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June 18, 2024

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WorkTime – non-invasive, green employee monitoring

WorkTime is non-invasive employee monitoring

WorkTime is the only non-invasive employee monitoring on the employee monitoring market. While the majority of the vendors work in the direction of adding as many features as possible, at WorkTime we adhere to our main strategy: we maintain WorkTime non-invasive. All features are designed to monitor employee performance without infringing on employee privacy. From 1998 till nowadays WorkTime stands out in the employee monitoring market for its unique approach of prioritizing non-invasiveness while ensuring effective monitoring of employee performance.
WorkTime offers non-invasive (without going too far) employee monitoring.
WorkTime monitoring features are designed to meet the strictest legal requirements. Data safety is also a top priority. Read below and explore why WorkTime non-invasive strategy cardinally sets it apart from other monitoring software!

Non-invasive monitoring features

WorkTime offers a replacement to any invasive feature. For example, regular screenshots are replaced with screen productivity analytics, offering numbers instead of images. WorkTime values employee privacy above all else, ensuring that monitoring features do not cross boundaries or intrude on personal space. Our combination of social responsible solutions and green employee monitoring technology helps increase productivity and was created to please everyone who uses it. Unique user experience contains an exclusive platform designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for both employers and employees to navigate and utilize the monitoring tools effectively. WorkTime offers more than 50 reports to monitor attendance, active time, productivity, internet use, in office or remote work, department performance, leaderboards for employee engagements, online meetings and a lot of useful metrics. Let’s summarize, every our report is non-invasive because:
  • WorkTime does NOT record any content. It does NOT capture any screenshots, keystrokes, chats, messages, email or document content at all.
  • For every traditional invasive function, like screenshots collection and monitoring or keystrokes recording, WorkTime offers a non-invasive, safe, and more effective replacement without going too far. For instance, instead of taking screenshots, WorkTime interprets your employee screen to numbers.
WorkTime green screen report
WorkTime non-invasive screen monitoring

The non-invasive screen productivity analyzer from WorkTime offers numbers instead of images. For example, an employee's screen could be 50% unproductive due to YouTube use and 50% productive due to MS Word use. With WorkTime, you can identify the most unproductive and the most productive screens, and more!

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In this example the screen is divided by two areas, where 50% of the screen is productive due to MS Word, while 50% is unproductive due to YouTube.
WorkTime is designed as non-invasive employee monitoring software.
Non-invasive, green employee monitoring not only protects employee privacy, but there are a lot of benefits to it.
  • Non-invasive monitoring is transparent. You can easily explain to your team current monitoring goals and what is recorded, if this type of monitoring is business oriented. Just remember that WorkTime operates transparently, making it clear to users how data is collected, used and stored.
  • WorkTime is safe because it doesn’t collect any personal information. Our software only records data required for productivity monitoring.
  • WorkTime offers effective data analysis and space use, because analyzing and storing screenshots takes a long time and requires a lot of free space.
  • Our green screenshots replacement offers numbers and pure analytics instead of tones of images. Reports we provide are easy to analyze and require much less space to store.
  • You can choose monitoring depth and customize it. WorkTime monitors the use of applications, documents and websites. It records application ads, documents names and website URLs. You can choose not to monitor any of these.
  • Our software is specifically tailored for use by healthcare organizations. It is important to note that WorkTime does not capture or store any Protected Health Information (PHI), ensuring strict compliance with data privacy regulations in the healthcare industry.
  • With WorkTime you always know what your teams are doing at the moment. You keep abreast of whether they are active or not, productive or not, what’s on their screens and it’s completely non-invasive monitoring software.
  • WorkTime offers more than 50 different and useful reports.
  • It’s lightweight, secure and reliable.
  • WorkTime servs offices with more than 15,000 computers.
  • It’s compatible with Windows, MacOS and Citrix/Terminal Server.
  • Our product successfully field-tested for more than 20 years.

Invasive monitoring features

Main problem with invasive monitoring is that its features refer to functionalities in software that excessively intrude on the privacy and autonomy of individuals being monitored. These features often go beyond basic monitoring requirements, crossing boundaries that can lead to concerns about data privacy and personal freedom. For a more illustrative example, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the well-known invasive features, which include:


This feature enables the monitoring software to intercept and log all keystrokes made by an employee on the keyboard. It captures not only general typing but also sensitive information such as passwords and the content of personal emails or messages. Keystroke logging can provide detailed insights into employee activities but raises significant privacy concerns, especially when it comes to personal and confidential data being recorded without explicit consent.

