WorkTime Cloud successfully monitors remote employees

March 16, 2020

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WorkTime Cloud employee monitoring software successfully monitors remote employees


Privately owned food processing business in Kent UK delivers fruit and vegetables to UK supermarkets in other countries, providing low-cost goods to retail chains so that English customers can save money while purchasing quality. The food delivery company sources from some European countries and manages remote staff spread across five different locations, including Poland and Ukraine. Due to time differences, it can be challenging to manage the work activities of all employees simultaneously. Hence, the company decided to implement an employee monitoring strategy to keep track of the work process and have everyone on the same page.


The main concern of business management was the need to maintain low-cost HR supervision and to efficiently monitor remote employees' productivity at the same time. The food procurement and logistics company mainly deal in fruit and vegetables. The remote staff is responsible for keeping products fresh during the varied day and night shifts.


The management decided to apply WorkTime Cloud employee monitoring software developed by NesterSoft Inc. to monitor their remote employees. This cloud-based software tracks employees' productivity, offering tracking for up to 15 users, including attendance tracking, website blocking, software usage monitoring, etc.

The use

In 3 simple steps: (Creating an account, Installing the monitoring agent, Watching the reports), management started monitoring remote staff with WorkTime Cloud. The issue of attendance was addressed. The software tracked Windows events (login/logout time and more). Productivity was also improved by monitoring the URLs visited and the applications used to ensure that staff remained business-oriented during their shifts. The company plans to implement WorkTime Cloud with its 70 + web-based reports for the rest of the company.

"WorkTime Cloud has helped us supervise and maintain the work discipline of our remote staff, with a total of 15 employees. The monitoring does not include any additional costs, and you don't need to be an IT pro to use the monitoring reports! We suggested that the owner of the company apply the monitoring software to the rest of the company to ensure steady productivity growth." – The managerial team of food procurement and logistics business shares its WorkTime Cloud employee monitoring experience.


As a result, the responsibility of the food delivery company continues to grow. Remote employees, aware of computer activities monitoring, are now showing better self-organization and are performing more efficiently: logistic routes are being managed precisely. The drivers of European itineraries provide 24/7 support from the remote logistics team. WorkTime Cloud has also made it possible for the management to supervise remote staff without the need for a specialized IT expert, as there is no requirement to carry out any complicated installations or maintenance for this cloud-based monitoring solution.

About WorkTime cloud

WorkTime Cloud is an employee and computer monitoring software designed to increase the business productivity of its users. WorkTime Cloud Free can be implemented to facilitate the business efficiency of small teams with up to 3 employees.

About NesterSoft Inc.

Since 1998, NesterSoft Inc., a provider of WorkTime employee and computer monitoring software, has been specializing in non-invasive and respectful productivity monitoring software for more than 20 years.

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