Privacy & safety features

WorkTime is safe & reliable monitoring service

  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Terminal/Citrix server
  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • From 20+ years productivity monitoring experts
  • Office, remote, hybrid

Safe & reliable

HIPAA compatible

WorkTime employee monitoring does not record any personal information, any content, or passwords. It does not involve any PHI (What is recorded, what is not recorded).

GDPR compatible

WorkTime is socially responsible monitoring that does not infringe on employee privacy. It offers on-premise installation.

High data safety standards

Data safety is an important aspect of employee monitoring, and WorkTime employee monitoring software adheres to the highest data safety standards. WorkTime effectively serves industries such as health care, finance, government, defense, and security, among others. WorkTime uses AES-256 encryption. AES-256 is the most secure protocol - data cannot be encrypted unless the code is known.


The use of a multi-tier system design to ensure stress and failure resistance. It is guaranteed that your monitoring data will not be lost, and the monitoring process will run smoothly. WorkTime has been successfully applied in the offices with 1-15,000+ employees and 1-300+ Critix servers.

WorkTime. Privacy & safety features

Safe productivity monitoring

No invasive monitoring functions. Productivity monitoring only!

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Improve employee productivity, attendance, active time no privacy invasion

Good attendance, good active time, good employee productivity — it’s going well in your team with WorkTime!

Safe screenshot replacement

WorkTime is green socially responsible employee monitoring.

Screen productivity report is not only non-invasive but is more effective than the regular screenshots!

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