phenomenon of distracted working from home has become increasingly prevalent. With household chores, and family interruptions, maintaining focus on work tasks can be challenging. However, with WorkTime monitoring solutions, you can gain information about remote employees' productivity levels and can identify potential distractions. By tracking software usage and activity levels, WorkTime provides employers with the tools to support remote workers in managing remote distractions effectively, ultimately fostering a more productive and focused work environment, even in the comfort of employees' homes. How to deal with distractions? Take control of your productivity by minimizing employee distraction of attention with WorkTime. Our tailored tools empower you to identify and address potential distractions in the workplace, helping you regain valuable focus. From website tracking to application monitoring, WorkTime equips you with insights to make informed decisions about resource allocation and workflow adjustments. By limiting distractions in the workplace, you can unlock a more efficient and concentrated work environment, resulting in enhanced output and achievement of goals. Embrace a distraction-free workplace with WorkTime and watch your efficiency soar to new heights. Achieve significant cost savings with WorkTime intelligent solutions. Our platform allows you to optimize resource allocation and identify areas of unnecessary expenditure. By analyzing employee productivity and uncovering operational inefficiencies, you can make informed decisions to reduce wastage. With WorkTime insights, you'll streamline processes, cut down on unproductive hours, and allocate resources more effectively. Witness a direct impact on your bottom line as you maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary expenses. Take control of your financial success with WorkTime's cost-saving capabilities and experience a more resource-efficient future. Promote ethical and non-invasive distraction monitoring with the WorkTime approach. Our platform respects employee privacy while providing valuable insights to enhance productivity and minimize distractions in the workplace. By focusing on transparency and consent, WorkTime empowers organizations to maintain a respectful work environment. With advanced tracking methods that don't compromise personal data, you can identify distractions, offer targeted support, and foster a culture of responsibility. Uphold ethical standards while improving productivity with a WorkTime solution that prioritizes both performance and individual well-being. Embrace a balanced approach to distraction management and elevate your workplace dynamics. Experience effortless productivity enhancement with WorkTime's fully automated distraction monitoring. Our system employs advanced AI technology to track and analyze work patterns, allowing you to identify potential distractions and streamline focus. With real-time insights and customized alerts, you can proactively address issues and optimize productivity without manual intervention. WorkTime automation ensures accurate data collection while saving valuable time and resources. Elevate your team's performance with a seamless and efficient employee distraction monitoring solution that adapts to your needs. Embrace the future of productivity enhancement with WorkTime automation capabilities. The WorkTime feature of the distraction tracker is a tool or system used to monitor and record the various distractions encountered during work. Discover a versatile solution to decrease employee distraction ideal for both office and remote work environments with WorkTime. Our platform seamlessly adapts to various settings, offering consistent distraction monitoring and productivity enhancement. Whether your team is at the office or spread across different locations, WorkTime provides real-time insights, enabling you to optimize focus and efficiency. With a user-friendly interface accessible from anywhere, you can foster collaboration and maintain a high level of engagement. Experience the best of both worlds with a WorkTime-inclusive solution that supports productivity wherever your team operates.