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Assess probationary employees from their first day

KPI #1: employee attendance

WorkTime employee attendance monitoring

Attendance is one of the KPIs that help evaluate new hires.

WorkTime offers various reports to monitor employee attendance. From these reports, you can find out if employees arrive early, on time, or late, if they work sufficient hours, if they work overtime, and more.

KPI #2: employee productivity

WorkTime employee productivity monitoring

Another important KPI to assess new employees is productivity.

WorkTime calculates employee productivity percentage based on computer activities. Not all computer activities are productive. Read more about monitoring employee productivity.

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Non-invasive new hire assessment technology

WorkTime is non-invasive, without going too far, new hire assessment technology.

WorkTime Green employee assessment is the only non-invasive monitoring on the market. All invasive functions are replaced by safe, non-invasive alternatives (what is recorded what is not).

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

GDPR compatible

KPI #3: immature behavior

WorkTime burnout monitoring

WorkTime offers reports helping detect signs of immature behavior.

KPIs like immature behavior are very important. Activities such as playing games, reading news, watching videos, and browsing social media are distractions from work unless they are work-related. Detect signs of immature behavior early in the employee probation period. From this screenshot, you can also see that WorkTime monitors if employees visit job search websites and provides other useful information.

KPI #4: distraction level

WorkTime employee focus distraction monitoring

Another important KPI to assess new employees is productivity.

WorkTime calculates employee productivity percentage based on computer activities. Not all computer activities are productive. Read more about monitoring employee productivity.

Align new employees with the company's goals

WorkTime performance goals monitoring

Compare employee performance KPIs for in-office and remote work

Skip the guesswork about whether remote employees are working

Get real KPIs for remote and in-office employees.

WorkTime monitor employee performance KPIs
WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring


WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring
WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring


WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring
WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring


WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring.
WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring


WorkTime. Enhance recruiting process with employee monitoring

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Use monitoring data and make informed hiring decisions

Also, it is easy to talk to new employees now. WorkTime data grounds all discussions, as the numbers speak for themselves.


Begin effectively assessing new hires now!

