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Work-from-home in 2020

Since the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the percentage of businesses working-from-home has skyrocketed. Gartner conducted a survey that found that 88% of business organizations worldwide had authorized all their employees to work from home.
Another Buffer survey shows that at least 98% of remote workers would like to continue working remotely.

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Work-from-home affects employee productivity – fresh stats

Distractions ranging from family needs, household chores, or even poor internet connections, makes it challenging to pay undivided attention to work and maintain a high productivity level while working from home.
Research from SHRM shows that 71% of businesses struggle with adjusting to remote work, especially when it comes to productivity.

According to Google, their engineers had difficulties balancing the workload when working from home.

Other recent findings from Google’s internal data also showed that their newly hired engineers found it difficult to manage their workload while working from home. Factors such as communication, problems with bringing everyone up to speed, among other things, played a key role in decreasing productivity.
The bottom line is, it takes serious concentration to work in a less structured environment. Now businesses are searching for ways to boost the productivity of employees in this work-from-home era.

The best ways to keep productivity up while working from home


Planning is a crucial factor when it comes to working from home. A good plan helps to keep the workforce focused on work during working hours.

A well-organized plan helps to keep the work-from-home workforce focused during working hours.

What’s more, a well-organized plan means less stress and more control over the working day, which, in turn, helps increase productivity in the work-from-home environment.
How do you create a good plan?

  • Set clear goals.
  • Delegate daily tasks to be completed during the working day/week.
  • Be rational about the amount of work and the time allotted to complete the tasks (due dates).
  • Set realistic expectations that serve both short-term and long-term goals.

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Effective communication is another great way of maintaining productivity when working-from-home or remotely.

Effective communication is a great way of maintaining productivity when working-from-home or remotely.

Productivity thrives in structure, and the best way to strengthen this structure is through team interaction— regular (face-to-face) communication, if possible. Here are a few ways to efficiently manage this:

  • Daily Check-ins: It could be a 15-30 minute stand-up meeting (daily) to review what the team did during the day, what challenges they faced, the next course of action, and what they are looking forward to doing the next day. One-on-ones (a few times a week) to look at employees’ work and progress, and to help with any current issues or occasional long meetings (at least once a month) to review the projects that have been completed, the results achieved during the month, and to plan for the coming month. This ensures the entire team is on the same page, and information is shared accurately and in time.

Work-from-home monitoring

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Work-from-home monitoring software

Productivity monitoring software is the best way to maintain a high productivity level when working from home or remotely. It helps to replicate an in-office environment when working from home.
As productivity monitoring software providers and experts with 20+ years of experience, we advise that this process be carried out properly. We recommend non-invasive goal/business-oriented software.
WorkTime productivity monitoring software meets the criteria; it has all the features and tools needed for a productive remote/work-from-home working culture regardless of the company size. According to our customers, monitoring has completely saved their business, money, stopped false overtimes, reduced distractions, and helped keep their remote/work-from-home team engaged.
WorkTime helps remote and work-from-home employees:

  • To properly utilize their working hours by monitoring attendance and login/logout.
  • It monitors the websites and online applications accessed during working hours to show a real picture of Internet use, software, and computer use.
  • It monitors the time spent actively doing work-related activities and the time spent away from computers.
  • WorkTime reports enable employers to measure employees’ productivity and make improvements where necessary.

WorkTime has helped thousands of companies achieve the same productivity levels that they do in the physical workplace as they work from home.

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