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The management of a medium-sized bank in Madrid, Spain, used the traditional slide card system to supervise staff attendance. Over time, the management began to question the control system’s reliability as employees tried to cheat the system by swapping cards with each other or clocking-in on behalf of other colleagues. As a result, the management decided to implement a stronger monitoring system as the current had become easy to manipulate.


Employee attendance should be 100% supervised to ensure a high-quality banking service. Advanced employee monitoring systems needed to be included to complement the conventional card control based on the management concerns. Banking management did some research to determine what employee monitoring software would solve the issue with employee attendance.

Attendance monitoring software

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Banking management decided to apply WorkTime employee monitoring software solution developed by NesterSoft Inc. Initially, questions were raised about whether log in/off monitoring (login name, computer login name, login / out time track) could fully resolve the attendance issue. When the WorkTime support team explained that the WorkTime attendance toolkit includes both logoff monitoring and active/idle time monitoring functions, there was no doubt about the attendance monitoring challenge’s solution.


WorkTime empowered banking management to track employee attendance through employee monitoring software. This decreased any chances of employee mischief occurring. To prevent employees from manipulating the card control system, log-on/off monitoring was also combined with active/idle time monitoring. The monitoring highlighted punctuality and other work-related issues, and everyone was able to make adjustments. Additionally, employees became more relaxed after seeing how transparent and non-invasive WorkTime was.

“Thanks to WorkTime, our management team is fully equipped to manage employee attendance efficiently. It is now impossible to manipulate attendance, as the employee monitoring software also tracks the computer’s active use when the employee logs in. This has dramatically improved our services, and the team has already reported an increase in customer satisfaction.”– CEO of the Spanish bank.

Attendance monitoring software

Monitor & mprove attendance!

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About WorkTime

WorkTime, an employee monitoring software, is designed to facilitate business processes by increasing employee performance. WorkTime monitors employee attendance and produces a combination of reports, including login/logoff monitoring and active/idle time monitoring. WorkTime is also designed to complement any conventional card control systems and provide excellent reports.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., a WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software provider has been specializing in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years.

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