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February 18, 2019

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WorkTime brings professional life back to normal by offering pure employee productivity monitoring


A mental health care company providing psychological consultations and therapy on the effects of chemical dependence, adolescent mental health disorders, family abuse issues, etc., contacted WorkTime to monitor the computer activities of their staff. Their job description includes offering therapeutic services to business clients, individual and group consultations, workshops, and online counseling sessions.


Poor research on the monitoring software market resulted in the wrong choice of monitoring software. The company had set up nanny-type surveillance software to block any resources that include sex-related vocabulary, drugs, swear words, etc. But the tool started to interfere with the work of the entire online department. Management needed an appropriate tool that will do its job without interfering with the work process.


The nanny-type software application was replaced with software that will monitor the productivity of psychologists dealing with the company's online service, how long they were active online/Internet use, what software was being used, and capture distractions like Facebook, etc. WorkTime employee productivity monitoring software was the solution to the problem due to its pure and unobtrusive computer performance monitoring.


As soon as the management implemented appropriate employee productivity monitoring software, (WorkTime Corporate), the professional life of the online psychological consulting services was restored. No more interference with the work process; the management also received the first real-time reports of the employees' Internet and software use, the staff attendance data, the online team's idle time, and their overtime.


After proper market research of the monitoring software market and its price benchmarking, the management decided to use reliable and pure employee performance monitoring software. First, they requested an evaluation copy from the WorkTime team. It was important for the company to try the software to ensure that it suited their goals and it was equipped with all functions necessary for the smooth running of the business. No unwanted changes were made, and no blocks on their system. The employee performance monitoring software chosen proved to be reliable and efficient. WorkTime increased staff productivity by monitoring all activities preventing employees from carrying out their direct work responsibilities, including using the Internet for personal needs, social media networks, idle time, attendance issues, etc. WorkTime family products have become an important part of the company.

"WorkTime employee productivity monitoring software has brought our professional life back to normal. Thanks to the monitoring functions that track all possible distractions during computer use, it is no longer burdensome to work on the performance and improvement of our staff "– the manager of the online consulting team.

About WorkTime

WorkTime is a pure employee productivity monitoring software developed to facilitate the business efficiency of its clients.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., of WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software provider, has specialized in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years.

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