WorkTime - Black Friday Sale

November 21, 2023

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WorkTime - Black Friday SALE 30% OFF

WorkTime employee monitoring software Black Friday sale!

30 % OFF any WorkTime editions with the coupon code BlackFriday30off Offer valid Nov 21 - Nov 27 2023. New customers only. First payment only. For more information, please email:

Why WorkTime?

#1 - What’s going on?

WorkTime monitors what employees do on computers.
WorkTime what are employees doing

#2 - Active/idle times monitoring

WorkTime monitors when employees use computers & when they don’t use them.
WorkTime active time monitoring
WorkTime idle time monitoring

#3 - Attendance

WorkTime monitors employee attendance, including login/logout times.
WorkTime attendance monitoring

#4 - Who is NOT at work

WorkTime monitors off work employees.
WorkTime who is not at work report

#5 - Overtime

WorkTime monitors employee overtime.
WorkTime overtime monitoring

#6 - Productivity

Applications and websites aren't always work-related. WorkTime knows if your employees are productive.
WorkTime productivity monitoring

#7 - Internet usage

WorkTime monitors websites/URLs visited & estimates their productivity.
WorkTime internet usage monitoring

#8 - App/doc usage

WorkTime monitors applications/documents use & estimates their productivity.
WorkTime app usage

#9 - Screen analysis

WorkTime knows your employee screen in numbers, e.g.: 50% of the screen is productive (MSWord), 50% of the screen is unproductive (YouTube).
WorkTime screen analysis

#10 - Online meetings

WorkTime monitors time in online meetings.
WorkTime online meetings monitoring

#11 - Goals & progress

Define goals for active time/productivity/attendance & observe whether your employees achieve them
WorkTime goals & progress

#12 - Remote vs. in-office

WorkTime detects employee location based on IP address & and compares productivity across all locations.
WorkTime remote vs. in-office monitoring

#13 - Leaderboards

You can engage your employees using WorkTime. Leaderboard reports + full screen option will do it!
WorkTime leaderboards


50 + reports Lightweight Secure & reliable For 1-15,000+ computers For Windows, iOS For Citrix/Terminal server Successfully field-tested for 20+ years

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