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June 18, 2024

10 min read

The company successfully retained a valuable employee! Well done, WorkTime!

Timothy G., an IT department manager, noticed in WorkTime reports that one of the most skilled remote software developers had begun visiting job search websites. The tasks were still being completed on time, but WorkTime reports also indicated the employee had been working overtime for the past few weeks. Timothy took this situation seriously.


Hiring a good team is not an easy task. Maintaining a positive work environment, delivering projects on time, and keeping employees engaged and satisfied are equally challenging. Timothy, a manager at a US IT company, was responsible for his team's success. While he could observe in-office employees daily, remote employees were harder to observe. To stay more in tune with his remote employees, Timothy had been using WorkTime. One remote software developer, especially valued for his unique technical skills, appeared to be performing well. However, WorkTime reports indicated that this employee had started looking for a new job and was showing signs of burnout simultaneously.


WorkTime reports indicated the employee had been visiting job search websites and showing signs of burnout, such as working overtime. Timothy took this situation seriously and decided to address it. He had a conversation with the employee, asking about his work, family, and overall well-being. Timothy emphasized the importance of organizing time effectively, especially when working from home, due to the different challenges it presents, such as a lack of social interaction and physical activity. It became clear that while the employee had excellent technical skills, he struggled with self-care. By the end of their discussion, the employee realized that taking a vacation with his wife was necessary to recharge.


Timothy had been using WorkTime Cloud Enterprise for about a year. He set up automated scheduled reports to receive information on key metrics such as Attendance, Overtime, Job Search, and Burnout. These reports helped him monitor his team's performance and well-being effectively. WorkTime's non-invasive approach to employee monitoring was the main reason it was well accepted by the team.
WorkTime attendance summary report

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Using the insights provided by WorkTime, Timothy effectively communicated his concerns to the valuable employee, resulting in the employee deciding to stay with the company. Great results!

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