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For more than a year WorkTime has been successfully used by the IT department of an internationally known mass media company (USA). WorkTime is used mostly to help the employees build their time sheets since most of them are allowed to work from home, using company laptops. WorkTime successfully serves this purpose.

Time tracking software

Track working from home, remote & in office employees

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The organization

The mass media company, USA, IT department
Number of monitored employees: 2,500

The challenge

While some of the employees work in the office, many work from home, using company laptops. The IT department supervisors wanted to allow for a flexible working environment while maintaining productivity levels, especially for employees working remotely.

The solution

To maintain high productivity levels in these more flexible arrangements, each employee was required to create timesheets based on the time tracking reports from WorkTime. The employees were granted access to the software to make use of individual reports. Every employee was taught how to start and stop the time tracking program so employees working from home could monitor and track time spent on work activities during working hours.

Time tracking software

Track working from home, remote & in office employees

Try now - it's free!

The result

While using WorkTime, the mass media company’s IT department maintained high productivity levels without losing the comfortable work environment and its flexible conditions. WorkTime reports made it easier for employees to build accurate timesheets since there was no longer a need to memorize all the work done during the week.

About WorkTime

WorkTime computer monitoring software monitors software and website usage, logins and logouts, and active and idle times during work hours. Reports from the monitoring processes are used to create better timesheets.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998 NesterSoft Inc. has been offering computer monitoring software that respects the privacy of employees:

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