More about new employee assessment from WorkTime

1. Discover how our new employees navigate through their workdays seamlessly at WorkTime. With a blend of efficient task management and a user-friendly interface, our platform ensures that newcomers integrate smoothly into their roles. From task assignment to progress tracking, WorkTime streamlines the entire process, allowing you to witness firsthand how productivity and collaboration flourish. Join us in exploring how WorkTime transforms onboarding into a journey of ease and productivity for your workforce. 2. Uncover the punctuality of your employees with WorkTime. Our advanced time tracking features enable you to effortlessly monitor whether your team members arrive on time for work. Stay informed about their attendance patterns, lateness, and adherence to schedules. With real-time notifications and comprehensive reports, you can address any attendance issues promptly and make data-driven decisions to optimize productivity. Experience the convenience of tracking punctuality seamlessly with WorkTime and ensure your workforce is always aligned with their work schedules. 3. Effortlessly monitor and manage overtime with WorkTime. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to accurately track and record overtime hours logged by your employees. Gain insights into the frequency and reasons behind overtime, helping you make informed decisions about resource allocation and workload distribution. With detailed reports and analytics, you can ensure fair compensation and optimize operational efficiency. Whether it's planned or unexpected, WorkTime enables you to maintain a clear overview of overtime, fostering a balanced and productive work environment. 4. Safeguard your workplace professionalism using WorkTime monitoring tools. Our platform allows you to discreetly track and address immature behavior among employees, promoting a respectful and harmonious environment. Through data-driven insights, you can identify patterns and instances of unprofessional conduct, enabling you to take appropriate measures to nurture a culture of maturity and professionalism. With customizable alerts and reporting features, WorkTime supports you in maintaining a positive and productive workplace where behaviors align with your organization's values. Experience a workspace where mutual respect and growth thrive, thanks to WorkTime monitoring capabilities. 5. Unveil peak productivity periods with WorkTime active time tracking. Witness the insights into when your employees are most engaged and productive throughout the day. By identifying these high-activity intervals, you can optimize task delegation, project management, and collaboration efforts. With intuitive visualizations and detailed reports, WorkTime empowers you to make informed decisions that capitalize on the team's most productive hours. Enhance efficiency and achieve better outcomes by harnessing the power of WorkTime active time tracking to align workloads and schedules with your team's natural productivity rhythms. 6. Elevate your understanding of team performance with WorkTime productivity level assessment. Our platform enables you to gauge and analyze the productivity levels of your employees over various timeframes. Through data-driven insights, you can identify trends, patterns, and potential areas for improvement. With customizable metrics and intuitive visualizations, WorkTime empowers you to make informed decisions that enhance overall efficiency. Whether it's individual contributions or team dynamics, tracking productivity levels with WorkTime provides a comprehensive overview to optimize workflows and achieve your business objectives with confidence. 7. Effortlessly manage new employee attendance with WorkTime. Our platform offers streamlined tools to help you track and monitor the attendance of your newly onboarded team members. Stay informed about their punctuality, attendance patterns, and any deviations from their schedules. Through real-time notifications and detailed reports, you can ensure a smooth integration process while addressing any attendance-related issues promptly. With WorkTime, you have the resources to foster a culture of accountability and punctuality right from the start, ensuring that your new employees are on track and aligned with your organization's attendance expectations. 8. Identify signs of waning engagement with WorkTime insightful monitoring capabilities. Our platform empowers you to recognize and address lack of interest in work among your employees. Through data analysis, you can pinpoint trends such as decreased task completion, reduced interaction, and declining participation. With detailed reports and customizable alerts, WorkTime enables you to intervene proactively, fostering a supportive environment for addressing employees' concerns and reigniting their enthusiasm. By utilizing WorkTime to identify and tackle signs of disinterest, you can reinvigorate motivation and ensure a more productive and fulfilled workforce. 9. Efficiently oversee in-office employee activities with WorkTime comprehensive monitoring tools. Our platform enables you to track work patterns, tasks, and projects of your in-office team members. Gain real-time insights into their productivity, collaboration, and time allocation. With customizable features, you can ensure compliance with company policies while respecting privacy boundaries. By utilizing WorkTime's monitoring capabilities, you can optimize workflows, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall productivity. Maintain a balanced approach that supports both supervision and a positive work environment with WorkTime precise and adaptable in-office employee monitoring. 10. Effectively manage remote workforce productivity with WorkTime advanced monitoring solutions. Our platform equips you with the tools to monitor remote employee activities, ensuring accountability and optimal performance. Gain insights into tasks, project progress, and time allocation in real time. With customizable settings and privacy considerations, you can strike the right balance between supervision and respecting remote employees' autonomy. WorkTime's monitoring capabilities provide the data needed to evaluate performance, address challenges, and foster a results-oriented remote work environment. Empower your team to thrive, no matter where they're located, by harnessing WorkTime robust remote employee monitoring features. 11. Prioritize non-invasive monitoring and data protection with WorkTime. Our platform is designed to maintain a respectful balance between tracking employee activities and upholding their privacy rights. We adhere to stringent data protection standards, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and confidential. WorkTime non-invasive approach leverages anonymized data collection and respects personal boundaries, fostering a culture of trust and transparency. With comprehensive encryption and access controls, you can rest assured that monitoring practices align with legal and ethical guidelines. Choose WorkTime for a responsible and privacy-conscious solution that safeguards both productivity insights and individual rights. 12. Empower your software team with automated monitoring through WorkTime. Our platform offers seamless and unobtrusive tracking of software employees' activities. Effortlessly capture insights into their coding sessions, task progress, and collaboration efforts. With non-invasive data collection methods, WorkTime respects developers' creative space while providing valuable productivity insights. Automated alerts and reports help you identify roadblocks and optimize workflows. By utilizing WorkTime specialized software employee monitoring, you can enhance coding efficiency, foster teamwork, and ensure project timelines are met, all while maintaining a developer-friendly environment.