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Computer monitoring software efficiently monitors computer activities, including applications, internet use, social media activities, and more. Employee computer activity monitoring helps assess attendance and productivity. Compared to other options, this technology offers an unbeatable variety of functions for monitoring computer activities. Read on to see why it is the best fit.

Applications use monitoring

The most common computer activities in the workplace involve the use of different applications.
Computer monitoring software helps you monitor any application that employees use. Whether it is free, licensed, developed in-house, or by a third-party company, this technology can monitor applications of any kind.

Computer monitoring software helps you monitor any application that employees use daily. Whether it is free, licensed, developed in-house, or by a third-party company.

Computer activity monitoring

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Additionally, monitoring reports show the history of applications used and currently in use. It provides information on which computer, employee, when, and for how long the application has been used. From this, you can instantly understand whether or not the employee’s computer activities were work-related. Also, computer monitoring software. shows which applications are in high demand or rarely used.

Computer monitoring software shows which applications are in higher demand and are not required.

You can easily see how licensed software is being used and plan your future purchases. Computer monitoring software also comes in handy when you need to identify purchased software that is barely used. This helps the company cut expenses by either reducing the number of licenses in the future or canceling additional license agreements. Read about how a school board saved a lot on licensed software. Also, read how a construction material and lime producing company saved up thousands of dollars moving to Citrix servers.

Internet and social media use monitoring

Other computer activities that employees are engaged in continuously include surfing the internet and using social media. Computer monitoring software is the perfect tool to get insight into employees’ internet activities and how often they use social media during working hours. For example, computer monitoring software shows that employees spend time on the internet, playing games, shopping online, or even socializing and chatting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. It highlights and subsequently eliminates any internet-related computer activities that are not productive.

Computer monitoring software is designed to effectively highlight and reduce any unproductive internet and social media use.

Computer activity monitoring

Get valuable insights into employee computer use!

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Monitoring reports show the employee’s system login name, the time and duration of Internet use, and the history of the websites/URLs visited. This is an effective way to minimize non-work-related internet activities and improve engagement and discipline. Read how a healthcare organization was able to reduce the time its workers spent on social media and increase productivity.

Employee attendance monitoring

In terms of employee attendance, computer monitoring software can be an excellent addition to existing check-in systems or can be effectively used as the primary means of monitoring attendance.

Computer monitoring software is an effective way to monitor and improve employee attendance.

If most work-related activities are performed on computers, computer monitoring software can adequately monitor attendance better than the regular clock-in/clock-out systems. Employees can be physically present in the office but unproductive at the same time. Computer monitoring software generates detailed real-time reports that help employers gain insight into computer activities regarding employee login/logout and idle/active time (when computers are active or inactive).

Computer monitoring software monitors the time of the first and last activity, all logins and logouts, active and idle times, productive and unproductive application use, overtime, and insufficient working hours.

Since employees are often unaware of how much time they spend on tasks, introducing them to attendance monitoring results is a great way to improve attendance. By integrating computer monitoring software, employees and employers will be fully aware of areas that need improvement, minimize wasting time on unproductive computer activities, work during paid hours, and eliminate overtime claims.

Computer activity monitoring

Get valuable insights into employee computer use!

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What does computer monitoring software do to record computer activities?

  • Computer monitoring software is an automated system. This means it monitors computer activities in the background without interrupting work processes.
  • Computer monitoring software displays exact computer activities carried out on the company’s networks—when, for how long, by whom, and on what computers.
  • Computer monitoring software records the computer name, employee system login name, and then software and websites used.
  • Computer monitoring software is designed for effective software usage analysis; with this information, employers can view all the reports needed for employees and computers in seconds.
  • Computer monitoring software works on just about any application; it records how and when these apps are used.
  • Computer monitoring software saves all captured information for future reference.

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The best way to identify which applications employees use, minimize the time spent on the internet and social media, improve attendance, or reduce the costs of rarely used licenses is to use computer monitoring software. Computer monitoring software provides you with the detailed information needed to analyze all the computer activities mentioned above. With this tool, you can evaluate your employees’ actual productivity, know who is working hard, lagging, and work on areas that need improvement.

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