Screen recording

This functionality enables the monitoring software to capture everything displayed on an employee's computer screen, including open documents, web pages, personal emails, and chat conversations. Screen capturing provides a visual record of the employee's activities and interactions on the computer. While it can offer detailed insights into work processes and productivity, it also raises concerns about the invasion of privacy, especially when it involves monitoring personal communications or sensitive information.

Webcam surveillance

Video monitoring enables employers to observe and track employees continuously, capturing their every movement, including activities during breaks and private conversations. Video monitoring provides a comprehensive visual record of employee behavior in the workplace, offering insights into productivity, safety compliance, and potential security risks. Video monitoring enables employers to monitor every aspect of an employee's actions, including their activities during breaks and private conversations.

Microphone run-through

The microphone recording feature in monitoring software enables employers to capture audio by utilizing the microphone on an employee's computer. This feature allows employers to monitor and record conversations and sounds in the vicinity of the employee's computer. It provides an additional layer of surveillance for employers who wish to closely monitor their employees' activities. Such intrusive capabilities can include continuous location tracking, access to personal messages and files, and even collecting data without consent. It is important for users to be aware of invasiveness to make informed decisions about the monitoring software they choose to use and the level of privacy they are comfortable sacrificing.
At WorkTime, we prioritize socially responsible monitoring practices that respect employee privacy and avoid invasive features.

99% of the offering is invasive

As remote work continues to gain widespread acceptance, employers are increasingly seeking ways to optimize productivity in this virtual environment. The quest for the perfect formula to ensure remote work is as efficient, if not more so, than traditional in-office work has led many employers to turn to employee monitoring software as a solution. In the digital landscape of remote work, where physical supervision is not possible, employee monitoring software serves as a tool for employers to track and manage their remote workforce. By monitoring activities such as time spent on tasks, website visits, and application usage, employers aim to ensure that work is being completed efficiently and in line with company policies. However, the use of employee monitoring software raises concerns about privacy, autonomy, and trust within the remote work setting. Employees may feel a sense of intrusion and micromanagement when every digital move is tracked, leading to potential negative impacts on morale and job satisfaction. Truth to be told, nowadays 99% of propositions in employee monitoring software are completely invasive. The catch is that all of these offerings are designed to track employees' activities and collect extra data. Due to Reports and Data the market for remote monitoring software is expected to reach a little over $1,396 million by 2027. Statistics indicate a growing demand for this kind of software. Despite the increasing figures, it remains important to carefully consider the potential invasiveness associated with implementation and usage.
Do you want to legally and safely monitor your employees without going too far?

Why non-invasive employee monitoring?

WorkTime stands out as the sole distinctive non-invasive productivity monitoring software available in the market. With over two decades of experience, we have earned the trust of a wide array of sectors including medical, insurance, banking, educational, charity, IT, and government organizations. Ability to handle extensive datasets seamlessly over the years sets our product apart, ensuring stability and reliability. WorkTime continuously improves and adapts to user feedback, making it a reliable and evolving solution for monitoring productivity effectively.
WorkTime monitors screen productivity

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Selecting the appropriate productivity monitoring software is crucial to strike a balance between effectively monitoring performance and respecting the privacy and autonomy of team members. It is essential to find a solution that enables efficient monitoring while safeguarding individual privacy rights and fostering a positive work environment based on trust and autonomy.
Select the solutions that align most closely with your preferences.
Non-invasive employee monitoring first of all means that you are free from content capturing. Here in WorkTime we are performing focused, respecting employee privacy and prioritizing this as a purpose every single day. As was mentioned early, instead of overwhelming users with a plethora of features, WorkTime concentrates on essential metrics that help track productivity and performance effectively.

Employee privacy is a priority

We are pure productive monitoring with zero threat in employee’s privacy. WorkTime values ​​private space, because we understand that your employee’s home is his personal fortress. Especially in the home environment monitoring must be non-invasive.
By running WorkTime you enjoy privacy & culture of trust
Finding the right balance between productivity and privacy is crucial for companies. Implementing monitoring tools thoughtfully and openly communicating their purpose can help achieve this equilibrium. Building a culture of trust where employees are valued and respected as individuals, rather than mere subjects under surveillance, is essential. Encouraging open communication, recognizing achievements, and providing opportunities for growth can contribute to a positive work environment where employees feel empowered and motivated.
To efficiently oversee your employees' work, concentrate on functionalities that allow you to gauge productivity while respecting their privacy boundaries.
In order to maintain an environmental balance in the workplace, we have taken care and created one of our numerable non-invasive features – employee attendance monitoring. The attendance feature solely indicates the start and end times of work without revealing any personal information. Sometimes, poor attendance can cause a decrease in remote employees' productivity. If a manager notices some employees not adhering to the schedule, they can inform them and clarify attendance expectations. Years of our opinion proves that, typically, employees respond positively to this by showing improved discipline.
WorkTime employee attendance monitoring
WorkTime the best non-invasive employee monitoring

WorkTime provides insights on employee punctuality and arrival time. Check the report to see who is late/on time/off work. Monitor the attendance goal and active time timeline per employee or department.

