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Company leaderboard

Observe the performance of every department

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Department leaderboard

Observe the performance of the selected department. Here is an example screenshot of the Customer Service department’s performance:

Individual leaderboards: attendance, active time, productivity, distraction score

You can use individual leaderboards dedicated to

productivity, active time, attendance, or distraction score.

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Recognize the best department or the best employee

Using WorkTime Leaderboards, you can recognize the best performer among departments or employees. Here is a sample report:
WorkTime. Employee engagement and monitoring

Engage your team with WorkTime Leaderboards

  • Keep it on the company’s wall
  • Employees perform the best when they are informed about the goals and the progress.
  • Setup scheduled emails
  • Schedule to send leaderboard reports to the department managers or to employees. You can set it up to email weekly, for example.

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What is a leaderboard?

An employee leaderboard within a company is a dynamic tool used to track and showcase employee performance based on various metrics. WorkTime offers a comprehensive team leaderboard feature that leverages data from employees' computer activity. By analyzing metrics such as productivity, attendance, active time, and distraction scores, WorkTime generates detailed leaderboards for employees, department leaderboard, and the overall company. This employee leaderboard provides valuable insights into employee performance, enabling you to identify top performers, recognize achievements, and pinpoint areas for improvement. You can navigate the team leaderboard menu to view performance rankings across departments and employees. With the WorkTime leaderboards feature, you can foster transparency, healthy competition, and continuous improvement across their teams. The WorkTime employee leaderboard feature can help you analyze and optimize employee performance. With the ability to view custom team leaderboards tailored to your organization's needs, you can get insights into your team's productivity, attendance, active time, and distraction scores. By simply accessing your WorkTime account, you can view these metrics and track individual, departmental, and company-wide performance. Take a closer look at how WorkTime empowers you to drive success:

1. Team leaderboard

Whether it's productivity leaderboard, attendance leaderboard, active time leaderboard, or distraction score leaderboard, WorkTime provides customizable options to suit your needs.

2. Performance review

With WorkTime's advanced analytics, you can conduct thorough performance reviews effortlessly. Our system analyzes employee performance against set goals and offers actionable advice via the employee leaderboard. Whether it's encouragement to keep up the good work or guidance on areas for improvement, WorkTime helps you steer your team towards success.

3. Efficient management

WorkTime streamlines team leaderboard management, allowing you to maximize efficiency in your organization. Schedule employee leaderboard reports to receive them weekly, ensuring you stay informed of your team's progress. Additionally, our platform enables you to export and send reports directly to department heads or distribute personalized reports to individual managers or employees. With the WorkTime employee leaderboard feature, you can unlock insights into your team's performance, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and drive success across your organization.

Research on gamification at work

Research has shown that gamification leaderboard can significantly improve teamwork and productivity within organizations. According to a study, a staggering 86% of young job applicants find gamification at work enjoyable. Moreover, a remarkable 89% of employees reported that gamification makes them more productive, while an overwhelming 88% stated that it contributes to a happier workplace environment. But how exactly does gamification achieve these impressive results? By incorporating elements of game design and mechanics into everyday tasks, gamification transforms routine activities into engaging challenges. This not only motivates employees to perform better but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among team members. Additionally, gamification provides instant feedback and rewards for accomplishments, reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging continuous improvement. In essence, gamification injects excitement and energy into the workplace, turning mundane tasks into opportunities for creativity and collaboration. By leveraging the principles of gamification, organizations can cultivate a culture of teamwork, productivity, and employee satisfaction, ultimately driving success in today's dynamic business landscape. Discover the effectiveness with employee leaderboard examples through real-life reports and see how they can elevate performance in your organization. Your leaderboard provides actionable insights, fosters accountability, and drives continuous improvement across teams.

Employee leaderboard examples

Explore our employee leaderboard examples to see how different industries utilize this tool for tracking performance and driving results. With your leaderboard, you can customize metrics, track progress, and empower your team towards success. Let's explore the versatility of department leaderboards and distraction score leaderboards through employee leaderboard examples. Picture a scenario where a company implements department leaderboards to track key performance indicators across different departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service. These employee leaderboards enable department heads to monitor metrics like active time, attendance, and productivity in real time, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning within a team. In another employee leaderboard example, consider a workplace where a distraction score leaderboard is introduced to monitor employee focus and productivity. This employee leaderboard measures factors such as time spent on non-work-related websites or applications, interruptions during work hours, and overall focus levels. By visualizing distraction scores on an employee leaderboard, you can identify patterns of distraction, provide targeted support or training where needed, and implement strategies to improve overall productivity and concentration levels across the organization. These employee leaderboard examples highlight the diverse applications of department leaderboards and distraction score leaderboards in driving performance, enhancing transparency, and fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within organizations. Ready to harness the power of your leaderboard? Explore your leaderboard feature today and unlock new possibilities for success in your workplace. Consider an employee leaderboard example that focuses on tracking attendance and active time within a customer service department. In this scenario, a company implements an employee leaderboard to monitor the attendance and active time of customer service representatives. The employee leaderboard displays each representative's attendance record and the amount of time they spend actively engaging with customers on calls or responding to queries. This example serves as a powerful tool to promote accountability and productivity among team members. By visualizing their performance on your leaderboard, employees are encouraged to maintain consistent attendance and maximize their active time, leading to improved customer service quality and satisfaction. Furthermore, the employee leaderboard fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration, as team members can support each other in meeting attendance goals and staying productive throughout their shifts. Ultimately, this attendance and active-time employee leaderboard example demonstrates how leveraging data-driven insights can drive positive behaviors and outcomes within a team.

Results of employee monitoring and team leaderboard use

Using the results of monitoring and team leaderboard can change how you approach employee engagement and performance management. By using these insights, you can identify trends, recognize top performers, and address areas for improvement effectively. Monitoring data provides valuable metrics on productivity, attendance, and active time, while the team leaderboard offers a visual representation of individual and team achievements. With this information at their fingertips, you can tailor feedback, set realistic goals, and provide targeted support to drive performance. Furthermore, the competitive aspect of the team leaderboard can foster healthy competition, motivating employees to strive for excellence and enhancing overall team dynamics. By harnessing the power of monitoring and employee leaderboard, you can optimize productivity and achieve long-term success in today's competitive landscape.