Real-time monitoring: what are employees doing right now?

Who's at work, who's remote, who's in the office, who's active, what's on the employees' screens?

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What employees are doing right now?

  • Who's at work, who's not?
  • Who's active, who's idle?
  • Who's productive, who's not?
  • Who was on time, late, or early?
  • Who is remote, who's in-office?

Who is at work and active right now?

Monitor who's active right now, who's idle with the What's Now report:

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Get the current status of the team at-a-glance

What's on the employee's screen?

Employee Timeline

Timelines help easily observe when employees work throughout the day

In the Timeline section of the What's Now report you can find

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Who is in the office and who is remote? What are the IP addresses?

The What's Now report displays who is working in-office and who is remote today. It can differentiate between offices based on the IP address. This sample report displays various offices and their corresponding IP addresses for each employee, as well as the IP addresses of remote employees
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Employee attendance: early, late, or on time?

The What's Now report displays attendance for every employee, including their arrival time and whether they are early, on time, or late today. It also shows their local computer time.

What are the advantages of real-time reports?

Monitor in real-time what employees are doing right now with WorkTime. You will always keep informed of your employees' performance, knowing who is active/idle, who is at work/off work, and the time of their last activity.

Evaluate real-time employee productivity in just a click

You do not need to waste your time analyzing recorded screenshots to determine whether your employee is active, productive, or at work currently. Review a real-time dashboard and get valuable insights into your team's performance. The core info is gathered in one place: the WorkTime “What’s Now” report.

Stay updated on the current employee’s status

WorkTime real-time employee monitoring software provides insights on
  • Employees goals for active time and productivity and whether they were achieved;
  • Workers arrival time and whether they are on time, early, or late;
  • Whether all workers are productive/unproductive at the moment;
  • When each employee was last seen;
  • Team’s active/idle time per hour.

Monitor real-time performance

WorkTime real-time performance monitoring evaluates productivity based on app/website usage. The “What’s Now” report displays what apps/websites are currently on the employee’s screen without recording any content. Thus, productivity is shown in percentages and numerical data. Each app/website is marked as productive, unproductive, or undefined. So, you can see the top productive/unproductive employees in real time and compare employee, team, or department performance.

Track employees timeline

Monitor employee active/idle time and analyze your team’s activity during the working day. Employees' timelines are displayed on the WorkTime real-time monitoring dashboard, showing total active/idle time per employee. Stay aware when your workers are actively working during the day.

Choose WorkTime & get effective real-time employee tracking

Real-time monitoring regardless of location

Multi-office real-time tracking is easy with WorkTime. Assess and compare in-office/remote employees' performance. WorkTime offers real-time monitoring employees working from home. How does it work?
  1. A real-time tracking dashboard shows who is in the office or works remotely today;
  2. WorkTime differentiates the offices based on IP addresses;
  3. You can add multiple offices, and WorkTime will display the current IP of each employee.

Ultimate performance analysis in one report

Minimize time spent preparing reports for every employee or department. WorkTime automatically analyzes all performance-related metrics, so you can get information with just a few clicks. Our real-time employee monitoring is an effective tool for getting real-time data about team attendance, active time, and productivity. Boost your team’s performance instantly with the WorkTime real-time report! Request a personalized demo right now to learn more about employee monitoring benefits for your company.

Non-invasive & transparent real-time tracking

WorkTime offers green employee monitoring technology that respects employee privacy. With our software, real-time employee monitoring does not require screenshot recording, which can be invasive in many ways. Instead, WorkTime sees the screen in numbers and percentages, providing comprehensive and valuable reports. Track your team in real-time transparently; share and discuss monitoring results with your employees. Grow your business together without harming the loyal and respectful environment in your company.


What is real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring means you can see the current employee’s status based on several metrics. With real-time monitoring, you can observe a worker’s attendance, active time, and productivity right now.

Why real-time monitoring is important?

Real-time employee monitoring is an easy and effective way to stay updated on your team’s performance, attendance, activity, and engagement. Just a few clicks are required to see a clear picture of what is going on in your company right now.

How does real-time tracking work?

Real-time employee monitoring displays who is active/idle, who is at work/off work, and who is late/early/on time. Besides, WorkTime analyzes workers' productivity right now. WorkTime real-time tracking displays what employees are doing right now, showing the current status of each employee. Our software analyzes the screen in numbers and percentages, assessing the app/website's productivity.

What is an example of a real-time monitoring system?

WorkTime employee monitoring provides an opportunity to track workers’ performance in real-time. Our software evaluates workers' productivity, active time, and attendance in a non-invasive way, providing comprehensive real-time reports.

What is real-time dashboard?

A real-time dashboard makes it easy to monitor employees right now. Use the WorkTime real-time dashboard to find out what your employees are doing right now, whether they are active, their productivity levels, and more.

How to use a time tracking dashboard?

With WorkTime, you can easily use real-time reports. Our software provides a detailed overview of your team’s attendance, productivity, arrival time, current status, productivity percentage, employees' timelines, and a list of the top productive/unproductive apps and websites.

Why do we need real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring is effective for staying updated on what is happening in the company right now and managing your team in a way to grow your business. Try WorkTime for 14 days for free to benefit from non-invasive and reliable real-time tracking.