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As a green employee monitoring software we provide a function to monitor employee computer active/idle time features that provide insight into an employee's computer activity during the workday without compromising their privacy. This feature indicates the level of activity between login and logout, as well as the amount of time the computer remains idle despite being turned on. Excessive idle time can contribute to decreased productivity among employees. For instance, some remote workers may log in promptly but fail to engage in any tasks for extended periods.
Use WorkTime to monitor and identify periods of excessive idle time when the employee's computer is on but inactive.
Our client's example from the banking sector illustrates this issue. By leveraging WorkTime to identify the root cause of poor performance, managers were able to address the issue with employees. Consequently, the employee activity significantly increased, demonstrating the effectiveness of monitoring and addressing idle time in enhancing productivity.
WorkTime active and idle time monitoring

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WorkTime summary report

This report evaluates when employees are actively using computers and when computers are active but not in use (idle time)

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We are socially responsible and employee privacy is our main value, which makes us unique in the employee software market. Due to that fact, you can monitor employee behavior patterns with WorkTime. Utilize a distraction score feature as a motivational and engagement tool.
WorkTime uses a distraction score to gauge employee focus on work tasks.
By tracking this metric, you can observe how frequently an employee gets distracted during work: such as switching chaotically between sites and applications, transitioning from productive to unproductive tasks, or keeping numerous tabs open. When employees acknowledge their distraction score and identify its causes, they tend to focus more on their tasks, eliminate distractions, and enhance their productivity. And again, we want to emphasize that WorkTime does not in any way intervene in the private space and does not encroach on the privacy of the employee. With WorkTime you can monitor your employee internet usage, make a user activity monitoring (UAM) for maximum work performance or track user login and logout. But it’s statistics and useful data, we do not collect any private data. We are completely green, non-invasive employee monitoring software.
WorkTime tracks user login and logout
WorkTime monitors employee internet activities

With a login/logout report, you can monitor attendance effectively, create accurate timesheets, and ensure that your employee's attendance is timely and regular.

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We want to summarize by saying that WorkTime serves as a research tool. You can avoid speculation and effectively assess the productivity of your employees in office versus remote settings. Simply analyze various metrics like: attendance, active/idle time, productivity or distraction score, between remote and office teams. Our experience shows that outcomes can differ. Remote workers may be more concentrated in certain scenarios, while in others, they may be less productive.

Legally safe

To effectively monitor the work of your employees, focus on features that enable you to measure productivity without crossing the line of privacy. With this approach, you will get only the necessary data to evaluate the performance of employees, and at the same time contribute to their commitment and motivation. Through the following features WorkTime is completely legally safe:
  • Our software prioritizes non-invasive monitoring techniques, respecting employee privacy and ensuring compliance with legal regulations.
  • Transparency is a game changer. Employees are informed about the monitoring process, promoting transparency and trust within the organization.
  • Our product is genuinely customizable. WorkTime allows organizations to tailor monitoring parameters to align with legal requirements and company policies.
  • WorkTime implements robust data security measures to protect employee information, adhering to data protection laws.
  • WorkTime stays up-to-date with legal frameworks related to employee monitoring, guaranteeing adherence to relevant laws and regulations.
Also there are some options. We can take care of your data with a cloud-based solution or choose on-premise where your data does not leave your company.

Data safety

WorkTime offers the highest data security standards. Ensuring data safety is a critical component of non-invasive employee monitoring, and WorkTime's employee monitoring software upholds the most stringent data safety protocols. Moreover, WorkTime uses AES-256 encryption which is the most secure protocol nowadays. Kiteworks mentioned that the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric block cipher that the U.S. government selects to protect classified data. AES-256 encryption uses the 256-bit key length to encrypt as well as decrypt a block of messages. So your data cannot be decrypted unless the code is known.
Privacy is the new luxury of the ХХІ century
By meeting the specific security requirements of these sectors, WorkTime demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining trust with organizations operating in highly regulated environments.


Our software is designed for healthcare organizations. WorkTime specializes in productivity monitoring while prioritizing employee privacy. The platform gathers essential data to gauge employee productivity accurately without compromising their privacy. Due to this approach, WorkTime ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations and does not handle Protected Health Information (PHI). This commitment to balancing productivity monitoring with privacy protection makes WorkTime a trustworthy solution for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency while respecting employee confidentiality.


