WorkTime resource optimization

Top 3 business resources you can easily optimize with WorkTime

WorkTime productivity monitoring software aims to optimize time, people, and money!

#1. Time

Optimize how your employees spend working time!
  • Computers are to work, not to socialize!
  • Accurate attendance
  • Working time is to work, not to idle!
  • No long coffee breaks

Instant active time increase!

“WorkTime helped our company increase employee active time from 41% to 86%, improve attendance from 53% to 91%, and employee productivity from 47% to 89%! And this improvement was instant.” (UK bank)
WorkTime best e attendance monitoring software

Active time before WorkTime

WorkTime active time before

Active time with WorkTime

WorkTime active time with

WorkTime vs. competitors

Safe monitoring, employee privacy protected, the only on the market!
Easy to install & use, we mean it!
Light on system resources (see report)
Multi-level data protection system

Why WorkTime

Use WorkTime monitoring software &
#1 Working time in your company will be used more effectively!
#2 You’ll know for sure you are paying for working, not idling.

Increase active time!

“Use WorkTime for instant result!”

#2. People

Evaluate new employees, keep your office more disciplined and less distracted, engage your employees to the working process, and more to it!

Evaluate new employees

WorkTime is excellent for evaluating your new employees

If your new employee is already late for work, leaving early, taking long breaks, or is using applications and websites not related to work, it predicts future difficulties and low work quality.

With WorkTime you can easily optimize the hiring process.

In WorkTime reports: employee attendance, idle/active time, work/non-work related applications and websites use.
WorkTime hiring employees

Save a good employee

WorkTime is a great help in saving your best employees

If a good employee is looking for a new job, preparing to leave, how can you prevent this from happening?
There are signs that might help you understand if an employee is getting ready to quit. WorkTime reports show if employees spend time at job search websites or at LinkedIn.

WorkTime save employee

Keep your office more disciplined & less distracted

Monitor with WorkTime and get instant productivity improvement!

WorkTime reports calculate and display a few simple numbers to estimate employee attendance, active time, productivity, distraction level: e.g. attendance is at 76% (but must be at 85%), active time is at 65% (85% is an expected result), productivity is at 54% (must be at 80%), distraction score is 203 points (allowed maximum is 150).
WorkTime is a great help in optimizing employee discipline and distraction levels.

Increase active time!

“Use WorkTime for instant result!”

#3. Money

With WorkTime, you can optimize money spending in various ways.
By optimizing time and people, you can save money for businesses.

Also save what you spend on software & online subscriptions!

Money saved on unused software!

“After installing WorkTime, we found out that most of the very expensive software we are paying for is simply not used! We could not believe it, but the data was evident!” (USA school board)
WorkTime attendance monitoring software

Tthousands of dollars saved while migrating to new Citrix servers

“We use WorkTime to plan our future licensed software spending. The savings are huge!” (Australian construction company)
WorkTime attendance monitoring software

Save on electricity use!

WorkTime also shows when employees leave the computers running overnight or f the computers are idle.
WorkTime minimize idle time

Don’t pay for the unproductive!

WorkTime will help optimize how your money is spent

Watching videos: Twitch, YouTube, NetFlix

WorkTime watching videos monitoring

Searching for a job

WorkTime job search monitoring

Socializing: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok

WorkTime social network use monitoring

Claiming false overtime

WorkTime overtime monitoring

Increase active time!

“Use WorkTime for instant result!”

Optimize employee remote work

WorkTime helps optimize employee remote work.
Employers save on office expenses when employees work from home.
This benefit might eventually fade in the long run if remote work isn’t properly optimized:

Lack of manager’s presence

When employees work from home, there are no managers to supervise their activities. This makes it hard to tell if they’re being effective.

Long response time

WorkTime customers have reported that employees no longer respond swiftly while working from home after some time.

Long breaks

Home-generated distractions and lack of managers’ supervision are the main reasons for unnecessary breaks. This is often the case when working remotely.

Long online meetings

Online meetings are the main instrument to ensure effective communications when working remotely. However, if not controlled, it may lead to a waste of time.

