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Do you know that employee engagement has been a hot topic in the corporate world for a while?

In 2019, many employers were willing to take this even a step further by incorporating the employee monitoring software trend into their businesses.

These employee monitoring tools aim at reorganizing the entire working environment – managing employees effectively, optimizing productivity, effectively handling employee engagement, and making adequate efforts to enhance the work experience.

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1. The transition from one-time to real-time analysis

If the one-time analysis were all right in past years, this technique would not seem sufficiently efficient in 2019. Continuous real-time feedback from employees has proven to be more effective. Organizations employ the real-time analysis approach by using employee monitoring software that measures the real picture of employee engagement. Smart decisions come from real data, and there is no better way to do that than dive into time-tracking tools. Essentially, this helps to tackle better the issues arising from the misuse of time during work hours. WorkTime is a great example. The software analyzes distinct components of an organization that includes employee activity, overtime management, and computer use.

2. Finding ways to fire-up productivity

Employers are looking for ways to boost employee productivity. Several growing startups, established brands, and organizations are relying on incorporating employee monitoring tools in their work to achieve this. This cuts-across-the board to improve productivity for both current team members and new hires.
According to a Deloitte study, organizations are looking to capitalize on the benefits of the emergence of new workplace monitoring tools to help redesign work architecture, lift productivity, and strengthen the efforts of employees.

Employee monitoring

Monitor working from home, remote & in office employees

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3. Automation of certain tasks with new technology

The new monitoring trend has replaced the need for an actual human in certain job functions, say several experts. According to them, present-day HR professionals can choose from a wide scope of monitoring technology designed to automate, fasten and streamline operations that have traditionally been executed manually.
Many organizations use tools like employee time tracking software. These tools help HR professionals save time and money, improve their productivity, decrease mistakes and achieve better results in a shorter period.Research from Affinitylive points out that, daily time tracking can decrease productivity leaks by 80%.

Time tracking is a tried and tested way to manage work hours efficiently. When done regularly and accurately, this method can help boost productivity and, eventually, improve employee engagement and performance.

4. Transparency is becoming indispensable in the workplace

As employers continue to explore new monitoring software to understand their workforce, employees are starting to feel more comfortable monitoring, especially if they understand how and why.
A recent Gartner survey found that 30% of employees were more at ease in 2018 with their employers monitoring their work activities compared to only 10% in 2015. More than 50% of the employees report being comfortable with monitoring when an employer explains its reasons.
In terms of transparency around employee data exchange, there have been several positive developments. Data collection, analysis, and usage are under rightful scrutiny thanks to monitoring software.
This means that in 2019 employers opt for software that not only monitors but safeguards employees’ personal information, which, in turn, allows employees to have ownership of their data.

WorkTime is the only software on the market covering respectful, pure employee productivity monitoring without any spying.

Employee monitoring

Monitor working from home, remote & in office employees

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5. Flexible working arrangement

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. companies have employees that work outside of the office. Over 3.9 million US citizens work remotely at least half the time in 2019 and by 2025 remote working will rival fixed office locations.
Workplace dynamics are evolving as employees now prefer flexible working arrangements such as working from home or flexible working hours. As such, remote work has, therefore, become a trend. Employers are becoming more open to the idea. With the use of technology, they can keep things in check, and as long as employees are goal-oriented and continue to produce results, they realize there is no need to be physically in the office.

Take your business to the next level!

If you haven’t started implementing employee monitoring software in your business, 2019 is the best time to start. The benefits can not be overemphasized. Of course, investing in one is not enough to ensure its effectiveness; be sure to conduct proper market research to select a suitable tool that meets your business goals.

With the right employee monitoring tool, you can respectfully monitor how employees are spending their hours, understand what changes you need to make to simplify workload, and ensure that they stay right on track on every project they undertake. Consequently, this will allow you to help your employees work better and, in turn, move your business forward.

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