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WorkTime Successfully Monitors Offices With 1 – 15,000+ Employees / Computers

Employee Productivity Monitoring
Computer and Internet Monitoring
Social Network Monitoring
Active/Idle Times, Logins/Logouts

WorkTime Social

Facebook, Twitter
Time Wasted in Social Networks

30 of 1,000 salaries are zero waste on Facebook only. With WorkTime advanced Social Network Use reports get immediate answers on how much time your employees spend using Social Network during working hours.

WorkTime Idle Time

Idle Times
Long Lunches, Coffee Breaks

Long lunches, chatting with coworkers, frequent coffee beaks and more – all these activities decrease active time and as a result affects productivity level.Get the exact idea of how much time your employees and computers actually idle and active during work hours.

WorkTime Overtime Attendance

Poor Attendance, Overtimes

Poor attendance affects productivity level not the best way. Also not working enough during work hours and working overtimes instead, pretending being overloaded also negatively affects productivity level. Find out the reasons for overtimes. Monitor logins and logouts by the employees. Enhance or even replace your existing checkin/checkout system.

WorkTime Internet Use

Personal Internet Usage

90 of 1,000 (or 0.9 of 10) salaries are wasted to zero productivity due to Internet personal activities only. Internet for personal needs is number one at workplace personal activities. Employees waste time reading news, socializing, shopping, playing games online. Get immediate answers on how your employees use the Internet during working hours.

WorkTime Employee Discracted

Distracted Employees

There are employees who have low performance level due to distractions. They can be distracted by the coworkers, visitors, or they can be overloaded with work, they can be self-distracted (ex. addicted to Social Networking like Facebook). Identify your distracted employees. Find out the reasons.

WorkTime Software Use

Abusing Software Usage

Many employees, when they have nothing to do, simply play games during work hours. Or they do their personal things instead of their work. Monitor what software is being used by the employees during work hours, if this software is business related.

Facts: Employees Waste Working Time

Facebook: 30 out of 1000 Salaries are Zero Waste

30 out 1000 salaries are zero waste because of Facebook use only. As per data from our customers about 258 hours per day per 1000 employees is spent on Facebook only.

Internet: 90 out of 1000 Salaries are Zero Waste

90 out 1000 salaries are zero waste because of the Internet personal use only. As per data from our customers about 716 hours per day per 1000 employees is spent on the Internet for personal need only.

Wasted Time Underestimated

Employees underestimate their wasted time and overestimate their working time.

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"Our task was to move about a thousand employees to new computers. During this process we engaged WorkTime to determine what software was used so we do not spend money on unnecessary software licenses."
Dominic Hatt
"Using WorkTime helped us identify computers that were idle most of the time, allowing us putting those computers to better use."
Kelli Green
"We use WorkTime to monitor what our employees actually do when in terminal sessions. Our main concern is Internet use."
Peter Thomas
"WorkTime helps make our employees busier with what they're paid for."
Franco Capelli

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