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What is login and logout monitoring?

Login and logout monitoring is the automatic, real-time recording of employee system login names and the time they log in or log out of their work computers.
Login and logout monitoring is an integral part of a bigger process, which is employee computer monitoring.

Login and logout monitoring is the automatic recording of employees’ system login names and times.

We are WorkTime login/logout monitoring software, successfully serving customers for 20+ years.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Ways employees login to computers

There are several ways employees can log in to their computers, each offering varying levels of security and convenience.

Login name and password

The most common method is using a login name and password. Employees enter a unique username or login name along with a password to access their accounts. This combination serves as a way to identify the user and verify their identity.

The most common method of logging to a computer is using a login name and password.

Biometric systems

Another method is biometric systems, which utilize unique physical or behavioral characteristics of individuals, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans. Employees’ biometric data is securely stored and compared with the presented data during login to authenticate their identity.

Smart cards or tokens

Some organizations use smart cards or tokens as a login method. These physical devices carry embedded chips or electronic data that store credentials. Employees insert the card into a reader or use the token to verify their identity and gain access to their computers.

PIN-based systems

PIN-based systems require employees to enter a numeric code or PIN for authentication. This method is often used in conjunction with smart cards or tokens, where employees need to enter the PIN along with the physical device to log in.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a convenient method that allows employees to use a single set of login credentials to access multiple systems or applications. Once logged in, they can navigate through various platforms without repeatedly entering their credentials.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

To enhance security, some organizations implement two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). These methods require employees to provide two or more pieces of evidence to authenticate their identity, such as a combination of something they know (e.g., a password), something they have (e.g., a mobile device), or something they are (e.g., biometric data).

Regardless of the type of login method used, WorkTime offers comprehensive employee monitoring functions to record and track employee login activities, providing organizations with accurate data and insights into employee computer usage.

Regardless of the type of login method used, WorkTime can record employees’ logins.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Why monitor logins and logouts of employees

When employees log in and log out of the company’s computers, it is important to see whether attendance is timely and regular, how work progresses during paid hours, and how computers are used. The information obtained from the login/logout monitoring reports provides insights into employees’ computer activities when computers are idle/active, attendance issues, and much more.

Login and logout monitoring gives insights into employee attendance and computer usage.

It helps fix attendance issues

Login and logout monitoring provides real-time data reports that show employees and managers what factors affect attendance. In this way, attendance issues can be resolved and prevented and stronger teams can be built.

It provides real-time analysis

Login and logout monitoring is an automated process with which you can’t go wrong. When an employee/user logs in and out of the computer, the number of hours worked, absences and overtime can be recorded in real-time. This analysis helps identify patterns and imbalances in working hours.

It helps minimize idle time and false overtime

Login and logout monitoring solves the problem of idle time and overtime. Because it is an automatic process, reports can’t be falsified. Issues associated with manual methods of attendance monitoring, ranging from buddy punching (when a coworker punches the timecard or clocks in on behalf of another employee) to swapping slide cards, can also be prevented. Additionally, idle time and overtime reports help your team see how their working hours are spent and make adjustments.

WorkTime helps fix attendance issues, provides real-time analysis, helps minimize idle time and false overtime.

Login/logout monitoring software

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It prevents timesheets error

Information from monitoring reports can be very helpful to employees when building timesheets. Login & logout monitoring eliminates errors resulting from manual filling, saving time and money.

It supports flexible working hours

Login and logout monitoring promotes flexibility during working hours as it is an automated system. Reports are generated all the time and from any location. Employers don’t need to worry about who arrived on time or not, and vice versa. All attendance data is recorded and clear, regardless of work settings. It dismisses any concerns that managers may have regarding employee performance during working hours.

It helps manage employees working from home

In situations where employees have to work remotely or from home, login and logout monitoring ensures accountability without being restrictive. Employees can work efficiently outside the office, and productivity will still be at a good level. Login/logout monitoring makes employees more responsible at work and minimizes distractions. It also enables managers to monitor the work process of employees who work from home. Find everything you need to know about work-from-home monitoring in this Free Work-from-home monitoring Ebook.

