WorkTime vs. competitors

Performance comparison

We’ve compared WorkTime with the 5 major competitors (they are the top vendors on the employee monitoring software market). Hardware used for the test: Lenovo ThinkPad T480s laptop with 4-core Intel Core I5-8350U CPU, 16Gb of RAM and SSD M2 disk, running Windows 10 Pro. Here are the results:

Average CPU %

CPU threads

CPU time for 8 hours, min

Network use, Kb/hour

Memory use (working set), Mb

Memory use (private), Mb

Disk use, Kb/hour


Installation size, Mb

Installed size, Mb

Processor time %

The result

WorkTime is very light on system resources and among all the major employee monitoring software providers it demonstrates the lightest load. This means better performance, less maintenance and better results!

WorkTime simply gets the job done! You won’t even notice!