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November 6, 2023

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The best non-invasive employee monitoring software in 2024

Non-invasiveness is a must in 2024

Remote work surge

Remote work surged during COVID. Even though COVID restrictions are over, many businesses have never returned to office work. They either operate in a remote or a hybrid setting. But here comes the question:

Do remote employees actually work?

As a business owner you want to pay for productive work. Without a physical office or a manager's direct supervision, remote employees may struggle to maintain productivity. Here's an example from a WorkTime customer: This UK bank installed WorkTime and discovered that their remote employees' active time is only about 40% during working hours. Of course this result is unsatisfactory. Business owners and managers want to make sure remote employees are productive. This is exactly the reason employee monitoring has become more common. But here come the privacy concern:

Employee privacy rights

This, however, raises questions about employees' privacy rights. So you want to ensure your remote team is productive but at the same time you want to respect their privacy.

Non-invasive employee monitoring solution

At WorkTime, we have more than 20 years of experience in employee monitoring, and here is our opinion: Excessive monitoring doesn't benefit the working process, the employer, or the employees. WorkTime offers a solution to boost employee productivity while safeguarding privacy, helping you find the right balance. This is a success story from a WorkTime customer who increased employee active time from 40% to 86% within a few days.

WorkTime is socially responsible employee monitoring

Protect employee privacy in 2024

WorkTime is a socially responsible employee monitoring software. It's not just about tracking – it's about boosting productivity in an eco-friendly way. It's non-invasive, promoting a healthy working environment. Take WorkTime's safe screenshot replacement, for instance. It's a non-invasive screen analyzer that provides you with clear data to understand your employees' screen activity in numbers:
WorkTime non-invasive screen analyzer

Monitor remote employees with confidence

WorkTime is your ideal partner for monitoring remote employees, whether they're on laptops, desktops, Citrix/Terminal servers, or working in online or hybrid settings. Plus, you'll have solid data to compare your in-office and remote team's productivity, attendance, and active time. For instance, your in-office team might be at 75% productivity, while your remote team is at 67%:
WorkTime remote employee monitoring

Achieve productivity, attendance and other goals with WorkTime

WorkTime isn't just about tracking numbers; it's about achieving goals. WorkTime keeps you on track with your productivity goals, attendance, and active time. It allows you to monitor your team's progress in real-time.
WorkTime employee monitoring productivity goal

What's going on now in your team?

WorkTime gives you real-time insights into your team's activities, so you always know what they're up to.
WorkTime employee monitoring what's today

The best non-invasive solution for your team is WorkTime!

And here's the best part: WorkTime offers a safe and non-invasive way to see your employees' progress, replacing intrusive screenshots with informative data. For example, your IT department's average screen shows 76% productivity.

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