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August 30, 2019

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How to monitor workers for the greater good - WorkTime survey 2019

A recent WorkTime survey shows that 60% of small and large-scale industries worldwide are already implementing employee monitoring tools. This is significantly higher than 20-30% in past years. It is estimated that 80% of businesses will hop on the wagon for employee monitoring before 2030. The New norm is “Workplace surveillance.” What is influencing this trend? There are innumerable reasons for this, but one of the main purposes is to promote productivity in the corporate environment. Although the term “monitor” may not sound appealing as it portrays an image of a big-brother like atmosphere in the workplace — monitoring is, in fact, an effective way for employers to help their workers build professional development and also an excellent way to gather accurate data, a key step towards boosting productivity.

“With the help of appropriate employee monitoring software, you can implement various tools tailored to suit your business needs, motivate workers to grow professionally and even give rewards based on merit.” — Kirill Nesterenko, CEO NesterSoft Inc.

Think about this for a moment. In this era of rapid technological change, sharing every detail of private life with the rest of the world via social media is “in vogue.” Yet, the very idea of divulging a fraction of useful data in the workplace still sends chills. Ever wondered why the latter is perceived to be so appalling? Privacy and the urge to safeguard it are fundamental human instincts. Also, it’s easy to see why some monitoring technologies are sending the wrong signals.

“When employee monitoring is not done respectfully, or data is not handled confidentially and responsibly, it begins to raise eyebrows and bring distrust. With over 20+years on the market, WorkTime is and remains the only respectful employee monitoring software.” — Kirill Nesterenko, CEO NesterSoft Inc.

According to an Accenture report, (62 percent) of organizations used monitoring technologies to collect data on their workers to obtain more insight into the quality of work. It was revealed that less than a quarter of the 62 percent handled the information gathered responsibly. Unfortunately, cases like this often occur, but this can be prevented with the help of the right tools.

“WorkTime is trusted by so many customers (from medical sectors to the banking industry) and continues to serve many businesses around the world with great success because it offers respectful, secure, safe, non-invasive employee monitoring. Our main intention is to walk in our customers' shoes, understand their needs, and deliver excellently.” — Kirill Nesterenko, CEO NesterSoft Inc.

To get positive outcomes using employee monitoring software, ask yourself the following questions;

Are your business goals defined?

Before choosing employee monitoring software for your business, WorkTime recommends that you clearly define your business goals. It’s imperative that you do this as it'll help you narrow down your search in the market.

What employee monitoring software would do the job efficiently?

The next important thing is to take some time and do your research on the employee monitoring software market. After you’ve gotten that out of the way, we strongly advise you choose one that’ll NOT collect everything. An ideal employee monitoring software should not retain certain information like passwords and other private information that could pose infringement risks.

Is it necessary to inform employees?

As regards monitoring, it depends on the state or country. For instance, in some parts of the state of California, employers may not need to disclose the monitoring, BUT the bottom line remains if an employer does disclose, it gives them much more right to monitor their employees. As a “Forbes” article points out, when there is a healthy blend of awareness and apathy, employees are more trusting when it comes to sharing data.

If you choose to inform your employees, do not hesitate to contact WorkTime to get your announcement samples, monitor policy samples, and monitor the employee monitoring handbook.

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