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April 23, 2024

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Productivity from 40% to 95%! Well done, WorkTime!

Douglas R., the owner of a telecommunications company in South Africa, experimented with various software solutions to monitor his team's performance. He did so due to his excessively busy workdays, a lack of clarity regarding underperforming employees, and a keen awareness that employee engagement could be greatly improved.


Doug's days were always incredibly busy, but lately, he became overwhelmed. It dawned on him: "I'm not getting enough help from my employees. I sense they're underperforming, but I'm not certain who, because many of them are as overloaded as I am. I need to figure this out and address it." He had a few goals in mind: 1. Clear visibility into employee attendance, especially for those working from home. 2. Know how much time employees spend helping each customer. 3. Help employees see where their time goes. 4. Get everyone on the same page with company goals. 5. Make it all happen automatically to save time.


Douglas explored several employee monitoring options, but he found WorkTime to be the most cost-effective and feature-rich solution. What really caught his attention was that WorkTime is non-invasive.

The use

WorkTime was introduced to the team and was well-received due to its non-invasiveness. Initially, only the owner could access employees' monitoring results, and he noticed an immediate improvement in employee performance. After some time and continued data collection, Douglas identified that some team members had lower KPIs compared to the rest of the team. He had conversations with them, clarifying his expectations. Eventually, he decided to grant access to all employees to view the team's reports. As a result, KPIs such as attendance, active time, and productivity immediately increased. The entire team become very aligned and engaged.

Result: from 40% to 95%!

The result is as simple as this: the initial productivity percentage was about 40%, and now it reaches 95%! Attendance improved from about 36% to up to 105%. Active time improved from about 39% to up to 97%.

"That's quite a significant improvement! WorkTime has made a remarkable impact on my team performance. We have many uses for WorkTime outside of the initial intended use and we are finding more uses as time passes."

– Douglas R., the owner of a telecommunication company.


"Thank you for your feedback, Douglas! And a special thank you for offering so many great and practical improvements to make WorkTime even better as an employee monitoring software!"

– Kirill Nesterenko, CEO at WorkTime

About WorkTime

WorkTime is a non-invasive employee monitoring solution, the only on the market! It offers 50+ comprehensive reports on employee attendance, active, time, productivity, login/logout, online meetings, and more.

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