Monitor time in online meetings

Monitor time in applications used for online meetings

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Monitor time in online meetings

Track applications used for online meetings

Monitor time in online meetings for each employee, each department, and the entire team.

WorkTime online meetings monitoring

Online meetings time monitoring features

WorkTime is non-invasive, socially responsible online meeting monitoring. It does not capture any content (what's recorded).

WorkTime is Green online meeting time monitoring software, the only non-invasive monitoring on the market.

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

GDPR compatible

Excessive online meetings can be a significant waste of time

Excessive meetings might have a negative impact on employee productivity, particularly among remote employees.

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WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring

Statistics related to online meetings:

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Finance and legal services



WorkTime helps to get rid of never-ending online meetings

A financial and legal consulting firm faced the problem of overloaded meetings. A weekly meeting lasted for hours because a manager had to approve the attendance timesheet each employee had prepared manually. WorkTime provided an effective solution to overcome administrative task issues and make meetings more time efficient.

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Success stories

How can you benefit from WorkTime virtual meeting tools?

1. Effortlessly track and manage your online meeting durations

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in managing your valuable time. Our intuitive platform offers seamless integration with your preferred virtual meeting tools, providing real-time insights into meeting length. Boost your productivity by identifying trends and optimizing your schedules. Stay organized, stay on track – WorkTime is your ultimate companion to monitor time in online meetings effectively.

2. Unlock the true potential of your online virtual meetings with WorkTime optimization features

Experience more efficient discussions, shorter yet impactful meetings, and a boost in overall team efficiency. Elevate online meetings to a new level with WorkTime optimization tools. Seamlessly streamline your virtual collaborations and enhance productivity by identifying best practices and areas for improvement. Our online meeting attendance tracker offers data-driven insights into meeting duration, participation, and engagement, allowing you to fine-tune your agendas and interactions.

3. Revolutionize your virtual online meetings with WorkTime transformative solutions

Maximize your team's potential by making every minute count. Elevate online meetings to new heights of efficiency and productivity with WorkTime. Our innovative platform empowers you to monitor time in online meetings, streamline agendas, set time limits, and track participation, ensuring focused and outcome-driven interactions. Seamlessly integrate with your favorite virtual meeting tools and experience shorter, more impactful sessions.

4. Elevate the caliber of your online virtual meetings through WorkTime quality enhancement capabilities

Bid farewell to unproductive virtual online meetings and usher in a new era of impactful collaboration. Experience a higher level of satisfaction among participants and achieve tangible outcomes with WorkTime tools for enhancing online meeting quality. Our sophisticated online meeting attendance tracker empowers you to fine-tune meeting structures, encourage active participation, and foster meaningful discussions. With real-time feedback and data-driven insights, you can identify strengths and areas for improvement, resulting in more engaging and effective virtual meetings.

5. Reclaim valuable minutes in your effective virtual meetings with WorkTime unproductivity mitigation features

Streamline your sessions, foster focused interactions, and witness a significant reduction in time wasted on excessive meetings. Embrace efficiency, monitor time in online meetings, and achieve more with WorkTime unproductive time reduction tools. Put an end to wasted discussions and welcome a more purposeful approach to virtual collaborations. Our platform allows you to set clear objectives, allocate specific time slots for each topic, and monitor participation to keep conversations on track. With real-time data on virtual online meeting engagement and duration, you can swiftly identify and address unproductive patterns.

6. Enhance employee engagement by leveraging WorkTime online meeting optimization tools

Elevate online meetings from mundane to motivating, fostering a more connected and participatory workforce. Our online meetings monitoring software equips you with the means to structure meetings for clarity, allocate time effectively, and encourage active contributions. Real-time insights into participation and feedback allow you to fine-tune your approach and create a more engaging environment. Witness increased enthusiasm, improved collaboration, and a stronger sense of belonging among your team members. Elevate online meetings to inspire meaningful engagement with WorkTime's specialized features.

Boost the quality of virtual online meetings with WorkTime

Reduce distractions caused by unproductive meetings

WorkTime provides features to monitor time in online meetings, providing insights on apps used and employee meeting history. With detailed reports and data in numbers, you can analyze the duration and number of meetings per day/week/month or evaluate the meeting quantity per employee/office. An online meeting attendance tracker can be useful for detecting unproductive meetings. If the meetings happen too often during the week or last for hours, these can be signs of time-consuming online virtual meetings. Besides, WorkTime can reveal that some workers overwork regularly. Excessive meetings can be the reason for that, as well as ineffective management.

Schedule the right amount of time

With WorkTime's effective virtual meetings monitoring, you can find out the average duration of meetings per employee or office. This data will be valuable for scheduling the right amount of time for each department to optimize meeting online approaches. Moreover, you can easily investigate whether the team follows the online virtual meeting schedule or tends to overtime. Forget about never-ending meetings with the WorkTime online meeting attendance tracker.

Set goals for effective online meetings

Setting goals for the meetings is a step towards running effective virtual meetings. It will help to organize the meeting and make it as productive as possible. Together with online meeting applications, you can monitor time in online meetings and other metrics affecting the employee’s performance. With WorkTime, you can set goals for employees' attendance, active time, productivity, and more.

Effective virtual meetings approach

Data from 60+ comprehensive reports will help to build an effective online meetings management strategy. WorkTime provides useful and easy-to-analyze data in numbers and statistics. With these findings, you will instantly optimize meeting online productivity to make meetings highly effective for your team’s growth.

Monitor time in online meetings without going too far

WorkTime offers a non-invasive and effective online meetings monitoring technology. Our monitoring software provides a safe alternative to invasive features like screenshot recording. Instead, WorkTime safely monitors screens, analyzing productivity but not capturing private content. Our green monitoring approach helps to maintain a transparent, loyal, and positive work environment. Choose the best strategy for running effective virtual meetings based on monitoring results without invading your employees' privacy.


How to monitor time in online meetings?

WorkTime software is a non-invasive, safe, and reliable software to monitor time in online meetings. Evaluate the time spent on online meetings per employee, department, or office. Comprehensive reports will help to detect the signs of unproductive meetings and change the approach to meeting scheduling.

How to improve virtual meetings?

Schedule meetings, set goals, and elevate online meeting productivity together with WorkTime. Use the findings from 60+ non-invasive reports to understand how meetings affect your employees’ performance. Forget about never-ending and unproductive meetings with WorkTime!

How to elevate your presence in a virtual meeting?

Enhancing engagement and focus is one of the best working strategies for elevating your presence in a virtual meeting. Moreover, you need to be sure that meetings have a positive impact on your productivity. WorkTime monitoring will help detect unproductive meetings. Get rid of time-wasting meetings and say yes to effective virtual meetings!