8 benefits of using active/idle time monitoring software


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Why active and idle time monitoring?

Employees can easily get distracted at work – chatting, surfing the net for personal purposes, visiting social networking sites, or taking long coffee breaks during the hours they are paid to be active. This could lead to the misuse of working hours and money loss. To put it more precisely, Harvard Business School conducted a study that found that businesses lose over $100 billion every year in wages paid to employees for idle time. Hence, the need for employers to monitor:

  • Employee Idle time, which is the time spent away from one’s PC/laptop.
  • Employee Active time; the time spent on PC/laptop performing work-related activities.

Active/idle time monitoring software

Improve productivity, decrease idle time!

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What are the benefits of using Idle/Active time monitoring software?

1. Boost overall employee productivity

Through active and idle time analytics provided by monitoring software, managers and employees can gain insights into high-and low-productivity trends and help to identify peak performance periods and areas that need improvement.

2. Monitor in real-time

Being an automated system, active and idle time monitoring software can flawlessly monitor and measure work activity in real-time without relying on human input.

3. Stay updated on the progress of tasks during working hours

Active/idle time monitoring software helps to track progress on specific tasks. Employers can determine how many hours employees spend on tasks when computers are being used and then use this as a benchmark to better plan, execute, and allocate the workload more efficiently to keep teams productive.

Active/idle time monitoring software

Improve productivity, decrease idle time!

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4. Efficiently analyze and supervise employee activity levels

Monitoring software is a great tool for employers or managers to analyze and supervise employee activity levels, recognize well-performing employees, and address those who are being idle or lagging.

5. Get detailed and complete reports on activity

Detailed reports show if employees spend their working hours performing assigned tasks and the exact number of hours employees were active or idle. It also helps assess whether there is a need to reduce or increase the amount of time spent on specific projects and activities.

Active/idle time monitoring software

Improve productivity, decrease idle time!

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6. Establish corporate policies with detailed monitoring reports

Another situation could arise when reports reveal that employees are using the internet for personal reasons. This information could be used to develop a corporate policy prohibiting the use of company-provided internet for non-business-related purposes during paid hours.

Our monitoring experts have developed ready-to-use policies, announcement samples, and employee monitoring handbooks for direct use or a sample to create future employee monitoring policies. Request a copy now. It’s free!

7. Cut down on excessively long meetings

From a corporate viewpoint, long meetings are often seen as top time-wasters in organizations. The Harvard Business Review showed that weekly executive meeting consumes 300,000 hours every year. Meetings can be organized and controlled with time monitoring software to ensure that meetings are straight to the point.

Active/idle time monitoring software

Improve productivity, decrease idle time!

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8. Cut down on paychecks

Active/idle time monitoring software can help avoid errors during payroll management procedures by providing accurate time reports. The detailed reports will also serve as justification or proof in cases where employees claim overtime.

Ensure active time efficiency with WorkTime reports

WorkTime is an active/idle time monitoring software that processes applications and websites used by employees/departments in real-time. The outcome of the analysis can be available in reports in minutes/hours or by percentage. Data received from the Active/Idle Time reports measure the number of active hours employee(s) spend on work-related computer activities, sites visited, and idle hours. Data analysis could be instrumental in achieving various business goals.

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Case study

This case study shows how WorkTime helped to decrease employee idle time effectively.

Active and idle time monitoring is beneficial for any enterprise, irrespective of their size. Active and idle time monitoring software helps to optimize and utilize time in the best way possible to prevent wasted hours”- Kirill Nesterenko, C.E.O Nestersoft.Inc

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