It delivers accurate reports

Managers can quickly obtain accurate attendance data from any department by accessing login and logout monitoring reports. These reports can also be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Accurate reports allow managers to evaluate and develop policies on working hours, workplace culture, and performance.

Monitoring employee login and logout activities is essential for maintaining security, productivity, and compliance within organizations.

Login and logout monitoring is part of a bigger process

Login and logout monitoring doesn’t usually come as a stand-alone function or software. Software that offers login and logout monitoring usually comes with a ton of other useful features such as attendance monitoring, internet monitoring, active/idle time monitoring, software use and more.

Login/logout monitoring software

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How to monitor employee login and logout

There are two main methods for monitoring employee login and logout: analyzing system logs and utilizing specialized login/logout monitoring software.

Analyzing system logs

Logs contain information about the operation of a system or program. They keep system events and activities like startup notifications, updates, crashes, warnings, and user access to programs or files. Analyzing system logs allows specialists to identify system errors, detect malicious activity, and gather statistics on website visits. This valuable information provides accurate statistics, insights into user behavior, and helps identify patterns among user groups.

However, interpreting logs can be challenging for non-experts and reports offered might be not very convenient.

Interpreting system logs can be challenging.

Utilizing specialized login/logout monitoring software

Login/logout сomputer monitoring software is the best way to monitor employee logins and logouts.

As logging in and logging out is part of computer use, this makes computer monitoring software the best way to monitor this process. Computer monitoring software does this automatically, without the need for any manual work. You don’t need to be a tech person to use it. Also computer monitoring software offers comprehensive reports that are much better than system logs reports.

– Computer monitoring software automatically captures employee system login names and login/logout times.

– Computer monitoring software provides reports displaying the login and logout name/time of each employee and computer.

– Computer monitoring software records the exact time and date of login/logout to verify employee attendance.

– The number of times an employee logs in is automatically calculated based on the login/logout time history.

– Computer monitoring software notifies an employer if an employee attempts to log in and leave the workplace before the end of the working day.

– Computer monitoring software provides another function that monitors active and idle time on the computer.

– Reports gotten from this function indicate any discrepancy between login times and excessive idle times while logged in.

Types of login/logout monitoring software

There are two main types of software for monitoring employee logins and logouts: cloud-based and on-premises.

Cloud-based login monitoring software

Cloud-based login monitoring software is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

This type of software is typically easier to set up and maintain than on-premises software, and it can be more cost-effective for smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to maintain their own infrastructure.

On-premises login monitoring software

On-premises login monitoring software is installed on the organization’s own servers or infrastructure.

This type of software offers more control and customization options than cloud-based software, making it a better option for larger organizations with more complex security requirements.

WorkTime offers both options for monitoring: cloud-based service (WorkTime Cloud) and on-premises software.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Windows, Citrix/Terminal server login/logout monitoring

Windows login/logout system logs are available on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. However, the data is only recorded for individual computers, making it challenging for system administrators to have a complete overview of all logon and logoff activities. Additionally, the features of Windows login/logout monitoring can vary depending on the specific Windows version being used, which can add complexity for administrators seeking a comprehensive view.

On other hand Terminal services and Citrix offer an approach, where applications are run on a central server instead of individual computers. This simplifies the process of viewing login/logout logs for the employees.

However, monitoring employee activity with Windows, Terminal services and Citrix, requires tech knowledge to set up and process the data.

WorkTime offers an easy and reliable way to monitor employee login and logout for Terminal services and Citrix without the need for technical knowledge.

At request you can receive detailed reports of employee activity in real-time, helping them identify areas where they may need additional training or support.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Remote employee login/logout monitoring

The future of work is changing, and most businesses think a mix of working from home and in the office is the way forward. According to Forbes, this “hybrid” model is expected to grow to 81% in 2024. Offering a partially remote work model will help to attract better talent, as 97% of respondents believe.

