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The rapid advancement of technology has tremendously affected the present workforce and changed how employers interact with, manage, and monitor their employees.
Determining when it is acceptable to adopt employee monitoring software in the workplace requires a careful balancing act.

These basic steps can and should be considered when monitoring employees:

1. Define your business goal

Before you consider monitoring your employees, it is important to conduct a risk assessment of your business.
Find the answers to certain questions like why you’re considering monitoring employees.
This will call your attention to certain aspects of your business processes that need to be monitored.

The next step is to set clear and well-defined business goals. Doing this will determine your business needs and enable you to choose an employee monitoring software solely targeted at fixing underlying issues for which they’re obtained, making you a step ahead to prevent potential financial loss.

Employee monitoring

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If the goal is to improve productivity, the choice of monitoring software should be centered on that. Look for flexible employee monitoring software that’ll meet business goals.

2. Choose quality, choose wisely

A great employee monitoring software should be able to offer these solutions:

  • Improve overall business process.
  • Curtail costs and simultaneously boost productivity in the workplace.
  • Assist with the scope of business planning.
  • Track system activity trends.
  • Streamline investigation process should any issue emerge.
  • Monitoring software should NOT be used for spying purposes as this may lead to privacy infringements and mistrust, thereby creating an unhealthy work environment.

    Employee monitoring

    Monitor working from home, remote & in office employees

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    3. Establish a solid computer and internet use policy

    Be clear:A computer/internet policy doesn’t have to be complicated. It should clearly point out what your employees are allowed and not allowed to do.

    Be transparent:Monitoring software is not the enemy. Rather, the lack of communication between the employer and the team is. It’s important you inform your employees that their work activities are being watched from time to time.

    Be reasonable:In your policy, you need to include reasons behind monitoring your employees. (In some countries, this is a requirement)

    As soon as you have a computer and internet use policy drafted, have each employee consent to it by reading and signing a copy. Leave a copy in the employee’s file.

    Update the policy at least yearly, bring your employees up to speed with the updates, and have them sign an acknowledgment to avoid misunderstanding in any form.

    Our monitoring experts have developed ready-to-use policies, announcement samples, and employee monitoring handbooks for direct use or a sample to create future employee monitoring policies. Request a copy now. It’s free!

    Employee monitoring

    Monitor working from home, remote & in office employees

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    4. Educate yourself on legal requirements

    The law recognizes several reasons why an employer might want to monitor staff. It sets out principles for carrying out such monitoring.
    Monitoring laws vary depending on the country or state, but they have one or two things in common despite the differences.

    5.Research the employee monitoring software market

    Joseph Lazzarotti (a principal with the legal firm of Jackson Lewis) emphasizes, per ethical employee monitoring, the need for equilibrium through legitimate corporate interests and weighing them against the anticipation of employee privacy and taking account of legislative constraints that may differ from state to state, country to country.

    Also, the ePolicy Institute’s founder, Nancy Flynn, who provides electronic policy training and consulting, seems to agree: “Employers have to balance their legal right to monitor with their employee’s privacy expectations.”

    According to Miriam Wugmeister (Comparing the U.S. and EU Approach to Employee Privacy), these key principles are to be followed when applying employee monitoring:

    Transparency, Legitimacy, Proportionality, Accuracy, retention of data, Security, Necessity, and Finality.

    Educate yourself on the legal requirements, differences, or restrictions guiding employee monitoring.

    Employee monitoring

    Monitor working from home, remote & in office employees

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    6. Safeguard monitored information

    It is essential to adopt a data protection policy for your company so that the staff’s private information you collect and maintain is properly taken care of.

    The data monitored should be securely stored and available only to those concerned. This data should be maintained only for a lawful period, just as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of
    employee monitoring.

    Choose monitoring software that keeps data encrypted and saved.

    You’re all set – start monitoring!

    After the above-mentioned steps have been taken into account; Defining your business goals, choosing suitable software, notifying your employees, providing clear computer/ internet monitoring policies, and getting employees’ consent, you are all set to monitor your employees’ performance with confidence and under the law.

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    All provided information is intended to help choose the right monitoring software tailored to fit your company or departmental goals. This article contains basic guides that’ll assist you in choosing and applying employee computer monitoring software effectively.

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