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Choose the best employee monitoring software with these six important tips

Employee monitoring software is one of the best ways to improve workflow for your business if you choose the right tool. Choosing the wrong tool, on the other hand, can cause more harm than good. The thing is, if your chosen monitoring tool does not serve your business and monitoring goals, is too heavy on your network and computers, has invasive features, it can cause havoc in your business instead of helping it. This is why it is very important to select the best monitoring tool right for you.
Here are six helpful tips for selecting the best employee monitoring software for your company:

1.Establish business goals and objectives

Choosing the best employee monitoring software should start by answering the following questions – What your business goals/objectives are? How can employee monitoring software play a pivotal role in accomplishing them? What concerns are you trying to address when monitoring employees? The answer would influence different factors, such as selecting monitoring tools with features that best suit your business, ways to implement them, data protection measures, and transparency.

Before choosing software for monitoring your employees, begin with setting your business goals and objectives. This will help pick employee monitoring software that matches your business goals and will help achieve them.

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2.Research the employee monitoring software market

Searching for the best monitoring software should not be undertaken hastily. It is best to research the market before deciding because most employee monitoring software vendors try to add as many features as possible to make their products appear less basic. In reality, some of these features end up being too “heavy,” consuming a lot of resources, slowing down computer work, and failing to accommodate larger companies. As you research the employee monitoring software market, keep in mind that the potential of an employee monitoring software is determined not by the number of features but by its effectiveness.
Before committing to an employee monitoring software, make a list of what features and functionalities will be useful for your business.
Some must-have features include:

  • Attendance monitoring: Attendance monitoring tracks employee login and logout. It includes the time of clock in and clock out.
  • Website/URL monitoring: Website monitoring logs the websites an employee visits. For example, if that webpage visited is not related to work, you can see when this page was accessed and for how long.
  • Active/ Idle time monitoring: The time spent actively working on the computer and the time spent away from the computer is monitored.
  • Application/document monitoring: Application monitoring works by showing what applications are frequently used and those that are not.
  • Reporting options: The best employee monitoring software provides reports on employee activity in real-time. You should also be able to pull view data at any time.
  • And so on.

Before making a choice, it is best to research the market as most employee monitoring software vendors try to add as many features as possible to make their products look less basic.

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3.Locate major players on the employee monitoring market

Narrow your list down to employee monitoring software providers that have been around and have been field-proven. Typically, experienced software vendors provide the best employee monitoring software. This can be done in two ways:

  • Top review sites for general feedback (use with caution)
    This is a popular way to get acquainted with the market. However, a significant issue with this approach is, most review sites make assessments based on the quantity and not the quality of the features. In the process, neglecting the very crucial aspects that make an employee monitoring software great (transparency, safety, and rules), and these reviews are usually centred on what features are trendy and not necessarily useful.
  • Google search for experts in the field
    Another way to go about this is to search for software providers who are experts in the field. Those with extensive knowledge of anything employee monitoring. This will give you a broader understanding of what features you need and save you the trouble of choosing what you don’t need.

Narrow your list down to experienced software vendors that have been around and have been field-proven.

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4.Contact prospective employee monitoring software providers

This is a crucial factor if you’re looking to implement employee monitoring software with specific features.Please get in touch with the software providers to see how responsive they are when you have urgent questions. And also, to ensure they have what you need and can assist you in making a great choice, so you don’t end up picking the software that is too much or too heavy.

5.Choose employee monitoring software that will grow with your business

Business goals change over time as the company grows. You need to ensure that any employee monitoring software you choose offers scalability. This allows the monitoring tools to evolve with your company. Consider the following features:

  • Transparency
    Implementation of employee monitoring software may raise some concerns among your employees. So, it is best to keep everyone on the same page. Be transparent about the monitoring, also set well-defined monitoring policies that provide adequate information on the monitoring.
  • Flexibility
    How flexible and versatile the employee monitoring software can indicate the user experience in the long run. A good employee monitoring software should be able to incorporate all servers and applications as your business grows.
  • Ease of use and customization
    The installation and customization process should be smooth and easy. You shouldn’t need any extensive technical knowledge to implement it successfully, and the process should save you a lot of time.
  • Data encryption
    It is best to choose employee monitoring software that prioritizes keeping company data secure.
  • Pricing
    The next thing that needs to be considered after the features is pricing. Employee monitoring software offers various pricing plans according to the features included. You want to invest in monitoring software that not only increases productivity but also saves time and money. One thing to note is that employee monitoring software providers offer free versions, but users are minimal in most cases. You can download, test, and determine if these free versions are a match for your business.

6.Integrate the monitoring tool into the work process

When employees are resistant to adopting new technology, integrating can be tricky. This is why we recommend involving your team in the implementation process. Having comprehensive policies and monitoring handbooks in place allows everyone involved to feel more at ease. First, summarize your business goals, explain what software you’re using, what it does, your intentions for using it, and why it’s necessary for company growth. Do not forget to assure your employees about respecting privacy.

Our monitoring experts have developed ready-to-use policies, announcement samples, and employee monitoring handbooks for direct use or a sample to create future employee monitoring policies. Request a copy now. It’s free!

Why do businesses incorporate employee monitoring software?

Employee behaviour at work has a major effect on company success. Nobody wants to pay an employee for gaming or catching up with a series on the company time. This is why many businesses consider it critical to ensure that their employees do what they are paid to do. Employee monitoring software serves as a dynamic tool for businesses seeking to oversee and manage their workforce (office and remote). This technology, when used correctly, can provide numerous benefits to a business.

Employee monitoring software is a dynamic tool for businesses seeking to oversee and manage their workforce (office and remote).

The following are the top reasons why businesses should integrate employee monitoring software:

1. Tracking employee performance and productivity

The first major reason businesses need employee monitoring software is to measure employees’ performance and productivity accurately.
In this manner, they can see who’s working on what project, what time they are clocking in or out of work, which tools are being used, how far along they are, and whether all set deadlines are being met. Any good software will offer you at least a couple of very useful features to do this. For example, If you want to monitor employee performance, the best monitoring software will be features that monitor computer activities, websites/URLs visited, and so on. These features allow you to see what productive/unproductive activities employees engage in during the workday.

Businesses need employee monitoring software to see employees’ productive/unproductive activities during the workday.

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2. Providing accountability with the workforce

When working with a team, whether in-house or distributed and on different projects, employers need an accurate and objective way to ensure the team’s accountability. This includes time on projects, access to files, and hours worked.
Another great thing about employee monitoring software is that it allows employees to account for their time and performance; they can keep track of their working hours and see how they are performing.

Employee monitoring software enables the workforce to be accountable for their time and performance. They can keep track of their working hours and see how they are performing.

3. Enhancing the workload

Employee monitoring software helps pinpoint if an employee is spending too much time on a task, if an employee has too much free time because no tasks have been assigned to them, and so on. Management can use this information to determine the best way to organize the workload and, even better, delegate work duties.

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4. Ensuring proof of work and avoiding overtime

A very important reason why companies need monitoring software is to get proof of work and working hours compliance for all of their employees.
The best monitoring tool has features such as login/out tracking, active/idle time. This allows you to ascertain how much time your employees spend working, whether they are keeping to time and whether the overtime claim is valid.

Summing it up

The process of choosing the best employee monitoring software is different for every business. However, if these practical tips are taken into account, you will be on the road to choosing the right tool for your business.

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