However, many companies are struggling to prepare for this new way of working. They need to create new policies, communication strategies, and implement new technologies to keep employees connected and maintain company culture. “As a hybrid model takes hold, executives are looking to technology to help address and simplify some of this complexity.” – Excerpt from article

Companies are often not ready to manage remote employees effectively.

One of the essential technologies for remote work is a remote desktop connection (RDC). RDC allows employees to establish a connection from their home computer or laptop to their office PC, providing a virtual window into their work computer. With RDC, employees have complete control over their office apps, files, and network resources, regardless of their physical location. This technology enables seamless access to everything they need, just as if they were sitting at their office desk.

With WorkTime, your employees can work from anywhere, including from home, and still be monitored effectively. By connecting the necessary devices, you can track logins and logouts of your remote team, their level of engagement, and areas where productivity can be improved.

With WorkTime you can track logins and logouts of your remote team.

WorkTime offers real-time monitoring, user activity tracking, reporting and analysis, and alerting and notifications. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, and remote desktop sessions, making it a versatile option for organizations of all sizes. WorkTime also provides a user-friendly interface and a dedicated support team.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Laptop/login logout monitoring

Many companies have started loaning laptops to their employees to enable remote work. This trend can bring numerous benefits, such as increased productivity, flexibility, and employee satisfaction. However, companies should establish a clear policy outlining the terms of use, ownership, and data privacy before loaning laptops or providing remote desktop connections.

Loaning laptops to employees can be risky. When company-owned laptops are used outside the office, they can be lost, stolen or damaged. There’s also a high risk of data being leaked if the laptop is stolen. Additionally, employees who use laptops outside of the office are more likely to engage in non-work-related and potentially dangerous activities such as visiting unsafe websites, downloading unauthorized applications, or using public Wi-Fi. These activities can lead to malware infections on work devices, causing data leaks on the company’s network.

Login/logout monitoring software provides real-time monitoring of login and logout events.

Login/logout monitoring software provides real-time monitoring of login and logout events, allowing you to stay vigilant and respond quickly to any potential security threats. It acts as a proactive security measure, providing continuous monitoring, threat detection, and enforcement of security policies.

Login/logout monitoring software

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How to choose the right employee monitoring software for business

When it comes to choosing software for monitoring employee login/logout, it’s important to choose the right one that meets your business needs. It’s also important to consider the number of options and functions that come with the software. Having too many options and features may not be necessary for your business needs, and it can be overwhelming to analyze its performance.

When it comes to employee monitoring software, it can be challenging to choose the right solution that best fits your business needs. Here are some essential points to consider before committing to a particular employee monitoring system.

Purpose of monitoring

Before selecting an employee monitoring software, ask yourself what you hope to accomplish by monitoring your employees. Do you want to increase productivity, protect against data leaks, or improve attendance? Each employee monitoring software has a specific purpose or combines several related ones. Defining clear monitoring goals will help you choose a system that aligns with your requirements.


When selecting an employee monitoring system, evaluate the features offered. Some apps provide only basic options like screenshots, keylogging, and internet activity monitoring, while others log every mouse click and employee’s movement around the computer. However, opting for the most fully-featured app might not always be the best decision, as it can be costly and unnecessary. Instead, consider what features will provide the most valuable insight and select a tool that offers what you need.

User-friendly experience and adaptability

A good employee monitoring system should be easy to install across all office computers, even if you lack technical knowledge. It should also have an intuitive interface and clear data visualization, such as colorful charts and graphs. It should be scalable and adaptable, allowing you to adjust settings individually for each employee, enabling and disabling monitoring features as needed.


Employee monitoring software collects and stores sensitive information, such as confidential data and passwords. Therefore, before selecting any employee monitoring software, ensure that it offers secure storage of collected data as a top priority. Make sure to ask company representatives if the data is transferred and stored in an encrypted form, who has access to it, and other security concerns.

Multi-platform compatibility

Your employees may use different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or mobile devices. Select an employee monitoring software that supports multiple platforms, as this will save you money on licenses. Some systems offer multi-platform subscriptions that cater to all operating systems, while others provide bundle offers that come at a lower price.

