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WorkTime. Instant employee productivity increase

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Productivity monitoring

Good attendance, good active time, good employee productivity — it’s going well in your team with WorkTime!

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Improve employee productivity, attendance, active time instant

Good attendance, good active time, good employee productivity — it’s going well in your team with WorkTime!

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Remote work monitoring

Safe & effective employee monitoring technology
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WorkTime. Instant employee productivity increase

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Instant increase in active time!

This UK bank managed to increase their remote employees' active time by 46% in just 3 days! WorkTime functions and it's transparent approach made it smooth and effective.

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WorkTime. Instant employee productivity increase

More about WorkTime

1. WorkTime is high-performance software. It is designed to handle heavy loads of information while remaining easy on system resources. We tested five of WorkTime's competitors, and among all of them, WorkTime consumes the least system resources. You can find a comparison between WorkTime and its competitors here: WorkTime vs. competitors. 2. WorkTime enhances both employee productivity and attendance. With WorkTime, employees' productivity can improve by a minimum of 3-40%. On average, employees spend around 3-20% of their time on personal activities (including poor attendance, idling, browsing, and socializing). WorkTime raises productivity levels, enhances attendance, and enforces discipline by reducing idle and personal time.
3. WorkTime is a money-saving solution for companies. By implementing WorkTime, your company can save the equivalent of 30 salaries of at least 1,000 employees. According to our customers, including those with 3,500+ employees and 300 Citrix servers, time spent on Facebook alone accounts for over 3% of working hours (equivalent to 30 out of 1,000 salaries). In certain cases, such as companies with 20-100 employees, browsing time has been observed to take up about 50% of the working hours. WorkTime effectively reduces unproductive time to zero. 4. WorkTime contributes to significant savings on software expenses. According to feedback from our customers, such as a school board with over 2,500 computers, they found that WorkTime revealed extensive instances of expensive licensed software going unused. The potential costs of this unused software range from four to five figures. WorkTime serves as a highly effective and budget-friendly solution in addressing this issue, resulting in substantial money saved. 5. WorkTime assists in strategic purchasing decisions. By providing an accurate depiction of computer and software usage, WorkTime offers genuine insights for your company's planning. With this information, you can make informed choices for future purchases. Additionally, WorkTime plays a role in alleviating the burden on overloaded departments or individuals, while also aiding in determining whether more employees are needed. It effectively highlights insufficient productivity or instances of overworking, guiding your decisions. 6. Tech specs for WorkTime: install & forget! WorkTime will get the job done. WorkTime is reliable & easy on system resources. Successfully field proven for 20+ years. For Windows, Mac:
  • For Citrix/Terminal server;
  • Cloud based/on-premise;
  • From 15,000+ to 1 computers;
  • Designed for large volumes;
  • Minimum of system resources;
  • Data encryption;
  • Data password protection;
  • Automated database backup.
7. WorkTime offers the highest data safety standards. Data safety is an important aspect of employee monitoring. Data safety is an important aspect of employee monitoring, and WorkTime employee monitoring software adheres to the highest data safety standards. WorkTime effectively serves industries such as health care, finance, government, defense, and security, among others. 8. WorkTime is secure. WorkTime uses AES-256 encryption. AES-256 is the most secure protocol; data cannot be decrypted unless the code is known. 9. WorkTime is for HIPAA environment. WorkTime’s primary focus is productivity monitoring; it only collects information necessary to estimate employee productivity without infringing on employee privacy. WorkTime is HIPAA-compliant as a result of this approach: WorkTime does not deal with PHI. 10. WorkTime is reliable. The use of a multi-tier system design to ensure stress and failure resistance. It is guaranteed that your monitoring data will not be lost, and the monitoring process will run smoothly. 11. WorkTime monitors work from home and remote employees. Monitor your not-in-office employees with WorkTime! Best prices on the market! Create an “in-office” environment. Keep productivity at a good level. Receive real time information about logins/logouts, active/idle times and more! 12. WorkTime monitors employee attendance. Monitor and improve attendance. Monitor employee computer idle time, track logins/logouts. Equip yourself with the information if the employees actually perform during the day. 13. WorkTime monitors active & idle times: long lunches, chatting with coworkers, frequent coffee breaks, using Internet, software and company’s computers for personal needs – all these activities increase idle time and, as a result, negatively affect productivity level. With WorkTime you get an exact picture of how your employees use company’s computers when they are actually idle and active during the working hours. 14. With WorkTime you can monitor in cloud or on-premise. WorkTime can work as a cloud-based service (WorkTime Cloud) or as an on-premises software. With our cloud-based monitoring service we fully take care of your monitoring process and data; monitoring results are kept on our servers. With the on-premises solution all monitoring data is kept on your servers/computers. 15. Why WorkTime? WorkTime is the only unique non-invasive, pure productivity monitoring software on the market. 20+ years of experience. Trusted by medical, insurance, banking, educational, charity, IT and government organizations. Successfully works on large volumes for years, remaining both, the software and the database, stable. WorkTime constantly evolves based on your feedback! 16. WorkTime is the best employee monitoring software & service!
  • WorkTime monitors productivity and helps boosting it.
  • In-office, remote, work-from-home employee monitoring.
  • WorkTime monitors: idle/active times, attendance, productive/unproductive times, software and internet usage.
  • High performance & easy on system resources: WorkTime vs. competitors.
  • Cloud (we take care of your data) or on-premise (your data does not leave your company).
  • No invasion to employee’s privacy. Pure productivity monitoring.
  • No screenshots, no keystrokes, no chats/emails or documents content recording.
  • HIPAA compliant.

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Green employee monitoring

WorkTime Green employee monitoring supports workplace health. Effective, socially responsible, safe & ethical technology to keep your business going!

WorkTime Green employee monitoring supports workplace health. Effective, socially responsible, safe and ethical technology to keep your business going!

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

GDPR compatible

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Here you know the screen is 50% productive. Top unproductive activity is use. You see the history, you track the progress. Easy, effective, safe!

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