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June 23, 2020

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WorkTime continues to be recognized for its effective & highly professional employee monitoring approach!

WorkTime is often referred to by renowned resources and research sites that trust its valuable feedback and expert opinions. Here are a few mentions:

Working from home due to COVID-19: survey shows increased demand on employee monitoring software. WorkTime data has been used for the survey. (dailytelegraph.com.au)

Daily Telegraph Australia reports that with more teams working from home due to the COVID19 pandemics, WorkTime employee monitoring software has reported a significant increase in demand for their employee monitoring products with a 300% jump in inquiries for Australian businesses specifically.

Monitoring your employees and staying on the right side of the law - use WorkTime (business.com, thebalancecareers.com, and gizmodo.com)

When it comes to employee monitoring, questions often arise on how to monitor employees properly, what to monitor and what not to monitor, whether to notify employees or not, where the laws stand in different jurisdictions and state, particularly in the United States and so on. Reputable sources such as business.com, thebalancecareers.com, and gizmodo.com recommend 12 most asked questions on U.S. employee monitoring laws article from WorkTime as a great read that answers all these questions about how the monitoring process can be carried out legally and effectively.

Employee monitoring in Europe: WorkTime complies with the main principles! (hotforsecurity.com)

Hotforsecurity.com highlights that although European Union employee monitoring laws are a bit different, WorkTime experts advise the following principles by Miriam H.Wugmeister: Necessity, Finality, Transparency, Legitimacy, Proportionality, Accuracy and retention of data and Security should be implemented to ensure that employees' rights are not violated, and employees' personal data is protected."

Small businesses can schedule their time better with WorkTime (smallbiztrends.com)

According to a smallbiztrends.com review, if you have a small business and you're considering using a work schedule app, WorkTime is an excellent option. It is a simple-to-use work app designed to streamline and simplify scheduling processes and more. WorkTime provides reports to notify users about shifts, tasks, and the hours worked alongside wages with its hour's calculator feature.

Your business can benefit immensely from using WorkTime (www.inc.com)

According to inc.com, WorkTime is an effective, easy-to-use employee monitoring solution that helps manage computer activities by tracking time spent on projects and applications to gauge employee productivity.

WorkTime approach

WorkTime's approach helps your business stay efficient, productive and remain on the right side of the law while getting the maximum benefits of implementing employee monitoring software. This has been the vision for over 20+years. WorkTime provides tools necessary for productivity growth while protecting your employees' privacy. And most importantly, WorkTime complies with the strictest legal requirements. Our expert team is always here to help.

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