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  • Get instant productivity increase & keep it up with WorkTime
  • Stay informed on how your employees spend their working time
  • Detect distractions that prevent employees from effective work
  • Track signs pointing to lack of motivation
  • Cut down on excessive meetings
  • Optimize software spending
  • Keep remote developers engaged

Why WorkTime

Keep remote IT team productive

Remote employees might get distracted & disengaged easily. Keep them productive with WorkTime!

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Instant increase in active time!

This UK bank managed to increase their remote employees' active time by 46% in just 3 days! WorkTime functions and it's transparent approach made it smooth and effective.

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Excellent boost!

WorkTime. Build your no distractions, productive IT team!

Monitor active & idle times

Automatic active time monitoring

With WorkTime, you can precisely track when employees are idle and active during working hours.

WorkTime. Build your no distractions, productive IT team!

Spot unmotivated workers

  • Poor attendance
  • Excessive idle time
  • Insufficient active time
  • Visiting job search websites
  • Playing computer games
  • Chatting on social media
  • Reading news
  • Shopping online

Minimize time in online meetings

Online meetings can be a great productivity distractor. Minimize time in online meetings with WorkTime!

Productive IT team

No distractions, just productive work on the project!

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What's new

To keep your team productive you don’t need to collect personal data

Analyse how your developers spend time

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More about IT team and developer time tracking with WorkTime

Who can benefit from developer time tracking?

Developer time tracking solutions for managers

Managers can effectively track their IT teams with WorkTime. The primary focus of time-tracking software for developers is on monitoring employee productivity. It is lightweight and easy to use. A manager does not have to spend days analyzing hundreds of screenshots and preparing a monthly productivity report. WorkTime offers screen productivity in numbers and data, ready to use or make decisions. With our time tracking for software developers, you can:
  • Monitor active/idle time. Find out whether computers are actively used or are on but not in use;
  • Monitor attendance. Time tracking software for designers and other employees helps get insights on punctuality, the arrival time of your workers, and who is at work/off work;
  • Monitor employee overtime. Get a detailed productivity analysis on work on holidays, weekends, or outside of regular work hours and easily detect fraud overtime;
  • Make a screen analysis. WorkTime offers safe and non-invasive screen analysis technology instead of invasive time tracking for graphic designers and other IT specialists based on screenshot recording;
  • Monitor internet usage. Analyze the productivity of websites, URLs, and apps used and visited by your employees during the workday.

WorkTime for self-monitoring

WorkTime is designed to be non-invasive and transparent. You can easily announce it and discuss the monitoring results with your IT team. It’s also possible to give workers access to their productivity metrics so they can track their own work. This way, they can analyze their performance and work approach and improve their time management skills with WorkTime. Very often, employees are unaware of their working patterns. They can get stuck in routine tasks like sending/answering emails or reviewing codes and delay primary or urgent tasks. But with developer time tracking software, employees can track their timeline and find out:
  • The most productive hours during the day;
  • The distraction factors;
  • Compare their active and idle time during the day.
This analysis will be extremely helpful for planning their workday effectively and boosting productivity as a result.

Remote IT team tracking

Stay confident in your IT BPO team with WorkTime. You can effectively monitor your outsourced employees with time-tracking tools for developers and other team members. WorkTime detects IP addresses and analyzes productivity across all locations. So, you can compare your remote and in-office teams' productivity, active/idle time, and attendance. Besides, WorkTime tracks time spent on online meetings. This factor is extremely important for remote workers, as it is the way to stay connected with them. Nevertheless, an excessive number of meetings can become the main productivity distractor. Use time-tracking software for engineers to analyze the duration and effectiveness of online meetings.

Multi-department IT tracking

WorkTime fits different teams, regardless of their size. You can implement IT team time-tracking software for from 1 to 15,000 computers. Moreover, track productivity, active time, and attendance in several departments, as WorkTime can be used as:
  • time tracking for designers;
  • time tracking for programmers;
  • time tracking for developers.

Boost your IT team’s productivity with WorkTime

WorkTime is a developer time tracking software, providing a comprehensive approach to employee monitoring and productivity tracking, as it helps to: 1. Monitor productivity right now. Find out the current status of each employee, what apps and websites are on the screen, duration since the last activity, active time per hour, active time timeline, and arrival time, and whether the worker is in-office or remote. 2. Set goals and observe progress. You can set goals for active time, productivity, and attendance. 3. Track distractions. WorkTime tracks workplace distraction scores based on numerous data and provides insights for productivity improvement. 4. Detect early signs of burnout. WorkTime data is useful for optimizing the workload and preventing burnout in the early stages. 5. Monitor and optimize meetings. Monitor meetings with a time tracking app for designers and other team members to reveal and eliminate excessive ones. 6. Motivate your team with leaderboards. Engage your IT team, recognizing their efforts with leaderboard reports on attendance, active time, productivity, and more.

Get 50+ non-invasive IT team reports

Benefit from WorkTime green monitoring instead of using invasive and time-wasting screenshots and keystroke recording. WorkTime does not record any content and offers a safe replacement or content recording to screen productivity reports in numbers. Thanks to this technology, the employee’s privacy is 100% protected. You do not need any content recording, as you will get an effective analysis of every employee’s productivity in numbers and visualized statistics. WorkTime reports are
  • Lightweight;
  • Secure/reliable;
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows;
  • For 1-15,000+ computers;
  • For Citrix and Terminal servers.
Non-invasive time-tracking software for developers works great to maintain a friendly environment within the team. Transparent monitoring increases not only productivity and engagement but also the workers' loyalty.