No more never-ending meetings with WorkTime

March 3, 2022

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No more never-ending meetings with WorkTime attendance monitoring software

Michael X, a manager at a financial and legal consultancy firm (hereinafter referred to as a company), contacted WorkTime experts to address a long-term concern. Specifically, his scheduled meetings got overloaded with discussions of routine administrative tasks, merely attendance. The manager had to approve employee attendance timesheets that team members prepared manually. To cover these issues, Michael X started researching attendance monitoring solutions.


Given that Michael X has ten departments under direct supervision, Friday weekly meetings could last for eternity. Apart from time-consuming meetings, a company’s rapid growth brought workforce organizational issues. For example, it became difficult to maintain an even assignment distribution. Some employees were overworked, while others demonstrated a pattern of slacking. So, Michael X has faced two challenges, requiring quick and effective responses.


Since all employees performed their job duties on the computer, Michael X decided to implement automated cloud-based monitoring software. Among other providers, WorkTime tool appeared to address all Michael X’s requirements and offered several more useful features. Specifically, WorkTime productivity tool tracks login/logout as a part of the attendance monitoring protocol, detects idle and active time, and helps understand if websites and applications used by employees are work-related. Primarily, this lightweight attendance monitoring tool records employees’ login names, computer names, and the precise time and date of login and logout. So, with WorkTime attendance tracker, Michael X received a cost-affordable solution to his company’s organizational problems. Namely, he started spending less time on recurring meetings regarding attendance timesheets, since WorkTime enabled him to generate reports, which previously had to be prepared manually by each employee.


Michael X was happy with the WorkTime solution, because with comprehensive reports generated in one click, he could now focus less on administrative tasks. Apart from shortening meetings duration, WorkTime attendance monitoring tool helped improve control workload. By understanding how much time each team member spent on their desk, Michael X managed to distribute tasks evenly. So, the overtime and slacking issues were resolved. Along with improving overall company productivity, Michael X got his time back on a weekly basis, which he dedicated to a different business-focused cause.

"WorkTime is helping the company to effectively manage the meetings timeframe. Apart from saving time on manual attendance timesheets, WorkTime empowered us with much-needed attendance monitoring transparency, which encouraged staff to push even further in reaching the company’s objectives."– Mike X., the company's department manager shares his WorkTime attendance monitoring experience.


Michael X was able to receive comprehensive reports of employee attendance. As a result, the focus of weekly meetings shifted from reviewing manual timesheets to focusing on value-added operations. All concerns about inaccurate data became irrelevant. At the same time, when reports signaled incompliance with established work hours, such individual cases and incidents were put on the agenda. Additionally, since every employee got access to the WorkTime attendance software, transparency was promoted. So, everyone in the department could check out who was present or absent and when without speculating or double-checking. On top of that, team members improved punctuality, knowing that their time entries had been monitored and displayed in real-time mode.

"With WorkTime attendance software, we now go straight to business during recurring meetings, leaving administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking, to the reliable provider. Now, I spend many more hours focusing on productive business needs. Additionally, automated reporting provides needed transparency in a rapidly growing company." – Mike X., the company's department manager

WorkTime.No more never-ending meetings with WorkTime attendance monitoring software

"We appreciate your feedback, Mike! At WorkTime, we are always happy to serve our clients, helping their businesses head towards their goals. Attendance monitoring is one of the key features in WorkTime software, and it keeps improving, thanks to the valuable feedback of our clients."

– Kirill Nesterenko, CEO at WorkTime

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