Keystroke counter

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  • In-office, hybrid, remote
  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Teminal/Citrix server
  • For 1-20,000+ computers
  • 25+ years on the market

Keystrokes per hour

You have the option to compare collaborators based on the hourly click count during work hours, or you can assess a collaborator's daily productivity trends.
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Keystrokes per website

Web-based keystrokes provide insights into an employee's web browsing habits, including time spent and intensity of engagement.

Keystrokes per application

Intuitive app push reports display an employee's work intensity and efficiency within specific applications, enabling a more detailed assessment of workflow.
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Great choice for office, remote or hybrid

Whether in an office, remote, or hybrid setting, the push counter remains adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into any of these work models, rendering it a versatile tool for companies
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WorkTime. Keystroke counter

Helps save money

Identifying reduced activity in applications, browsers, or overall computer usage is effortlessly accomplished by the keystroke counter. This cost-effective approach prevents overpayment for unproductive employee work.

Why WorkTime

Privacy and data protection - happy team

The WorkTime keystroke counter maintains privacy integrity and shields against sensitive data leakage. It ensures productive work without concerns of privacy breaches.

Best assistant for increasing productivity

The keystroke counter proves invaluable for enhancing productivity. It aids in identifying employee areas for improvement, tracking distractions, training gaps, and more.