Support and assistance

Even the most reliable software can encounter problems along the way, so it’s essential to choose a developer company that offers technical assistance and support. Check whether the license terms include free technical assistance or if you need to pay extra for assistance.
Monitoring your employees’ progress and productivity is vital to your company’s growth. By selecting the right employee monitoring system, you can make this process simple and efficient. Keep these essential points in mind when choosing an employee monitoring software that suits your business requirements.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Login/logout monitoring software example – WorkTime

WorkTime is an excellent example of software that provides login and logout monitoring. WorkTime records the employee’s system login name, computer name, and the exact time and date of login and logout. Besides login/logout monitoring, WorkTime monitors active/idle time, productive/unproductive time, software usage, internet use (Facebook use, visited websites, etc.), and other computer activities carried out by employees. These functions enable you to see how and when employees use work computers, evaluate productivity, understand attendance, and more. This software provides a set of functions necessary for employee computer monitoring.

Success story: how WorkTime employee monitoring software helped M&M reduce false overtime claims

M&M, an insurance company with over 650 employees across the United States, was experiencing an issue with exaggerated overtime claims. In an effort to reduce overtime costs, M&M implemented WorkTime employee monitoring software. The software was used to identify false overtime claims, suspected of being fraudulent for dental and short-term disability insurance services. After monitoring approximately 250 people, the in-depth analysis of the data gathered showed that only 30 employees were valid for overtime payments. As a result, M&M employees were able to save around USD 4,000 per month that was previously spent on bogus overtime. With the implementation of employee monitoring software, management now has control over the situation. The company’s top management decided to put the money saved from software monitoring into a charity fund to help people with short-term disabilities who do not have prepaid insurance.

Login/logout monitoring software

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20 FAQ about login/logout monitoring

1. What is login/logout monitoring?

Login/logout monitoring is the process of tracking and recording employees’ login and logout activities on computer systems.

2. Why do companies use login/logout monitoring?

Companies use login/logout monitoring to track work hours, prevent unauthorized access, enhance security, enforce compliance, and improve productivity.

3. Is login/logout monitoring legal?

The legality of login/logout monitoring depends on local laws and regulations. Generally, it is legal as long as privacy rights are respected.

4. Can employers monitor login/logout times of remote workers?

Yes, employers can monitor the login/logout times of remote workers using login/logout monitoring software.

5. How to monitor employee login and logout?

Specialized software like WorkTime or log analysis is recommended for monitoring employee login and logout.

6. Can login/logout monitoring be done without employees’ consent?

Generally, login/logout monitoring requires employees’ consent, and it is important to inform them about the monitoring activities.

7. Can login/logout monitoring help prevent data breaches?

Yes, login/logout monitoring can help prevent data breaches by detecting suspicious login activities and unauthorized access attempts.

8. How is login/logout monitoring different from other types of employee monitoring?

Login/logout monitoring specifically focuses on tracking login and logout events, while other types of employee monitoring may include activities like internet usage or keystroke monitoring.

9. How can login/logout monitoring help with security concerns?

Login/logout monitoring enhances security by preventing unauthorized access, detecting suspicious activities, promoting employee accountability, supporting incident investigations, and aiding compliance efforts.

10. What happens if an employee violates the company’s login/logout policies?

Violations of login/logout policies may result in disciplinary action, ranging from warnings to termination, depending on the severity and frequency of the violations.

11. How accurate is login/logout monitoring?

The accuracy of login/logout monitoring depends on the monitoring system used, but it is generally reliable in recording employees’ login and logout times.

12. Can login/logout monitoring be used to track employee productivity?

Yes, login/logout monitoring can be used to track employee productivity by analyzing their login and logout times and identifying idle periods.

13. Can login/logout monitoring be used for payroll and billing purposes?

Login/logout monitoring data can be used for payroll and billing purposes to accurately track the hours worked by employees.

14. How can employees ensure their privacy is protected during login/logout monitoring?

Employees can ensure their privacy is protected during login/logout monitoring by understanding the monitoring policies, consent requirements, and privacy safeguards implemented by the company.

