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  • Oct 18, 2021
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A new version of WorkTime employee monitoring software has been released.

To update to the latest version email or call! | 1-877-717-8463

Release version 11.00, coming soon in Nov 2021, a major release!

Major updates

  • In-office/remote/working-from-home employees monitoring to compare employee productivity.
  • Productivity, attendance, active time goals to help your team to perform better.
  • Digital screenshot – the only on the market non-invasive & informative “screenshot”!
  • Distraction score to find the sources of distraction to improve employee productivity.
  • Leaderboards to prize your best & to engage your employees more.
  • Electricity waste to keep you informed about computers left working after working hours.
  • Online meetings monitoring.
  • False overtime monitoring.
  • Off-work employees.
  • In-cloud and on-premise monitoring.
  • New reports.
  • New interface.
  • All the above features come in addition to the standard features set, like productivity, attendance, active/idle time, login/logout monitoring & more.

Components affected

Monitoring agent, cloud.

Release version 10.20, Nov 2021

Major updates

  • Cross-browser URL tracking method for all the existing browsers and their future versions, including Tor
  • Auto-backup history retaining
  • Reports speed

Components affected

Monitoring agent, cloud, server.

Release version 10.19, August 2021

Major updates

  • Updated URL detection for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge versions 92+

Components affected

Monitoring agent, cloud.

Release version 10.18, April 2021

Major updates

  • Record time as active if microphone is used
  • Absenteeism report has been added

Components affected

Monitoring agent, administrative tool, cloud.

Release version 10.15, July 2020

Major updates

  • Url tracking has been updated to support Microsoft Edge Chromium v81
  • Logging for the installation and uninstallation process have been improved
  • Improved monitoring agent logging process
  • Simultaneous execution of scheduled reports is fixed
  • New option to sort rows in the “Full log” report has been added

Components affected

Monitoring agent, watcher service, administrative tool, cloud.

Release version 10.14, May 2020

  • Improved processing speed
  • Improved logs to better describe the work process (milliseconds added)
  • Option to monitor only selected users has been enabled
  • “Employee Active Idle” report has been corrected
  • “Attendance Issues/Overtimes/False Overtimes” report correction added
  • All servers are now displayed in the Citrix reports widgets
  • Scheduled reports limited to 10K lines
  • Encrypted data files received from Mac computers are now recognized
  • Watcher service CPU usage and access violation issue resolved
  • Datafiles processing has been optimised to avoid rare situations of duplications
  • Exporting reports to CSV has been addressed
  • Reports can now display unicode symbols correctly
  • Proper encoding detection has been added
  • Client-server communication issues due to poor network connection has been improved
  • Operating system forced shutdown event can now be recorded

Release version 10.13, March 2020

  • Protection against computer active time imitation (continuous key pressing)
  • Improved logs to better describe the work process
  • The monitoring agent duplication error has been fixed
  • Duplicated records in the dashboard have been fixed
  • Windows System users have been excluded from the monitoring process

Release version 10.12, January 2020

  • Windows system users have been excluded from the monitoring process (‘SYSTEM’,’LOCAL SERVICE’, ‘NETWORK SERVICE’)
  • Filtering and data duplication in reports have been fixed
  • The occasional critical errors that occur in reports has been corrected

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