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WorkTime Corporate

For: Companies | 1-15,000+ Employees/Computers
Compatibility: Windows | Mac | Terminal/Citrix Server
Price: $11.95 – $49.95 Per User/Computer

Task: Employee Productivity Monitoring

WorkTime Corporate is an employee productivity monitoring software for respectful employee productivity monitoring. WorkTime Corporate monitors computer use factors affecting productivity: attendance (login/logout, the first & the last computer use), personal Internet use (including Facebook, Twitter and other social network websites use), software use, active & idle time and more.

WorkTime Corporate Cloud

For: Companies | 1-15,000+ Employees/Computers
Compatibility: Windows | Mac | Terminal/Citrix Server
Price: $2.95 per Month per User/Computer or Free

Task: In-Office & Remote Employee Monitoring

WorkTime Cloud is a web-based employee monitoring service ideal for monitoring in-office & remote employees. Monitoring reports are accessible from the web and may be viewed from any electronic device, from any web-browser. WorkTime Cloud does not require any IT skills to be used as it is hosted in a cloud and we take care of the monitoring results maintenance.

WorkTime Professional

For: Self-Employed | Professionals | Small Teams
Compatibility: Windows
Price: $11.95 – $49.95 Per User/Computer

Task: Project & Computer Time Tracking

WorkTime Professional is a time-tracking software for self-employed, professional workers, and small teams. The software is designed to track computer use time while working on projects for different clients. WorkTime Professional offers extensive computer monitoring reports to monitor your computer use, to invoice your clients, and more.

WorkTime Personal

For: Personal Use
Compatibility: Windows
Price: FREE

Task: Free Computer Time Monitoring

WorkTime Personal Free is a commercial quality free computer monitoring software. This is a unique health-oriented software intended for reduce stress while working with a computer. The software monitors Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network websites use, Internet/computer games use, computer time and more.

Our Clients

WorkTime Corporate - Clients


"Based on WorkTime statistics we know which software is actually used, so we can plan the future software purchases."
Dominic Hatt
"Using WorkTime helped us identify computers that were idle most of the time, allowing us putting those computers to better use."
Kelli Green
"We use WorkTime to monitor what our employees actually do when in terminal sessions. Our main concern is Internet usage."
Peter Thomas
"WorkTime helps to make our employees busier with what they're paid for."
Franco Capelli
We have an attendance monitoring system in our bank. WorkTime Corporate is a really good addition to it as it monitors employee computer idle time.
Lisa Newmann
I've been looking for such free computer monitoring software for years! WorkTime Personal serves its purpose like a champ!
Paul Rich

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