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Productivity monitoring

No distractions, just productive work on the project!

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Improve employee productivity, attendance, active time instant

Remote monitoring of the workflow

WorkTime productivity tracker has a handy remote connection feature that will help your team use companies' gadgets and databases from anywhere while you keep track of employee activity and productivity remotely.

Most comprehensive productivity tracker reports

WorkTime productivity tracker has many different types of employee time and productivity tracker reports to help you make informed decisions.
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WorkTime. Increase employee productivity with WorkTime

Custom productivity monitoring reports

Generate detailed productivity tracker reports on company performance and time spent on apps and websites used at work.

Productivity tracking has never been easier

Safe productivity monitoring

No invasive monitoring functions. Productivity monitoring only!

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WorkTime employee productivity monitoring

Monitor active & idle times

WorkTime’s “Actime” productivity tracker reports precisely when employees are idle and active during working hours.

WorkTime. Increase employee productivity with WorkTime

How is WorkTime productivity tracker useful for your business?

Why WorkTime

WorkTime is a non-invasive productivity monitoring software that complies with international laws.

WorkTime is a highly customizable productivity monitoring software with robust pre-set productivity tracker reports and multiple customization options.

  • 100% secure and safe

    WorkTime productivity tracker encrypts any data during transmission

  • Sensitive to sensitive information

    You completely control what is measured and tracked

  • No logging of keystrokes and screenshots

    WorkTime productivity tracker is a non-invasive productivity monitoring software software. It only records the number of keystrokes

  • No espionage. Transparency only

    WorkTime productivity tracker does not invade employees' privacy and provides accurate & precise productivity tracker reports

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WorkTime benefits enterprises worldwide

WorkTime. Increase employee productivity with WorkTime

Productivity monitoring software works for many businesses, but whether it's right for you depends on several factors. Consider productivity monitoring software

  • If you manage a team whose work is connected to a greater extent with a computer.
  • If your team uses computers daily, there is a good chance that some time will be wasted on social media, gaming, or web browsing.
  • If you work with distributed teams, remote and hybrid working schedules.
  • If you represent a high-pressure industry prone to high burnout rates and staff turnover.

What you can accomplish with WorkTime

What type of employee activity can be tracked?

Productivity monitoring software allows managers to monitor various activities, such as: responsibly
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    Quantitative indicators.This includes mouse clicks, scrolls, and key presses.

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    Online activity.The real-time dashboard lets you see exactly when employees are working and online.

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    Sites and applications.Screenshots are not the only way to determine what web pages and applications an employee interacts with. WorkTime productivity tracker also provides a complete list of all the websites and applications employees visit.

WorkTime influences management style

Employers can not gain remote access to employee computers and personal data.

Having remote access to an individual's computer quickly demotivates your employees. productivity monitoring software is intended to measure performance and cannot be used to manage a computer

Prevent conflicts.

There are numerous ways for the management to resolve conflicts. One of them is to quickly recognize a situation that has the potential to turn into a conflict and react promptly. This approach requires a skilled manager with plenty of experience and a good understanding of their team members’ temperament and endurance levels. WorkTime productivity tracker helps managers to get such insides into their team’s habits, psyche, and stress resistance levels.

Avoid micromanagement.

When your employer has complete productivity tracker reports and a tool to get an inside look into enterprises' workflows and employees' working habits, he does not need to succumb to “helicopter management.”

No 24/7 activity monitoring.

When your employees finish their work day, their time no longer belongs to the company.

WorkTime. Increase employee productivity with WorkTime

WorkTime productivity tracker fits businesses of all sizes