WorkTime success story

June 19, 2024

7 min read

A monthly increase in productivity, self management, and responsibility

Karin has been looking for a monitoring solution to evaluate and improve employee performance. She evaluated WorkTime and found it very user-friendly, easy to implement, and the data was very accurate.


The employees of this financial services company are allowed to work from home and can claim pay for weekend overtime. Management has been looking for a way to ensure employees are productive both at home and on weekends. One idea was to implement an employee monitoring solution. Karin R., an IT department manager, tried a few different options and decided to use WorkTime.


WorkTime Cloud Enterprise was chosen as the solution for this company. Its seamless installation, ability to group employees by departments, accurate data, and over 60 reports met their needs perfectly.


Each employee has been granted access to their own reports in WorkTime. This was one of the main reasons the staff began managing themselves and taking responsibility effectively. Management could check employee productivity when working from home and on weekends, as well as employee attendance, through WorkTime reports. Additionally, the reports clearly indicate if employees need assistance.
WorkTime productivity per employee

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This is an example of a widget from the In-office/remote report. It compares in-office and remote attendance, active time, and productivity.


Since implementing WorkTime, management has observed a monthly increase in productivity, improved employee self-management, and greater responsibility. Great results!

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