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For over two years, one of the biggest U.S. health care organizations has successfully monitored employees’ performance with the help of WorkTime. The main objective of monitoring is to minimize the use of personal computers and improve workplace productivity.

The organization

Health care organization, USA
Amount of monitored employees/workstations: 5,000
Amount of Citrix servers: 100

Significant money waste in big companies

Large companies with thousands of employees are often faced with such a situation: employees wasting their working time doing unrelated work and ultimately costing the company money. Although the company’s overall performance seemed to be good enough, there were some loopholes. If every employee spent at least 30 minutes of every working day doing personal activities instead of working, it may seem insignificant, but over time, the company can lose a considerable amount of money. Employee monitoring software helps address this issue by recording the time spent on non-related work activities and these activities.

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Solution – WorkTime

WorkTime solution successfully helped this major health care organization. After the installation of WorkTime, it was discovered that approximately 5 % of the overall employee time was spent on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). One of the most widely used weekly reports was “Top 5 Facebook Users.” These reports were available to all employees every week, and the performance levels improved significantly.

Money saved

WorkTime reports showed that almost 5% of the employees spent their time on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). For such a big company, 5% is equivalent to 250 employees’ salaries, which means that 250 salaries had been paid for nothing. The company decided to provide weekly monitoring reports to all employees, allowing employees to see and improve their performance levels. What’s more, the company was able to save money.

Internet monitoring software

Monitor internet usage by employees

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About WorkTime

WorkTime is an employee computer monitoring software designed for employees’ productivity monitoring. Here are some of the many reports provide by WorkTime: Top Facebook users, Top Idle Employees, Top Internet users. WorkTime is the only software on the market that ensures respectful and non-invasive productivity monitoring without infringing on employees’ privacy.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc. has specialized in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring for over 20 years.

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