When employees work from home, especially long term, a lack of control and communication might negatively affect employees’ productivity. And according to many kinds of research, productivity, motivation, and discipline often reduce when working from home in the long term. WorkTime is a great monitoring tool that helps optimize employees’ work from home.

Example #1 – How productive is the employee computer screen?

With WorkTime, you’ll know how productive the employee computer screen is without supervision, e.g.:
Due to Netflix usage, John’s screen is 32% productive and 68% unproductive.
So, John watches Netflix instead of performing his work duties.

Example #2 – Are the employees still interested in this job?

With WorkTime, you’ll know when employees go job hunting online, e.g.:
Mary spends 30% of her working time on job search websites.
So, Mary is no longer interested much in her current work duties and is looking for alternative.

7.5 thousand per remote employee saved!

“WorkTime helped us save about 7.5 thousand per remote employee. Some of our employees were browsing most of the time instead of working.” (Canada, rescue services)
WorkTime best e attendance monitoring software

Work from home or in the office? Which isWhat’s more productive?

WorkTime provides statistics for this:

Remote, from home

Active time


Active time

Increase active time!

“Use WorkTime for instant result!”

Monitor safe with WorkTime!

A healthy workplace environment matters a lot.

WorkTime keeps your workplace pleasant to work at, plus it optimizes your time, your people, and your money without invading employees’ privacy.
WorkTime offers a very well-balanced, transparent technology for monitoring and optimizing employees’ productivity. It only uses the necessary functions to monitor employees’ productivity, attendance, and active time. WorkTime skips functions that infringe on employees’ privacy. It doesn’t record passwords, videos, or screen/chat content. Instead, WorkTime offers screen productivity monitoring and a lot more!
Stay optimized while monitoring safely with WorkTime!


WorkTime by industry

Join companies that benefit from resource optimization while using WorkTime software!

IT, banking, insurance, healthcare, education, eCommerce, marketing, construction, police, military.


For any setting and size!

Remote/at-home setting, in-office setting, traveling workers, from small companies to large 15,000+ employees.

Resource optimization & WorkTime employee monitoring: FAQ


Does WorkTime help to optimize any resources?

Yes, it does! As described above, WorkTime successfully helps optimize time, people, and money. With WorkTime, your employees do not waste their working time, attendance and productivity increase, and it also saves costs on unproductive time and software usage.


Is it safe to use employee monitoring to optimize resources?

This is the core approach of the WorkTime product – it offers 100% safe and ethical employee monitoring, focused on employee productivity optimization without invasion of employees’ privacy.


What are the top WorkTime reports used for resource optimization?

Employee productivity – how productive is your team? This report gives you an exact number, for example the IT department is 87% productive.
Employee attendance – who demonstrates the best and the worst attendance?
Employee active/idle time – is the active time at the expected level?
Employee distraction score – how distracted are your employees?
Leaderboards – displays your top performers and how they have excellent employee engagement.
Computer use, applications/software use, & more!
Screen productivity – gives you the number on how productive the employee computer screen is.
Job search – displays the websites visited by employees job hunting.
Online meetings – shows time in online meetings.
Video watching – which employees are watching unproductive videos?
& more!


Why is WorkTime better than its competitors?

Because WorkTime is the only employee monitoring software offering productivity-oriented monitoring that does not invade employee privacy. It is safe to monitor your business productivity, employee attendance, and active time using WorkTime.
WorkTime offers straightforward and clear numbers to evaluate employee productivity, attendance, active time, and distraction levels.
WorkTime offers a clear and straightforward number to estimate employee screen productivity. This is much better, effective, and safer than the regular screenshots!
WorkTime is 20+ years on the market and our team is the team of employee monitoring experts. This is because we care about your needs!
WorkTime offers competitive price and subscription cancellation policies! No hidden fees!
WorkTime has had so many satisfied customers over the years!
Because industries like banking, healthcare, insurance, military, etc. trust WorkTime.


How can WorkTime save money for my boss?

WorkTime can do this in various ways! It helps improve employees’ attendance and productivity. It helps increase active time and minimize unproductive software/internet usage. WorkTime helps identify overworked employees and also those who claim false overtime. WorkTime is also great for optimizing and planning software purchases. Try WorkTime now!

Optimize employee productivity!

“Use WorkTime for instant result!”

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