WorkTime - resolving managerial issue for family business

October 10, 2023

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WorkTime resolves managerial issue for family business


Due to the economic downturn, a family-owned company that provides accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) had to reduce its workforce from 25 to 15. Because of family ties, the business owners felt a sense of loyalty to their employees, making the dismissals difficult. Along the line, everyone was too relaxed to draw a line between family and work, resulting in poor management. The company wanted an effective solution that would highlight all productivity and management issues.

"WorkTime reports showed high unproductivity levels and saved us from hiring an experienced manager to help improve employee productivity"– the owner of a family business.


Not being able to draw the line between family and business, and unclear goals contributed to the company's employees being unproductive. Employees were less concerned about being productive during working hours because they lacked managerial control. First, the business owners lacked sufficient grounds to reward hardworking employees and motivate underperforming employees because there was no evidence of what was going on in the office. It was difficult to tell who was working and who was surfing the web for non-work-related reasons. As a result, business productivity was steadily declining.


The owners considered hiring an experienced and high-cost manager to resolve the issue but investing the company's limited resources in a very expensive manager was not an option during the crisis. At the same time, the family-owned company needed to maintain a friendly atmosphere. The only way to resolve the issue of disengaged staff without spending a lot of money on managers or ruining the business's foundation was to implement WorkTime, an employee monitoring software that provides a real picture of employee productivity at the workplace. It also works perfectly without infringing privacy or straining relationships.


As a result of using WorkTime employee productivity monitoring software, some business objectives were accomplished:
  • The need to hire an expensive manager from outside was eliminated, and this solution helped the company to save money.
  • The issue of not knowing the actual situation in the office was resolved. The reports from the software showed the level of productivity of every employee.
  • Mutual professional trust has been established without the need for micromanagement, while loyalty has been maintained.
  • The use

    After considering all the financial pros and cons of hiring an expensive business manager to deal with productivity bottlenecks, the business owners decided to follow a different management strategy. They used WorkTime employee productivity software. The easy-to-use software provided clear reports on employee attendance, idle time, Facebook usage, personal use of the Internet at the workplace, etc. Now, the company uses software reports to train HR and distribute monthly rewards. Employee productivity has soared since the business owners decided to use employee monitoring software.

    "WorkTime has resolved our business bottleneck without the need to hire an experienced manager to improve employee productivity. We've benefited from both sides: we can now save money, and at the same time, we know the real situation in the office. Now we know who's actually working during paid hours. Software reports have also helped us maintain a friendly approach." – the owner of the family business.

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