Remote, working-from-home employee monitoring

Productivity is never the same if working in the office or from home. The main distinction is the environment (office versus home). In-office/work-from-home/remote monitoring feature helps you measure and compare employee productivity and many other metrics while working from home (or remotely) and in the office. With WorkTime, you no longer have to guess whether your employees are more productive at the office or at home.


Online meetings monitoring – New!

WorkTime monitors the amount of time spent in online meetings. This feature is a must-have! WorkTime keeps track of which applications were used for online meetings, how long, when, on which computers, and by which employees. The online meetings report displays the top meeting employees, frequently used meeting applications, online meeting history, and other useful information.


Distraction score monitoring – New!

Employees get distracted from their work duties for various reasons, including distractions in the office environment and in the work process (multiple tasks, meetings). Also, an employee may be simply disorganized without even realizing it. This could have a significant impact on employee productivity. WorkTime offers to measure and improve employee and team distraction score. It also helps reduce distraction levels, improve the office environment, and optimize the working process based on the distraction score report.


Screen productivity – New!

Screen productivity is a completely non-intrusive and effective way to estimate employee screen productivity. Screen productivity records which applications are open and visible to the employee and the productivity percentage of the entire screen and its visible part. Screen productivity feature simulates the presence of a manager supervising employees. This feature is extremely useful in the office and even more when employees work remotely or from home.


False overtime monitoring – New!

False overtime occurs when an employee works extra time to make up for not being present during regular working hours. WorkTime records and highlights false overtimes, assisting employers and managers in balancing workload and the entire working process.


Off-work employees monitoring – New!

WorkTime keeps track of which employees are absent and when they are absent from work. The information provided in the WorkTime reports confirms whether the employee is currently out of the office as well as a history of missed days.


Electricity waste – New!

Employees leave the company’s computers turned on after work. This report identifies which computers are active and idle after business hours, for how long, and by which employees and departments. Managers can use these reports to identify ways to reduce electricity waste.


Productivity, attendance, active time goals – New!

WorkTime offers you to set productivity, attendance, active time goals and watch how they are being reached by the employees. This monitoring function helps engage employees, improve productivity.


Leaderboard reports for employee engagement – New!

Leaderboard reports are ideal for acknowledging your best departments or top-performing employees. Leaderboard reports display the star for every successful workday. Leaderboards are most effective when displayed on an office wall where the team can see them. They are an excellent tool for increasing employee engagement.


Employee attendance monitoring

Implement attendance monitoring in a computerized office. Enhance existing check-in system, make it even more effective. Prize your best employees. Improve attendance in your office. Monitor employee computer idle time, track logins/logouts. Stay informed if your employees are in the office on time. Equip yourself with the information if they actually perform during the day.


Active/idle time monitoring, internet/software & computer use monitoring

Long lunches, chatting with coworkers, frequent coffee breaks, using Internet, software and company’s computers for personal needs – all these activities increase idle time and, as a result, negatively affect productivity level. With WorkTime you get an exact picture of how your employees use company’s computers when they are actually idle and active during the working hours.


Real picture of employees, computers & software load

How long your employees are active and how long they actually idle? Do you need to hire more employees or you need to just rearrange their duties? Why there are overtimes? Do you need to buy more computers? Are your computers being used effectively? How many licenses of that expensive software do you need to buy? Is this software really being used? We have a good news for you! All this is so much easier to clarify with WorkTime!


Cloud-based service or on-premise software

Depending on you preferences and your company policies WorkTime can work as a cloud-based service or as an on-premise software. With our cloud-based monitoring service we fully take care of your monitoring process and data; monitoring results are kept on our servers. With the on-premises solution all monitoring data is kept on your servers/computers, WorkTime does not send any data outside of your company computers: compare prices and editions.


Free employee monitoring

At NesterSoft we support growth and success of small businesses and self-employed, offering both free on-premises and free cloud-based employee monitoring for up to 3 employees. This free offer is a fully-featured software and amount of monitored employees/reports are the only limitations. All other monitoring features, like attendance, performance, active/idle times, Internet use, as well as software & computer use monitoring are 100% available. You are welcome to apply WorkTime in your team and as your team grows and you become busier you are always welcome to keep WorkTime as your handy and right-on-time monitoring assistance!


Designed for performance

WorkTime is designed to process large volumes of information and to use minimum of system resources (WorkTime vs. competitors). WorkTime for years successfully monitors offices from 1 to 15,000+ employees/computers. Multi-level data protection insures data safety.

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