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Internet, Employee & Computer Monitoring Software
For Companies, Employers, Human Resources
WorkTime successfully monitors offices with 1- 10,000+ employees / computers

Internet, Employee and Computer Monitoring Software WorkTime
Internet Use | Websites Visited
60+ Customizable Reports
Internet During Work Hours Export to HTML as on the Screen
Employees Performance & Attendance
Scheduled Reports
Software & Documents Use For Laptops, Desktops, Remote Computers
Computers Use For Windows, Terminal/Citrix, Linux
Idle & Active Times For Employers, Businesses, Human Resources
Login & Logout Times More...

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Product Summary | Present to Boss   $49.95-$12.95 per user
One time fee
License does not expire

Problem: Employees Waste Time

Hours Spent (Per 1000 Employees)
Time Wasted %~
Salaries Wasted ~
716 Hours
8,95% Wasted
90 Salaries Wasted

How to Resolve?

According to feedbacks from the WorkTime customers, the situation with wasted working time has significantly improved after implementing WorkTime and announcing this fact to the employees.

Managers receive daily performance reports like Top Facebook Employees, Top Social Network or Top Internet Usage, Top Idle Employees and more in order to see the weakest points and emplloyees are aware of this.

Of course none of them has the wish to be part of these reports. Managers define this solution as noninvasive and productive way to improve the situation, for both employers and employees.
Our Clients...

"WorkTime helps make our employees busier with what they're paid for."

Why WorkTime?
Field tested on 1-10,000+ computer offices
Performance monitoring, no spying
60+ customizable reports, export to HTML
Designed for heavy loads
Competitive prices
Competitive licensing conditions
15+ years on the market
30 days FREE evaluation, no limitations!

WorkTime Features

About WorkTime Corporate

WorkTime Corporate is an employee, computer and Internet monitoring software system designed for businesses (companies, employers, human resources) to monitor productivity level. WorkTime successfully works in offices with 1-10,000+ employees/computers. This is a high quality software that is being constantly field tested by our customers since 1998. The software is developed in-house as well as support is in-house. WorkTime offers 60+ comprehensive reports that can be custom changed or added. WorkTime Corporate - Product summary PDF documents.

WorkTime - Employee, computer and Internet  Monitoring Software

System Description

WorkTime Corporate is a client-server system for Windows, Terminal/Citrix Server, Linux. The system consists of the following components: database, WorkTime Server, WorkTime Administrator(s) and WorkTime Client(s).

WorkTime Corporate - System Diagram

What is Recorded

WorkTime Corporate is designed performance monitoring, not for spying. All recorded information helps to monitor computers use, Terminal Servers/Citrix Servers use, employees' performance. Recorded information does not infringe on employees' privacy. WorkTime records: employees' system login names, computer names, software used (software name and executable path), documents used, websites/URLs visited, login/logout times, idle/active times.

Reports: 60+ Comprehensive Reports

WorkTime Corporate offers 60+ comprehensive reports. You can add your own custom reports or change the existing ones. Export to HTML (same look as on your screen) and to CSV formats is avaiable. Reports can be scheduled to run and email automatically (daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports):

WorkTime - report - Export - Employee Monitoring, Computer Use, Internet Use

WorkTime reports show at a glance performance level in the company, highlight any weak poins that negativelyy affect productivity level.

Successful Monitoring of 1-10,000+ Employees/Computers

WorkTime Corporate is successfully monitors offices from 1 to 10,000+ employees/computers. WorkTime is designed to process large volumes of information and to use minimum of the system resources.

Laptops, desktops, remote computers

WorkTime is intended to monitor in-office, remote and traveling laptops, in-office and remote computers/desktops.

Monitoring Results - Location

All monitoring results are stored on the customers servers/computers only.

Monitoring, Not Spying

WorkTime Corporate is intended for employee performance monitoring, computers utilization monitoring, Internet use. WorkTime does not support any spying functionality. Screens/ chats/ emails/ documents/ chats and other content is not recorded, keystrokes are not recorded.


WorkTime is compatible with Windows, Linux, Windows Terminal Services, Terminal server, Citrix server. Database: Firebird open source database, MS SQL. For detailed information refer to the compatibility chart.

Licensing and Fees

WorkTime Corporate offers competitive prices and licensing conditions.
WorkTime is licensed per user/computer/Terminal server. License Fee is one time fee, not a subscription (there are no recurring charges). Once purchased your license does not expire. Support, upgrades to new versions and discounted prices are available within 1 year from the purchase. There are no other fees. More about licensing.

FREE 30 Days Evaluation, No Limitations

30 days free fully functional evaluation copy is available. It can be tried on any amount of computers/employees/Terminal/Citrix Servers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Product Summary | Present to Boss   $49.95-$12.95 per user
One time fee
License does not expire

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