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In the USA, a local school board decided to use WorkTime for auditing software used by staff and students. Approximately 2,500 computers were monitored for six months at the time.

The organization

A local school board in the USA.
Number of monitored computers: 2,500

Money saving monitoring software

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Money wasted on unused software

Large organizations often waste money on licensed software that is rarely used. This is because such organizations have difficulty assessing precisely how licensed software is used due to their size. This results in buying more licensed software than is required. Eventually, licensed software is rarely or never used.
Since the school board purchases a lot of educational software for learning mathematics, language, etc. The price of the software is usually high.

Money saving monitoring software

Boost productivity, minimize idle time, improve attendance!

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WorkTime offers a solution

WorkTime audits software used in such a way that management can know who used the software, when and for how long. You can see this by looking at the WorkTime report. WorkTime reports show how often and who uses specific software. If expensive software is not used or rarely used, it will be shown in WorkTime reports. WorkTime helps organizations to consider whether to discontinue a software license to save money. Additionally, WorkTime has been used to regain control of a lot of neglected educational software, which has improved the quality of the education process.

Money saved, educational process improved

During the first days of monitoring, it became clear to management that a lot of high-priced software was not used or was rarely used. The school board was able to save a lot of money by eliminating the rarely used software. As an additional benefit, some beneficial teaching software was implemented, and this ultimately improved the educational process.

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About WorkTime

WorkTime, an employee monitoring software used to identify both the use of programs and the frequency of their use. It works discreetly, transparently, and also respects the employee privacy.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., a provider of WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software, has been specializing in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years.

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