15. Can login/logout monitoring be used for remote employees?

Yes, login/logout monitoring can be used for remote employees to track their login and logout times and ensure active work.

16. What kind of data is collected through login/logout monitoring?

Login/logout monitoring collects data related to employees’ login and logout times, session durations, idle times, and potentially other relevant information depending on the monitoring system.

17. How does login/logout monitoring impact IT teams?

Login/logout monitoring provides IT teams with data and insights to monitor system usage, identify security risks, and troubleshoot issues related to login and logout activities.

18. How often should login/logout monitoring data be reviewed?

The frequency of reviewing login/logout monitoring data may vary depending on specific needs and security requirements. It can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on factors such as data volume, business nature, and security risks.

19. Why is login/logout monitoring important for businesses?

Login/logout monitoring enhances security by preventing unauthorized access, detecting suspicious activities, and promoting employee accountability. It also provides valuable insights into employee productivity, attendance, and overall system usage.

20. How can companies balance the need for login/logout monitoring with employee privacy concerns?

Companies can achieve a balance between the need for login/logout monitoring and employee privacy concerns by implementing transparent policies, obtaining employee consent, and collecting only necessary data. Additionally, they can protect individual privacy by anonymizing or aggregating data, establishing clear data retention periods, and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Regular communication and addressing employee concerns play a crucial role in finding the right balance between monitoring for security purposes and respecting privacy rights.

Login/logout monitoring software

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Free login/logout monitoring software

WorkTime is the software, which offers a free plan and a free 14-day trial period for you to test out its features and benefits. By using WorkTime, you will have access to the only non-invasive and pure productivity monitoring software available on the market with over 20 years of experience. The software has been trusted by a wide range of industries including medical, insurance, banking, educational, charity, IT and government organizations.

One of the main benefits of using WorkTime is its ability to successfully work on large volumes of data for years while remaining both the software and database stable. Additionally, WorkTime is constantly evolving based on user feedback, ensuring that the software is always improving and meeting the needs of its users. With its comprehensive monitoring reports and non-invasive approach, WorkTime can help businesses identify productivity trends and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Login/logout monitoring software

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The bottom line

Login and logout monitoring is an automated system that records when employees log in and out of their work computers in real time.

It is used by companies to monitor the time employees spend at work. This technology records when employees start and finish their work, providing an accurate record of their working hours. The system helps to identify and fix attendance issues, provide real-time analysis, minimize idle times and false overtime, prevent timesheets error, and support flexible working hours.

The software for employee monitoring can help increase a business’s efficiency, productivity, and security.

Improved efficiency

Some remote monitoring software allows employers to track how long employees work on projects and assignments, helping them identify ways to improve efficiency and prevent employee burnout. For instance, if an employee is overworked, resources can be reallocated to ease their workload.

Boosted productivity

Being monitored makes employees more mindful of their actions, which can promote efficient workflow. Employee monitoring software also provides analytics on how employees spend their workday, pinpointing areas for improvement or assistance.

Support personnel decisions

Data collected from employee monitoring software can help employers make decisions about promotions or termination. By seeing how employees spend their time each day, employers can gain better insight into whether an associate should continue working at the company or be given more responsibilities.

Privacy and security

Employee monitoring software can help safeguard sensitive data by providing features like website filtering and blocking. In the event of data theft, the software can help identify who took the data, when it was taken, and whom it was sent to. Some software even offers tools like endpoint lockdown and data retrieval to secure company data if a remote employee is terminated.

Login/logout monitoring is a simple and effective way of tracking employee work hours and identifying potential security threats.

Monitor logins & logouts with WorkTime!

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WorkTime works well with traditional access control systems and has many benefits compared to other similar programs. User-friendly interface and intuitive setup process make WorkTime easy to use for both employers and employees. Plus, WorkTime can be configured to meet the specific needs of any company, from small businesses to large enterprises.

In addition, WorkTime’s experts are always available to assist with any questions or concerns (ask now!).

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