What's going on in the company right now?

Who's at work, who's remote, who's in the office, who's active, what's on the employees' screens?

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  • In-office, hybrid, remote
  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Terminal/Citrix server
  • For 1-20,000+ computers
  • 25+ years on the market

What employees are doing right now?

  • Who's at work, who's not?
  • Who's active, who's idle?
  • Who's productive, who's not?
  • Who was on time, late, or early?
  • Who is remote, who's in-office?

Who is at work and active right now?

Monitor who's active right now, who's idle with the What's Now report:

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Get the current status of the team at-a-glance

What's on the employee's screen?

Employee Timeline

Timelines help easily observe when employees work throughout the day

In the Timeline section of the What's Now report you can find

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Who is in the office and who is remote? What are the IP addresses?

The What's Now report displays who is working in-office and who is remote today. It can differentiate between offices based on the IP address. This sample report displays various offices and their corresponding IP addresses for each employee, as well as the IP addresses of remote employees
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Employee attendance: early, late, or on time?

The What's Now report displays attendance for every employee, including their arrival time and whether they are early, on time, or late today. It also shows their local computer time.