If your website processes any information of EU citizens, you must obtain the consent of your users prior to the activation and setting of such cookies, the GDPR rules. This is the very crux of what the GDPR dictates on the use of cookies for companies, organizations and websites in general. We respect the Law and are wildly-popular in the European Union. Due to the 5th Article of the GDPR there are a lot of requirements for handling personal data. WorkTime employee monitoring software is GDPR compatible due to several key factors:
  • Data protection is a key. WorkTime prioritizes data protection and ensures that all data collected is handled in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes obtaining explicit consent from employees before monitoring their activities.
  • Our software anonymizes personal data to protect employee privacy. It focuses on collecting only necessary information for productivity monitoring while respecting individual rights to data privacy.
  • WorkTime adheres to GDPR guidelines on data retention, ensuring that data is not stored for longer than necessary. This helps prevent the accumulation of unnecessary personal information.
  • WorkTime maintains transparency in its data processing activities, providing clear information to employees about what data is being collected, how it is used, and for what purposes. This transparency fosters trust and helps employees understand the monitoring process.
  • Our product implements robust security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or breaches, thereby meeting GDPR requirements for data security.

Remote employee monitoring

Employers have various motivations for monitoring remote workers, with some goals being particularly valid, such as improving operational efficiency and ensuring company security. When assessing employee monitoring software options, it is essential to carefully review various aspects and features to ensure you select the most suitable solution for your organization's needs. When managing hourly employees, leveraging employee monitoring software to track work hours can streamline payroll calculations. Through the software, employees can clock in at the start of their workday and clock out upon its completion. This data can be easily retrieved during payroll cycles. Additionally, the detailed log reports serve as a reliable documentation of attendance for both employers and employees. In the event of discrepancies in wage calculations, these reports can serve as reference points for resolution and verification. In the process of monitoring remote workers, there is a risk that executives may become excessively suspicious and intrusive. Certain monitoring tools offer functions that infringe on employee privacy by enabling the extraction of irrelevant and redundant information unrelated to productivity. Additionally, this type of monitoring often leads to negative consequences that can impact employees in various detrimental ways.
Invasive monitoring can permanently harm trust between workers and employers.
The most disheartening outcome of invasive monitoring is the erosion of trust. Continuous surveillance can permanently damage the relationship of trust between employees and employers. When employees feel constantly scrutinized, it undermines their sense of trust and belonging within the organization. This heightened scrutiny not only diminishes their dedication to their work but also dampens their enthusiasm and morale. Trust is a foundational element in any work environment, and its erosion can have far-reaching negative impacts on employee well-being and productivity.

What to expect if using invasive monitoring

Invasive monitoring features are functionalities found in monitoring software that excessively intrude on the privacy and autonomy of individuals under surveillance. Organizations should carefully consider the implications of implementing such intrusive monitoring features to maintain a balance between productivity monitoring and respecting employee privacy. If it goes too far and records video, sound, screens, or keystrokes, it might be a problem, because at home employees might use their own computers for work. Or even if they use the company's computers, they still work from home, and this is totally different from working in the office. At home employees in their private space, this changes their behavior and this also affects how they use computers (it is more for personal needs, like personal chats). The other consequence of invasive monitoring is increased stress among employees. Constant surveillance can make workers feel unsafe, vulnerable, and anxious, leading to negative impacts on their health and overall productivity. Invasive monitoring not only results in decreased productivity but also diminishes motivation among employees. The negative emotional atmosphere created by surveillance can demotivate workers and hinder their creativity in task completion. It stifles innovative thinking, experimentation, and the drive to exceed minimum requirements. Moreover, this intrusive monitoring can contribute to higher employee turnover rates. Workers may seek new opportunities where they feel trusted, respected in terms of privacy, and given more autonomy by their employers.

Healthcare, financial, banking, government - they use WorkTime

With a focus on maintaining the highest levels of data security, WorkTime provides a reliable solution for industries like healthcare, finance, government, defense, and security, among others. Utilizing appropriate monitoring software enables you to not just monitor the productivity of remote employees in diverse ways but also enhance it considerably. When employees are aware of the metrics being tracked and the expectations set for them, they become more mindful, structured, dedicated to company objectives, and consequently, more productive. Ensuring that employee monitoring is truly beneficial for the organization requires transparency and maintaining a healthy equilibrium between control and employee privacy. Striking this balance is crucial.
WorkTime productivity monitoring provides this equilibrium while enhancing employee productivity.
To witness how non-invasive monitoring can elevate your business performance, consider trying WorkTime, a software focused on maximizing productivity.

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