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May 16, 2018

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WorkTime helps decrease idle time & personal internet use

Jennie K., the owner of Business Travel Club, a small Dutch company that provides business tourism services and specializes in: Schengen visas under "business" specification assistance, hotel/conference room/car bookings, air ticket sales, etc. contacted WorkTime experts because there were complaints about her employees slacking at work. Due to the nature of her job, Jennie K. is often away from her office in the suburbs of Rotterdam, meeting with hotel staff, submitting documents to embassies, and negotiating with consulates.


Jennie K. was concerned that her workers didn't stay business-oriented as they should when she's out of the office. Being a very busy person, the business owner, Jennie K., is often on-the-move. Her employees complained about some of their colleagues not being as productive as expected. They claimed that their colleagues were either idle or engaged in personal internet activities whenever the club owner was away.


The business travel company's owner decided to implement WorkTime Cloud, a cloud-based employee monitoring solution developed by NesterSoft Inc. that monitors employees' productivity and provides web access to more than 70 monitoring reports.


The business owner provided her employees with insights into their idle time and personal Internet use through the WorkTime cloud-based monitoring reports she received. Correspondingly, corporate policies on workplace behavior were set in place and revised with the employees' full cooperation. The monitoring has helped her employees make the necessary adjustments and maintain the work discipline while the owner is away.

"WorkTime Cloud has empowered my employees to be more disciplined at work while I maintain my mobility. My office staff is aware of the cloud-based monitoring tool that I use, and it has motivated the team to focus more on work even when I'm away. Our monthly financial results show that our customers are starting to grow, and I'm planning to expand the business!" – Jennie K., the owner of the company, shares her WorkTime Cloud employee monitoring experience.


WorkTime Cloud reports showed that only about one-third of the staff remained engaged in business-related operations whenever the business owner had a meeting outside the office. The others were either surfing the web for personal needs or leaving their PCs "idle" to indulge in other distractions during working hours.

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WorkTime, an employee and computer monitoring software, is designed to increase its users' business productivity. WorkTime Cloud, a cloud-based solution for employee and computer monitoring purposes, empowers management staff to perform various business functions from any device available and does not require additional IT skills.

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Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., a WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software provider has been specializing in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years, since the year 1998.

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