WorkTime helps successfully retain an important customer

January 17, 2024

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WorkTime helps successfully retain an important customer


The company faced a challenge with employee discipline that put at risk a new customer contract. They effectively resolved this challenge by using WorkTime to track computer activities and find the cause of the problem. The team promptly addressed the identified issue, leading to a successful resolution and ensuring the retention of the client. This positive outcome not only secured the current project but also extended their collaboration with the client.


Last year, a project manager at a US-based IT company, responsible for overseeing a team consisting of remote and hybrid employees, embarked on a substantial project with a new, significant client. Although the initial timeline for this project was six months, issues such as missed deadlines and growing dissatisfaction from the client arose as early as the first month. It became clear that there was a serious risk of not finishing the project by the deadline, losing the client, and damaging the company's reputation.


The project manager took a step back and examined the main problem. It became clear that a lack of discipline was the main cause of the problems. In the pursuit of a long-term fix, the project manager looked for a way to efficiently track job progress. That's when he stumbled onto WorkTime. The deciding factors for choosing WorkTime were the accessibility of a trial plan and a range of reports on employee work. Given the uncertainty about the specific discipline issue within employee work, this option proved to be an ideal fit.

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After using the trial for two weeks, the manager was pleasantly surprised by its immediate impact. Revealing insightful patterns, the company discovered that certain team members were constantly starting work late, while some others were engaging in excessive internet activities during work hours. Addressing these issues head-on, the manager initiated a conversation with the team members and tackled the problem directly. The mere awareness of being monitored seemed to enhance the team members' sense of self-discipline.


As a result, starting in the second month, the team successfully met deadlines, guaranteeing the project's timely completion. Their client decided to work with them again on a joint project after they gave an excellent final result. After noticing the improvement, the company decided to switch to WorkTime's Premium plan. The effect was noticeable and greatly increased the team's output on all of their projects.

“I've had an amazing experience using WorkTime. As a project manager, I am responsible for leading the team, meeting client demands, and achieving deadlines. WorkTime has been a game-changer for me, providing a clear insight into my team's day-to-day performance. What sets WorkTime apart from other systems is its simplicity in starting monitoring and its rich features, including distraction scores, leaderboards and overtime monitoring.” – James N., project manager from the company.


"Thank you for sharing your positive experience with WorkTime, James N.! We are inspired to keep providing a product that fulfills the demands of experts like you by comments such as yours. We value your support and are glad to help you with your project management needs in the future."

– Kirill Nesterenko, CEO at WorkTime

Disclaimer: WorkTime adheres to privacy protection laws and respects our customers' rights to withhold private information. While sharing this success story, we will not disclose any specific company details. Instead, we'll highlight a customer's experience with our software and how WorkTime proved beneficial.

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