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Monitor employee overtime with WorkTime

WorkTime monitors employee work during lunches, before and after hours, on weekends, and holidays.

Unsupervised employees & overtime monitoring

Detect overtime fraud

Overtime fraud occurs when an employee claims hours worked without actually working.

Example 1: An employee does not work (is absent or idle) during regular working hours and then stays after hours, claiming it as overtime.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring
WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Example 2: An employee claims overtime work but actually spends this time on unproductive activities. WorkTime labels all apps and websites as either productive or unproductive and tracks productive overtime.

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

Success story


Rescue medical services



Medical service saves $7,500 per employee annually!

Canadian Rescue Medical Service saved big with WorkTime. By using monitoring software company identified remote worker overcharges, optimized productivity, and achieved significant cost savings.

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per employee saved

WorkTime. Secure monitoring software for healthcare companies

For better monitoring results assign days off per employee

Non-invasive employee overtime monitoring

WorkTime is non-invasive, socially responsible employee overtime monitoring. It does not capture any content, protecting employee privacy.

WorkTime is Green employee overtime monitoring software, the only non-invasive monitoring on the market.

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

GDPR compatible

Why overtime is a problem

Without proper management, overtime can result in huge expenses for businesses. Aside from the cost of overtime, research has shown that working long shifts can cause fatigue, decreased productivity, and other health issues. Fortunately, measures can be taken to manage working time effectively. WorkTime is effective in detecting the early signs of burnout, helping to manage this issue on time. Overtime work can be managed in a way that benefits both workers and businesses. It allows the company to adequately meet high demands for goods and services and cover ground in cases of unexpected absences or attrition, while also providing employees with a larger paycheck.

How to avoid overtime?

Without proper solutions in place to justify these claims, employers end up overcompensating for underserved hours and retaining the underperformers rather than replacing them, incurring unnecessary costs. If you manage a business, your staff may be required to work overtime at some point. If properly managed and with productivity in mind, this could be a win-win situation. As an employer, you may encounter situations where certain team members need to step in for absent colleagues or when there is an upsurge in demand for your services. Management will be easier with WorkTime overtime monitoring, as you will have access to all overtime-related data.

Take advantage of WorkTime overtime monitoring

You can save money on false overtime with WorkTime. Our monitoring software accurately and efficiently records your employees' work hours/activities. Real-time reports allow you to see how your employees' working hours are actually spent and determine whether overtime claims are false or justified.

Keep track of overtime hours

Tracking overtime hours is crucial in any organization to ensure employees are compensated fairly for their extra effort. Employing tracking software can be an efficient way to monitor these extra working hours. Remember, inaccurately recording can lead to timesheet fraud claims. Managing overtime properly ensures that all recorded hours are legitimate. Overtime monitoring is an easy way to be sure overtime claims are legitimate.

Monitor overtime transparently

WorkTime offers non-invasive employee monitoring technology. It is an alternative to traditional screenshots and keystroke recording. With our monitoring software, you can detect fraud overtime without invading your employees' privacy. Why choose green monitoring?
  • You can monitor and discuss tracking results openly, as WorkTime protects employee privacy;
  • You do not have to waste your time analyzing tons of images. WorkTime provides ready-to-use reports in numbers and statistics;
  • WorkTime reports are lightweight, as WorkTime operates with numerical data instead of images and videos;
  • WorkTime helps you stay business-oriented. It maintains a loyal and trustworthy environment in your company.

Optimize overtime accounting

Invest in an advanced overtime tracking system to ensure accuracy in overtime work accounting. Gone are the days of manual logging; modern tools can reduce false overtime claims and streamline the process. Incorporate an overtime tracking spreadsheet into your system for easier analysis and overtime hours reporting.

Monitor false overtime

“According to the LA Times, the CHP company suffered losses of $226,556. Nearly fifty employees engaged in CHP overtime fraud over many years.” Overtime fraud can result in unnecessary expenses for businesses. Regular monitoring through overtime tracking software can prevent these erroneous claims. Fraud detection plays a significant role here, identifying patterns that might indicate false overtime. Using an overtime tracking spreadsheet, discrepancies become easier to spot, reducing cases of unauthorized overtime work. Hours of overtime can be detected with easy automated software.

Improve productivity

It's not just about tracking overtime hours but ensuring that the extra time spent translates to productivity. Managing overtime effectively requires a holistic approach. By monitoring overtime work and using fraud detection methods, one can weed out false overtime claims and ensure employee productivity during overtime hours.

Avoid overtime fraud

Fraud detection is pivotal in identifying false overtime claims. While tracking overtime hours is a starting point, deploying advanced fraud detection systems will mitigate the risks associated with overtime fraud. Ensure that your overtime tracking processes are robust and that you are vigilant about any discrepancies.

Optimize overtime payments

Overtime work deserves proper compensation. However, robust overtime tracking software is a must to ensure that overtime payments are accurate. Integrating an overtime tracking spreadsheet can simplify the payment process and reduce overpayment due to false overtime claims. Remember, fraud detection tools are your allies in maintaining the integrity of overtime payments.

Reduce costs when overtime is abused

Fraud detection, coupled with managing overtime properly, is essential in identifying and curbing overtime abuse, ensuring that only genuine overtime work is recognized and compensated. Overtime abuse, especially false overtime, can significantly inflate operational costs. Emphasizing overtime tracking software and regularly updating the overtime tracking spreadsheet can keep these expenses in check.

Benefits of overtime monitoring

1. HR analytics improvement

Data-driven decision-making can be supported with the help of monitoring reports. This is a great way to help HR get rid of the time-consuming process of manually comparing reports from various systems. Rather than relying on guesswork, HR can analyze real-time reports of computer activity, active time, idle time, overtime work hours, etc.

2. Balanced workload

Overtime tracking software can help you effectively balance the workload. It can help in the decision-making process by determining whether more planning, employees, or computers are needed to improve the process.

3. Work processes automation

Your payroll system can be integrated with these systems to eliminate the uncertainty of whether an employee's extra hours have been entered into the system. For example, when active/idle time is recorded or any changes are made, this will be reflected in your payroll system.

4. Effective management solutions

Seamless overtime management solutions reduce discrepancies. For example, if someone works 2 hours out of an 8-hour workday and then decides to work longer to make up for the remaining hours after work, all of these hours and the activities performed during this period will be recorded. WorkTime employee monitoring tracker can help you avoid such situations.

5. Human error reduction

Because these solutions work automatically, there is less need for manual data entry. Instead of calculating data on paper or in spreadsheets, WorkTime overtime monitoring software automates tasks more susceptible to human error.