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Productivity Monitoring | Respectful Employee Monitoring | Trusted & Reliable
From Corporations to Small Companies | From 1 to 15,000+ Computers
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Monitor Remote, Working from Home Employees

Employees working from home or remotely?
No Problem!
Monitor your not-in-office employees with WorkTime!
Best prices on the market!
Create an “in-office” environment.
Keep productivity at a good level.
Receive real time information about logins/logouts, active/idle times and more!

WorkTime Monitor Remote WorkTime from Home Employees

WorkTime employee monitoring key points

WorkTime monitoring key points

– Productivity monitoring. Collecting essential data only.
– WorkTime monitors: idle/active times, attendance, productive/unproductive times, software and internet usage.
– No invasion to employee’s privacy.
– No screenshots, no keystrokes, no chats/emails or documents content recording.
– Cloud (we take care of your data) or on premise (your data does not leave your company).
– Hidden or visible monitoring. You choose.
– HIPAA compliant.
– High performance & easy on system resources:
WorkTime vs. Competitors

Partners, Resellers & Anyone Interested APPLY NOW! You Can Earn on WorkTime!

worktime attendance monitoring software

Employee Monitoring: Attendance

Implement attendance monitoring in a computerized office.
Enhance existing check-in system, make it even more effective.
Prize your best employees.
Improve attendance in your office.
Monitor employee computer idle time, track logins/logouts.
Stay informed if your employees are in the office on time.
Equip yourself with the information if they actually perform during the day.

Active/Idle Time Monitoring, Internet/Software & Computer Use Monitoring

Long lunches, chatting with coworkers, frequent coffee breaks, using Internet, software and company’s computers for personal needs – all these activities increase idle time and, as a result, negatively affect productivity level. With WorkTime you get an exact picture of how your employees use company’s computers when they are actually idle and active during the working hours.

Active/Idle Time Monitoring, Internet/Software & Computer Use Monitoring

WorkTime Real Time Employee Monitoring

Real Picture of Employees, Computers & Software Load

How long your employees are active and how long they actually idle? Do you need to hire more employees or you need to just rearrange their duties? Why there are overtimes? Do you need to buy more computers? Are your computers being used effectively? How many licenses of that expensive software do you need to buy? Is this software really being used? We have a good news for you! All this is so much easier to clarify with WorkTime!

Designed for Performance

WorkTime is designed to process large volumes of information and to use minimum of system resources. WorkTime for years successfully monitors offices from 1 to 15,000+ employees/computers. Multi-level data protection insures data safety.

The Best Employee & Computer Monitoring Software

Free Employee & Computer Monitoring Software Service

Free Employee Monitoring

At NesterSoft we support growth and success of small businesses and self-employed, offering both free on-premises and free cloud-based employee monitoring for up to 3 employees. This free offer is a fully-featured software and amount of monitored employees/reports are the only limitations. All other monitoring features, like attendance, performance, active/idle times, Internet use, as well as software & computer use monitoring are 100% available. You are welcome to apply WorkTime in your team and as your team grows and you become busier you are always welcome to keep WorkTime as your handy and right-on-time monitoring assistance!

Cloud-based Service or On-premises Software

Depending on you preferences and your company policies WorkTime can work as a cloud-based service (WorkTime Cloud) or as an on-premises software (WorkTime Corporate). With our cloud-based monitoring service we fully take care of your monitoring process and data; monitoring results are kept on our servers. With the on-premises solution all monitoring data is kept on your servers/computers, WorkTime does not send any data outside of your company computers. Both monitoring solutions are equally powerful: compare editions

Cloud-based Employee Monitoring Service On-premises Software

What is worktime?

WorkTime is a top quality employee monitoring solution designed to improve employee productivity by delivering highly informative data. WorkTime is trusted and successfully used by many organizations worldwide. 20+ years on the market.

WorkTime is monitoring software to monitor employees’ productivity, computer, software & Internet usage. WorkTime captures factors affecting productivity: poor attendance, idle times, personal Internet use (Facebook, news, e-shopping, online games, browsing, searching for a new job etc.), personal software use (games, non-business software). WorkTime records every minute of work and provides all kinds of analytical data: from general summary to very detailed logs.
WorkTime is designed for Windows, Terminal Server, Citrix, Mac, Virtual environment. It can be used on-premises or in cloud.


“WorkTime dropped Facebook use down to zero. We saved for about 60 salaries per year.”
“WorkTime saved us thousands on unused educational software.”
“WorkTime saved us $7,500
per remote employee per year.”
“Based on WorkTime statistics we know which software is actually used, so we can plan the future software purchases.”
“We use WorkTime to monitor what our employees actually do when in terminal sessions. Our main concern is Internet usage.”
“Using WorkTime helped us identify computers that were idle most of the time, allowing us putting those computers to better use.”
“We have an attendance monitoring system in our bank. WorkTime is a really good addition to it as it monitors employee computer idle time.”

What Makes WorkTime the Best

Unique Respectful Employee Monitoring Software

WorkTime is the only pure productivity monitoring software on the market. It offers respectful employee productivity monitoring.
We guarantee that collected data is purely for productivity monitoring.
WorkTime does not reveal any private information about your employees. WorkTime complies with the strictest security requirements by insurance, medical, government, banking and other organizations.

Trusted, Reliable & Proven

WorkTime is 20+ years on the monitoring software market. It keeps being successfully field evaluated by many customers for years.
When using WorkTime you have your data 100% safe. Among many WorkTime achievements there is not losing client’s data ever, even once. WorkTime is trusted by medical, insurance, banking and government organizations.
WorkTime successfully works on large volumes for years, remaining both, the software and the database, stable. Field proven. See WorkTime vs. Competitors performance comparison.

Best Prices, Best Licensing Conditions

WorkTime offers the best licensing conditions & prices on the monitoring software market.
Clear conditions, no hidden fees.
FREE fully featured trial.
The software license does not expire. Switch or cancel using the service any moment, no extra charges.
Easy and transparent for resellers and partners.

We Hear You!

WorkTime constantly evolves based on your feedback.

How WorkTime Helps Your Company

Improves Productivity & Attendance

Employees’ productivity will be 3-20% minimum better with WorkTime.
3-20% – this is how much time employees spend on their personal needs (including poor attendance, being idle, browsing, socializing) in average.
WorkTime brings productivity up, improves employees’ attendance, discipline by reducing idle and personal time.

Saves on Licensed Software

Per our customer (a school board, 2,500+ computers): they have discovered with WorkTime that lots of very expensive licensed software is not being used. The software costs are estimated at 4 to 5 figures.
WorkTime is a very effective & inexpensive solution to this situation. It helps to save lots of money.

Helps Planning New Purchases

WorkTime shows you the real situation about computers and software usage. Based on this information your company can plan future purchases. WorkTime also helps take off the load from the overloaded departments/people and to decide if you need to hire more employees (it shows you if there is insufficient productivity or overworking).

Saves Company‘s Money

Your company saves 30 salaries of 1,000 minimum with WorkTime.
Per our customer (3,500+ employees, 300 Citrix servers): Facebook time alone is 3%+ of the working time (30 of 1,000 salaries). In some cases (companies with 20-100 employees) browsing time was about 50% of the working time.
WorkTime reduces unproductive time down to zero & saves money.

WorkTime Clients

They are happy for years with WorkTime quality, reliability, effectiveness, fully satisfied with the successful results.
They are banking, insurance, medical, government, charity, educational and other organizations worldwide.

Who uses emplouee monitoring software

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