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M&M * (name changed for the customer’s privacy) has been in business for more than 60 years. It is headquartered in the United States, with more than 650 employees in its headquarters and branches. The company provides life, hospital, dental, accident, and short-term disability insurance. HQ’s financial department had the most important goal of reducing overtime costs, so they decided to implement WorkTime employee monitoring software.


M& M managerial staff noticed the employees’ overtime claims were becoming exaggerated. In the event of a car accident, insurance agents must link the accident’s location to overtime (at any time of the day), which seems reasonable. However, excessive overtime may appear to be a fraudulent claim for services dealing with dental and short-term disability insurance. M&M employees were suspected of collecting false overtime cheques, and WorkTime seemed like the best solution necessary to save the company’s finances.

Decision process

The management staff came up with a solution to use an automated staff monitoring scheme. Having compared the licensing conditions of employee monitoring software on the market, one of the managers contacted NesterSoft Inc. to find out more about WorkTime Corporate products. The management found the reports provided by WorkTime staff monitoring software to be comprehensive and relevant to the main goal of the M& M financial department.


To monitor the staff of two departments, approximately 250 people, M&M purchased licenses for two servers. The number of WorkTime licenses is equal to the number of Terminal / Citrix servers applied for (if chosen by the type of server license). It took a month to monitor the employees under investigation and another two weeks to analyze the data received.

Productivity tracking software

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The outcome of the software implementation exceeded all possible expectations!
The reports showed that among the employees claiming for overtimes:

  • 70% of computers were used for non-business purposes during paid hours (social networks and non-insurance-relevant websites).
  • 15% were Idle after logging in (possible distractions, e.g., coffee breaks and socializing with colleagues).
  • 5% claimed overtime payments for the time they did not work.
  • 10% of the overtime claims were reasonable and justified.

Productivity tracking software

Track working from home, remote & in office employee productivity

Try now - it's free!

Results/solution in action

Approximately 160 out of 250 employees claimed overtime monthly before the employee monitoring software implementation. Based on the application for monitoring software reports, the in-depth analysis advocated a valid right to receive overtime payments ONLY for 30 employees (those not included in the Idle Time Reports or identified as heavy users of social networks). Correspondingly, M& M staff saved around USD 4,000 a month, previously spent on bogus overtime!

“The implementation of employee monitoring software has enhanced our management control of overtime costs. WorkTime Corporate application has helped us to save up to USD 50,000 in the last financial year … The top management decided to invest the money [savings due to software monitoring] into a charity fund to help people with short-term disabilities without prepaid insurance.”– Reported the CEO of M& M, the insurance company that was kind enough to provide the WorkTime team with material for this case study.

About WorkTime

WorkTime Corporate (www.worktime.com), a software developed by NesterSoft Inc., is an automated technology tool that empowers managers to manage overtime claims costs better and increase corporate productivity.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., a WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software provider has been specializing in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years, since the year 1998.

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