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January 18, 2018

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How to monitor employee behavior and what benefits are there?

There is a statement: "People are hired for their talents and fired for their behavior!" Office staff’s behavior is an important category for monitoring. Some employees start their working day from opening weather forecasts or surfing the net for news, while others spend their free time to grow professionally.

WorkTime allows managers to monitor office staff behavioral patterns

4 Types of unproductive employee behavior computer monitoring corrects

1. False performers

This type of employee would perform their responsibilities only when management is tightly observing. Employee computer monitoring cures the need for micromanagement. Varied reports show whether employees are active and business-oriented during the whole working day or only occasionally when being watched.

2. Employees who are passive or lacking self-drive

In case a free from performing direct responsibility minute happens, employees act differently. Some would take an additional coffee break, which is tracked by Idle Time Habits report; whereas others, who appear to possess self-driving motivation, would read business-related material to raise their professionalism. Internet Use Habits report might provide the evidence for additional bonus earned by active and motivated staff.

3. Disorganized staff

Lack of personal organization shown in the form of varied web distractions by employees might be observed via Personal Internet Use Habits reports. The reports disclose the computer time spent unproductively on numerous non-business sites, which attract poorly organized staff.

4. Employees who are resistant to change and training

While companies invest costs in HR training sessions, some employees appear to be quite resistant to new approaches, for example, many avoid using newly purchased software. Software Use Habits report shows whether an employee uses a suggested software or not.

Means of monitoring employee behavior

WorkTime, an employee productivity monitoring software, provides managers with a whole set of behavioral analysis reports:
  • Active/idle time
  • Personal/work internet use
  • Wasted time
  • Software use
In a nutshell, employee behavioral patterns could be tracked with the help of employee monitoring software reports that capture the data on employees’ active or idle computer use style, visited websites orientation, and the software and documents used as well as relevant activities’ duration.

Employee behavior reports work together to ensure HR monitoring analysis is profound!

Let's consider a vivid example, the active/idle time report might show that an employee, let’s say, Mike has been quite active on the computer during some period (sounds good so far). However, the personal/work internet Use report displays Mike has been browsing the Internet for non-business-related stuff (Facebook, anyone?). What is more, an expensive software, purchased to ease Mike’s responsibilities, has not been used at all, - as revealed by the software use report. Correspondingly, Mike has been playing around while wasting corporate time and investments, which has also been proven by the time-wastage report.

What managers get from employee behavioral analysis

A cutting-edge managerial style of non-infringing employee monitoring, realized via the software capable to track office staff behavior, is a key to many doors:

HR discipline maintenance

Management trains staff on social networking limits or excessive idle time decreases.

Company risks mitigation

Employee behavior knowledge assists in avoiding the possible liabilities gained from an unlicensed software application, and malware viruses’ attack.

Corporate costs cuttings

Due to behavioral analysis, there are no more overtime payments if an employee has been detected to abuse the idle time or personal Internet frames.

Effective timesheets development

That is reconsidering individual agendas in case employees’ wasted hours are high

Responsibilities rearrangement

Due to the wasted hours' data, based on personal Internet usage and the idle time tracked, responsibilities between employees/departments are easily shared.

Unproductive behavior eradication

Toxic employee behavior (read: fake business-orientation) could be eliminated due to the analysis provided by the set of behavioral reports via personal and group training or financial motivation.

On the flip side, whatever the goal of the monitoring software solution is, managers should remember to be sensitive to their employees’ personal working styles, so the outcome remains productive!

About WorkTime

WorkTime has enabled the managerial staff to monitor employee behavior patterns, which in turn makes it easier to train HR and ensures corporate costs spent on the labor force are not wasted!

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